Twin Flames: 7 Keys To The Sacred Love Connection



Embracing Divinity Through The Twin Flame Bond – Discovering The Deeper Sources Of Love And Mystery Between The Mirror Souls…


Have you ever had the feeling that despite how crazy this journey seems, there’s a deeper unspoken purpose at work?

That somehow, there’s a pre-paved path and plan to your experiences together…? No matter how hard things can get?

Today’s article is about just that:

Let yourself be lifted by the knowing that your journey is a very special one. Not everyone gets to experience a love as magnetic and “magical” as this!

Above all, the Twin Flame Bond is a sacred love connection and you are here for a very special reason.

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7 Keys to The Sacred Love Connection
– Embracing The Divinity In The Twin Flame Bond


#1) Know That You Are Never Truly Apart

The Twin Flame journey is all about finding Unity and Harmony in Love. Both within and without.

At all times, there is a “secret gateway” between your hearts. There is always a portal between you, since the dawn of time. You can go within and access your Twin any time you choose. No matter whether there seem to be blocks in the way or not.

This portal is *never* closed, it’s just a matter of “tuning” in and getting into the right space emotionally and mentally to access it.

The divine truth of the Twin Flame connection is you were never truly apart. The only space in which you are separated is the physical reality. As souls you are one and you always have been.

The sacred gift Twin Flames are here to impart to the world is – on a higher level, we are all one. In journeying from seeming polarity back to unity across physical difference…

Twin Flames are here as teachers of the healing power of love…

What limits us is our perceptions, our beliefs and above all our emotional responses. No matter what – whether you’re on opposite sides of the planet or meeting across life and death – you can be with each other.

On the non-physical planes there is no such thing as Separation – in fact it is one of the core lessons Twin Flames’ souls are working to learn in this lifetime. To awaken from the *human* perception of separation.

To connect with your Twin Flame right now, soul to soul, use the Free Guided Meditation provided here.

twin flame lessons

And to read more about the “lessons” most Twin Flames are being pushed to learn by the universe – have a look here.


#2) No Matter What’s Come Before, Love Is Possible

In energy terms the collective reality on Earth is simply a set of beliefs, perceptions and rules we’ve all agreed to and accepted into our space.

Love doesn’t “hurt”. People act on patterns and hurt each other. Love in itself can never ever hurt!

When we choose to “opt out” of the human polarity and separation programming, we can blast our journey open to a love higher than we ever thought possible.

Energy healing and vibrational management is the single most effective method for uplifting the Twin Flame connection I’ve discovered, and it will help you clear away old congestion and limitations so you can reach up into your full soul potential.

Once you clear your energy and your karma, you’re not only theoretically free, but you feel and act and live from a place of freedom. Love becomes the natural state, what you attract.

Clearing limiting belief systems, shifting out of ancestral negativity and past hurts is key to this. Because the inner beliefs and energy patterns that have been given to you in life, are what create the “reality” you see around you.

So what is your reality like right now? What is the state of your Twin Flame connection?

If you don’t like what you see and experience right now, it’s time to go within and work on your inner state to attract a higher reality.

In this Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames I take you through how and why energy awareness and belief structures are so important on the Twin journey, and we clear out the stubborn “human” separation programming so many Twins struggle with…


#3) Balancing The Scales – Masculine/Feminine

Something many Twin Flame teachers don’t mention is that we all embody both the Masculine and Feminine already. That it’s not just about uniting with our counterpart but alchemizing the inner parts of ourselves that may have been alienated or hurt.

It’s not the case that one 100% “Divine Masculine” Twin joins together with his 100% “Divine Feminine” Twin.

In order to reach a balance and enter into Union, the female must accept her own masculinity, and the Feminine polarity in her male counterpart and the male must accept his femininity and the Masculine polarity in his female counterpart…

This might sound complicated in words, but in essence it’s about unifying, accepting and healing all parts of ourselves.

It’s a journey of Alchemy within and without.

One thing many Twins disregard, is how much dissonance it creates when they align with the common human perception of “women vs men” and all the associated complaints and beliefs….

Since ancient times, spiritual teachers have been sharing the lesson of unity – separation is an illusion. Masculine and Feminine exist within us all, and true mastery and unconditional love lies in unifying these forces.

The universal energies are always pushing for balance and harmony. When we open up enough to the spiritual side of the connection and use clearing tools to remove ego patterning and conflict blocks, love can flow forth.

To begin uplifting your Twin Flame connection into a higher state, away from the common human “3D” separation paradigms and conflict grids that keep so many Twins stuck in struggle – have a look at the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session here.

twin flame awakening

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#4) Creating Heaven On Earth

Many Twins are unable to reunite in the physical reality because of deep unconscious fears. Feelings that with a love this strong, the hurt would be lethal if it broke apart after fully blossoming to its ultimate potential.

This is what keeps so many unconsciously feeling unsafe to really open up.

Spirit shows us, the truth is that if two Twins truly fully open their hearts to the connection there is no stopping the volition of the force pulling them together.

But nearly all Twins hold unconscious fears. Most have been taught that “love hurts” and seen relationships break, divorce take its toll on people, disappointment, broken hearts… This is the stuff that has people holding back from love.

When you can show your Twin Flame that you are their safe haven, that you accept them truly and unconditionally – “you will have sealed the gap”, are the words of Spirit…

So how do you do this? How do you help yourself and your Twin Flame get to this point? Have a look here to get started. These are the resources I was asked by spirit to share with the collective.

When we seal up the hurts, we unify the connection more and more. Until there is all harmony, all unity, no dissonance, no conflict. And that – the *lack of resistance*, *lack of conflict*, *lack of fear*… that’s heaven.

When we remove the causes of the split, we allow the TRUE love and the true bliss of the connection to come forth.

You realign with your soul. Life becomes a joy. The Twin Flame journey becomes an adventure rather than a struggle.

Read more about “Heaven On Earth” And Twin Flame Union here



#5) Conscious Creation – Feeding Into Bliss

You are here as a “representative of the Divine” – to be a positive presence co-creating love. “Heaven on earth”.

But if you’re not fully aware of the possibilities you truly have in front of you, you might not have taken advantage of your true power.

Do you have goals for your Twin Flame connection? If not, how can your dreams come true?

Make sure you cultivate your dreams! So many Twins only know what they’re afraid of and don’t want – but this means they’re inviting it in. For your dream to come true, focus on your ideals.

In energy terms it works every time – in order to attract and create something you have to know what you want! Because this is how you match your energy to it, cord to it and bring it closer:

So where would you like to be in your Twin Flame connection next month? Where would you like to be in a year? What do you enjoy and want more of? What would you like to release and clear from your experience?

The truth is that nothing is impossible – once you set the intention, a way and a how is given a chance to show up, but if you never look for a possibility how will you find it?

For a session where we work on physically showing up your desires in the real world, have a look here.

I’m sure you know of tons of “spiritual” people whose desires never seem to show up tangibly – this means there are blocks in their system, where they’re not able to align with receiving physically…

In this session is show you the big mistakes people make, that keep their manifestations from showing up in their real lives – and how to go beyond.

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#6) Love As A Divine Compass

Did you realize that the Twin Flame Mission is simply to love?

When two Twin Flames are connected in love, their energy field is a powerful uplifter for everything around them. Love and fear are two opposites on the energy spectrum, so know that according to the “divine compass” – fear will lead you away from love and unity.

If ever in doubt on your journey, ask – does this thought/action/intention/choice lead to Love or away from it?

You’re not alone on your journey but you have free will at all times.

The universe assists and responds to you, but it does not run the whole “show” for you when you are on earth: you are source energy embodied. You “are” the universe.

And in that capacity you are always the co-creator of your own experience. That means, your actions and energetic intent and focus are powerful creative elements on your journey.

The universe doesn’t impose lessons on you, but neither does it “serve up” Reunion and miracles if you’re not aligned with that.

You are always affecting the experiences and timelines you attract and align with.

Read more about this here in: “What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines”


#7) You Are Already Divine

As a soul, you know everything you need to know. You already exist in a state of love. As souls you and your Twin Flame are always together, open to each other.

Sharing an unconditional love that goes beyond any human conceptions of romance, loyalty or bonding…

The tricky thing, is that the Divinity in you lies beyond the mind, it lies beyond the space of your conscious self. And to reach it you must go within. There, you are always in light, in perfection, in peace. 

To reach this space of “inner divinity”, you might be interested in discovering more about my teachings through the Vibrational Alignment Program.

I assist you in connecting with your intuition, harmonizing your Twin Flame connection, tuning into your soul’s truth and more. Click here to discover more.

The divinity you are, is the space inside in which you are always all light. Immaculate.

Where you are everything you ever need to be, where you can have, be and do anything. Where only love and the presence of light exists.

This is what “enlightenment” is all about. Trust me when I say that space exists in you already. But you may not be aware of it.

It’s not something you can click into with your mind, but if you quiet your outer senses you can begin to sense it more and more…

And at some point of your journey, when you’re open to it, when you’re “ready”… You’ll click into that space and realize what I was talking about.

You’ll feel that feeling of knowing that everything is divine, knowing that everything is perfect as it is and always has been. That everyone and everything on this planet serves a purpose, no matter how “right” or “wrong” it seems.

That there is a secret underlying harmony to everything.

That you are oneness embodied already. With or without your Twin Flame. That everything is “perfect” and that it always was.

When you have that experience, I would love it if you’d come back here to this page and share it in a comment. And in advance – I’m so happy for you. Truly.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


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twin flame program

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