Crystals and Gemstones On the Twin Flame Journey


Supporting Ascension, Lifting your Vibration, even Healing Causes of Running from a Distance. How and Why Crystals and Gemstones work – including 6 Essentials for the Twin Flame journey.


I get questions from Twin Flames all over the world about how I handled my own Ascension journey to Union with my Twin (we’ll be sharing our experience of Union in a future post).

In this week’s post, we’ll deal with crystals and gemstones and how and why they can help you on your journey, including some recommendations for Twin Flames. And thanks as always to everyone who writes to me!

Why And How Gemstones and Crystals Can Help You

All the universe is energy, atoms vibrating in particular frequencies. On the low end of the spectrum are fear, shame, guilt where the atoms move in a slow and heavy way, focused on contraction. On the high end of the spectrum are joy, peace, love where the atoms move in a fast and light way, focused on expansion.

Crystals and gemstones are physical objects whose atomic structures are very high vibrational.

Most physical human bodies have a low frequency of vibration, on the other hand – they are very dense – crystals and gemstones have a much higher frequency. They are more in alignment in the higher vibrations than our body systems are, so they can help us raise our vibration.

The Secrets of Frequency and Colour

Gems and crystals also influence the human systems through colour, which resonates with each of the chakras in our system. Different colours have different length energy rays and different vibrational properties.

We can use the natural high vibration frequencies of gemstones and crystals to assist our own energy systems in being raised, cleansed and purified.

How to Get the Most out of your Stone or Crystal

When first getting a stone or a crystal, I would suggest keeping it in your space for a few days and observe your reaction to it. Remember that it’s interacting with your personal energy, so keep an eye on your feelings, moods and even physical reactions like tingles in your chakra centers.

You might want to keep a stone or a crystal by your bedside or while meditating, as when we’re relaxed their impact on our aura and energy systems can be more easily noticed.

Some crystals and gems help to absorb negativity, and some interact with your energy assisting you up into a higher vibration. When we’re asleep, the crystal is especially able to interact with our auric fields and blend with our own energy to uplift and protect us.

Keep in mind that the effects of crystals and gemstones are always individual, as each person’s energy field and chakra system has varied attributes and “baggage”.

Will Your Twin Benefit?

I sense that some of you will be asking me whether one Twin’s work with gems and crystals will impact both Twins, and the answer is yes. Your energies are always connected, so it will absolutely.

In fact the further into the Ascension and reunion process you get, the closer your Chakras and energy systems are connected, so the strength of the impact will grow and grow the further you get.

Gemstones and crystals can be a great aid to lifting your vibration consistently, but again, keep in mind that these are powerful energies you’re working with.

Why Some People Have Bad Experiences With Gems And Crystals

When used the right way, gems and crystals can be helpful, soothing and uplifting, however it is important to know how to use them to avoid problems occurring.

I would always recommend using crystals and gemstones in combination with spiritual energy clearing.

High vibration crystals can be so powerful that they release and bring to the surface a lot of negativity at once, and this can be incredibly unpleasant if you don’t have tools to handle it.

For someone who has toxins, negativity and blocks in their system – as is the case for most Twin Flames – it is necessary to use caution so it’s not all triggered at once by the high vibrations of the crystals. I’ve personally had some experiences early in my journey that I would not wish to repeat in a million years.

Using gemstones and crystals on your journey is something worth treating with respect. It can be incredibly beneficial but be mindful.

Adjusting To Powerful Energies

Just like electrical sockets are wired to a particular voltage and you’d not want to plug in a device of 40 volts into an 80 volt socket, be mindful of how you use crystals and gemstones.

Energy blocks function like a dam with a river. The block functions as a dam that’s holding negativity back, and when we release the block it’s important to know how to deal with the negativity behind it – otherwise it will be flushed up into your system instead of eradicated, and this can feel awful.

This is why some healing modalities have you feeling A LOT worse before you feel better – because the negativity has been pushed to travel out through your system the slow way.

The tools I use work in a different way. They eradicate the negative energy directly, without you having to “flush it out”.

Metaphysical healing tools such as the ones I share are the fastest and smoothest way to shift out negativity instantly, and uplifting you out of the heaviness – because they erase negativity there and then.

The Most Effective Way to Use Gems and Crystals

Together, energy clearing tools and crystals/gemstones combine into a wonderful system of cleansing and uplifting, helping you raise your energy vibration swiftly and joyously.

Be aware that crystals and gems can’t do your Ascension and clearing work for you. They will stir up the negativity to be released, and they can lift your vibration, but they won’t be able to release the negativity for you.

This is why I always use stones and crystals in combination with metaphysical energy clearing because this utilizes the best of both worlds, cleansing out any stagnant energy and baggage with metaphysics, and then uplifting the physical being and emotions with the gems and crystals.



To protect from negativity (including your own) and to help you stay grounded.


Obsidian resonates with the Root Chakra and is very helpful for grounding. This stone was the first gemstone (actually, it’s a type of volcanic glass which was used as knife edges and arrow points as far back as the stone age) ever recommended to me, by my Twin Flame who showed up with it in meditations.

Because it absorbs negativity and helps to form a protective barrier around your aura, helping to deflect negativity. Obsidian’s grounding properties are also incredibly helpful, although again it does not alone “fix” this for us. However it is a great “assistant”.

In Ascension, as we focus on spiritual pursuits and as our vibration rises, we often “float out of our bodies” and become vulnerable to influence and negativity.  This stone is very helpful to protect and ground – ensuring that our energy flows smoothly and securely in our system.

Snowflake Obsidian also has a very nice grounding, solid energy (this one has white specks and is a bit gentler feeling), and Rainbow Obsidian is also a gentler version of the black obsidian energy.

Keep in mind that pure black Obsidian is a strong and very “solid” energy which may feel a bit too masculine or heavy to some, so experiment with what works for you.

You might want to start out with Snowflake Obsidian or Rainbow Obsidian first and see how this feels. Obsidian is one of my favorite stones and I often wear jewellery made of Obsidian, especially when traveling and spending time in crowded places.

rose quartz

#2) ROSE QUARTZ – To heal your heart and open to Unconditional Love.


Rose Quartz has an energy of healing and opening up to the higher registers of love. Resonates with the heart chakra – a very gentle energy. Opening up to love, self love and feeling safe to be open.

Keep in mind that if you have had fears regarding opening up to intimacy or have felt betrayed in the past, this energy may bring up those past hurts to help you open up again. When opening the heart, past blocks will be coming up for resolution.

Be mindful that each crystal’s energy helps you align with its vibration, and this involves your being potentially purging what’s out of resonance, such as old blocks, and this can be temporarily unpleasant.

Rose quartz is a wonderful crystal for healing the heart and helping to open up to Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union.

Rose quartz has a smooth and pleasant energy to it. I would recommend beginning with a smaller piece, and then “upgrading” to a larger crystal once you’ve begun to acclimatize more to its energy.


#3) CLEAR QUARTZ – To help you Step into Your Infinite Self and Align with Your Soul


A power crystal. Very high vibrational, assists in raising vibrations. Resonates with all the chakras and amplifies the effect of other stones and crystals.

This crystal is highly beneficial to the crown chakra, and I’m shown by spirit that it assists in clear sight, moving past illusion – for Twin Flames, this is helpful in dispelling illusions of separation and helping to shift out of perceived limitations.

Clear quartz is protective in that it interacts with your aura and strengthens it.

The aura is your spiritual immune system – and when it’s healthy and free from congestion it helps you avoid absorbing negative energies from the outside. Negative energy can weaken the aura, over time making us more susceptible to influence and heaviness.

As the Twin Flame journey is one of inner alchemy as well as union with your mirror self, this stone is excellent for helping you in your “union with yourself”.

It helps you in being strongly centered to approach your Twin union from a place of joy, instead of need and want, which would only draw out more need and want and “issues”.


#4) AMETHYST – To open your Third Eye and help Your 5D Connection and Remote Interaction with your Twin


Amethyst has been used for millennia by seekers and oracles. This crystal resonates with the third eye and crown chakra and assists in greater dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral journeying and receiving visions and guidance during meditation.

Amethyst can be a big help in opening the third eye and telepathy between Twin Flames, strengthening the connection to your intuition. An aid to spiritual awakening.

This stone was my companion when I first began meditating, and although I was unaware of it at the time it was assisting me in opening my third eye.

And yes, I had used regular toothpaste all my life, was even given fluoride tablets as a toddler – what blocks the third eye in most people is energetic congestion and fear, which is easy to clear once you have the tools. Being scared of fluoride will just congest your system with the energy of fear.

Amethyst helped me to be able to journey in the astral realms and 5D with my Twin Flame and connect with my guides and intuition more and more.


#5) CITRINE – To Balance your Feminine/Masculine Energies and help you step into Abundance and Joy


This stone is much used in the East to attract luck and money. Energetically, it resonates with the Solar Plexus, helping us to feel safe to be strong and step into our power. It assists in shedding ancestral survival fears and other negative programming that can block the Twin journey.

Citrine is set to be a huge benefit in upgrades of the Solar Plexus’ programming, the domain of Aries/Mars/the masculine.

This is the chakra that deals with willpower, aggression, action, and physically energy/vitality and digestion. We’re seeing a purge and upgrade of this chakra now, and this can be challenging for many. Citrine can help assist the uplifting of this chakra’s functioning into receiving the new templates incoming and shift out of the stagnant old energies.

Citrine has a “sunny” feeling of optimism and safety. It helps us clear away pessimism and old programming of lack and scarcity. Uplifts to help you feel safe to live and thrive, not just survive. This stone can help you with shifting out of patterns of lack, scarcity and need.


#6) AMBER – A Spiritual Remedy for Separation/Running: Healing Blocks Around Intimacy, to Feel Safe to Open Up


Amber is yet another “crystal” which is not a crystal – this is actually fossilised plant resin from the pre-human era. Amber resonates strongly with the Sacral Chakra, which is the seat of sexuality, creativity and the instinctual self.

As the Twin Flame journey brings up subconscious blocks to Unconditional Love, this stone is a great source of support. If we don’t feel safe to express our sexuality, we cannot feel fully safe to receive love.

Many of us also carry genetic energies of negativity around sexuality from generations where sex meant procreation, pain and power issues instead of love and joy (we go through clearing much of this in the second clearing session for Twin Flames – opening up to Union).

Amber has a smooth and warm feeling to it, a sense of supportiveness. It helps to uproot issues around fear of intimacy, sexuality and expressing oneself, being open. Amber is another gemstone I’ve used consistently on my journey, with great effect – it ensured many unconscious blocks came to the surface, which I was then able to clear with energy tools.

Spirit is wanting to give us a message relating to Amber – we are shown that many Twin Flames’ Running is due to a fear of opening up completely, which is often rooted in the Sacral Chakra. The message is that amber can be a very healing aid to feel free and safe to be intimate (sexually or otherwise) with their Twin.

In fact, Spirit wants to communicate to us that Twins whose Divine Complement is “Running” will find that sleeping with amber at their bedside, or having a piece of amber in their pocket during the day, will be very healing for both parties.


Remember as always that energy varies from individual to individual, so experiment with what serves you best and what works with your particular system and situation. As mentioned, it’s likely that working with gemstones and crystals will trigger a release of past negativity and karmic issues.

Therefore I would always recommend using stones and crystals in combination with metaphysical energy tools such as the ones I teach in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Metaphysical Energy clearings are completely safe, because by definition your soul will only release what you’re ready for at that point and the clearings are done instantaneously on the energy plane.

Contrary to this, stones and gems work strongly on the physical plane, releasing toxins and negativity via your physical body system and the effects can be unpredictable.

How To Find the Right Stone for You and Your Journey

When purchasing a gemstone or a crystal, always go with your intuition. Do your best to silence your mind and instead tune into how you feel about each stone – which one you’re drawn to.

Your intuition will be able to lead you to the best fit for you, even from just looking at photos. Your energy system will be calling out for the stone which will assist you the most with this part of your path!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames – you can also read about the experiences other Twins have had using my tools and methods.

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