Quiz: Did You Know You Have A “Blueprint” For Love And Relationships?


love blueprint quiz

Today’s article is about a brand new guided project I’ve been working with spirit on. Did you know we all have a “Blueprint” For Love and Relationships?

Why You Need To Know This…

The hardwiring in your system – energetic, emotional, psychological, physical – which affects what you attract with others, how you function in relationships and within yourself…

The “Love Blueprint” is the configuration of programming, karma, emotions, family belief systems, lineage, past hurts, body issues, childhood complexes and experiences we have, that all make up this “hardwiring”…

What I was shown, was that we *all* have a “hardwiring” for love and relationships we’ve taken on and inherited in life – and it can severely damage our ability to give and receive love in its purest form.

Whether or not we’re Twin Flames, we have this. But for Twin Flames it’s heightened – because our life’s purpose is so closely connected with love.

Any time you interact with your Twin, this hardwiring comes into play but they also powerfully impact relationships, friendships, family situations, abundance, self love…

Because we’re dealing with YOU and how YOUR SYSTEM interacts with others.

Feeling Loved? Attracting Respectful Partners?

Someone whose love blueprint is healthy and high vibrational tends to find love and relationships easy. They feel appreciated by others, attract care and mutual love, and harmonious dynamics with others.

Someone whose love blueprint is unhealthy and even damaged, will experience expressions of this with others…

Feelings of never being loved, inner shame complexes, partners who don’t appreciate them, experiences of being let down, cheated on or rejected, disappointment…

Things not “working out” no matter how they try.

The Secret Factors Influencing Your Path In Love…

So someone’s “Love Blueprint” is the #1 Secret Factor Impacting their Love And Relationships – Including the types of people they attract and the dynamic between them.

When someone’s “Love Blueprint” is unhealthy – they tend to experience dysfunctional love and relationship tendencies with others…

Such as letdowns, dissatisfaction, repeatedly attracting negative partners or unhealthy dynamics with others. And this powerfully impacts the Twin Flame connection from both sides.

-So was your childhood happy?

-Have you mostly had positive experiences with partners and peers?

-Do you easily attract love, compliments and kindness from others?

-Do you feel good about yourself?

-Do you feel cared for and cherished by the universe and life itself?

… Or are you stuck in heaviness and “nothing ever works out” – especially in love?

These are all indications of how your Love Blueprint is wired.

And if you’re a Twin Flame, you *bet* these things are expressing themselves in the dynamic between you and your mirror soul (your Twin).

30 Crucial Questions For Love And The Future

So today, I’ve been guided to create a channeled quiz to help you map out your personal Love Blueprint. 30 Questions Dealing With Past And Present To Map Out Your Inner Hardwiring…

To help you gain clarity so you can move on into a higher state of love!

Because once we discover what’s been holding us back, we can do something about it! Just the knowledge itself can be so powerful for shifting out of old patterns.

As an intuitive energy healer, advisor and love coach, I’ve met so many people going through struggles with love.

People who above all feel that there’s nothing much they can do about it, that it’s just ‘who they are’ or ‘those are the cards they’ve been dealt in life’…

But really, it’s their hardwiring, their “Love Blueprint” that’s keeping them stuck in a limited version of what their souls are really capable of!

So today, take back your power. Discover what’s been holding you back so you can start a brand new chapter:

Click here to take the quiz right now!

love blueprint quiz

I believe in you! And until next time, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


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– Detelina, Georgia, USA


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