Twin Flame test


    Twin Flame Quiz - Have You Found Your Twin Flame?

    Have you ever experienced "telepathy" with this person? Hearing their voice in your mind, feeling them touching you remotely, seeing visions of them or feeling their feelings?
    When you met this person, were there strong inner similarities between you? Did you feel that this person was alike you in some important ways?
    How would you describe your connection?
    When you look in this person's eyes - or look at their eyes in a photo - how do you feel?
    Are there commonalities between you in terms of personality, life experiences and so on?
    How do you feel when you're together, just the two of you?
    Have you had exceptionally vivid dreams about this person before/after you met? Even, astral projection episodes where you encountered them?
    How has your life changed since you met this person?
    How do you interact if there are challenges between you?
    How have your spiritual experiences changed since meeting this person?
    Have you had any of the following: 1) Tingles when he/she touches you or you embrace, especially chakra centers, 2) Suddenly "knowing" what they're feeling or thinking - or even eating, 3) Seeing 11:11 frequently - especially around the time you met, 4) "Remote" sexual/romantic experiences where it feels like they're with you as a presence even though you're not physically together, 5) Dreaming that they're trying to tell you a message or communicate with you
    When you met this person, how did it feel?
    How does this connection *feel* to you, compared to other people you've known?
    Which of these statements ring true to your connection? 1) It feels like electric tingles when you touch, 2) It feels like magnets pulling you closer, 3) The connection is unlike anything else you ever experienced, 4) This person feels like "home" in some barely explainable way, 5) It somehow feels like you've known each other forever even if you just met...
    When you met this person, did it feel like you had already known them somehow...? Almost like, you'd been together before and were now picking up the connection again
    How correct is this for you, on a scale from 0-5, where 5 is most correct and 0 is least correct? "After I met this person, things progressed and opened up really quickly, almost as if it was beyond our control and happening out of its own volition - mostly in a positive way"
    Looking back at your earlier life, before you met, do you feel that you encountered people who "mirrored" this person's traits in some way? Maybe even a parent?
    Have you ever had this person interacting with you "non-physically", i.e. "seeing" them during meditations, having an idea/image of them popping up in your head, suddenly feeling as if they're near even if they're not, sensing what they'd feel or think about something you're experiencing...?
    If you have been intimate with this person - including "remotely" in meditations etc - did you experience any of the following? 1) Feeling their pleasure as if it was happening to you, 2) "Knowing"/seeing/feeling what they desired from you next, 3) Climaxes that felt like they were happening "beyond" your physical body (energy release in your astral/light body before it happened in your physical), 4) Feeling as if something was happening beyond pure physical pleasure - like your "chakra centers" tingling, or like you became more than human, like there was something beyond the physical happening between you...
    Are there similarities in terms of 1) body type, eye color, face symmetry, 2) shared tastes in music/books/films, 3) shared interests and passions, f ex for the environment/sports/science/art, 4) a similar way of communicating, 5) shared dislikes f ex having a pet peeve for gossip, certain music or expressions?
    Would you recognize yourself in the following statements: "It feels like we've known each other since the dawn of time. It's like he/she has always known me and we will always know each other"
    Does it feel like on some level, you've been waiting for this person your whole life?
    Would you say that the following are aspects of your connection: 1) Learning from one another, 2) growing together, 3) healing old wounds from connections with others and childhood, 4) loving yourself more by seeing yourself through their eyes, 5) reaching into more of your potential as a soul, 6) "awakening" to your spirituality
    Did you experience an intense connection from the moment you met this person?
    Do you share a passion or a "higher calling" in life? Shared values of what's important for the planet, for society, for human kind?
    When you're with this person you feel more like yourself, but also different from how you have ever been with others - as if you are stepping into the "essence" of who you are
    Do you agree with the following? The two of you are very emotionally and energetically in tune - picking up on each other's moods and state of mind without having to say a word...