Twin Flames: Are You The Masculine Or Feminine Polarity Twin? (Quiz)



Unlocking The Secret Interactions Between You And Your Mirror Soul: Discover Whether You Embody A Balanced, Masculine or Feminine Energy Profile!


As I’ve shared with you before, our biological gender doesn’t always tell the “truth” about who we really are as souls.

Many male persons have a strongly feminine *energy signature*, and many female persons have a strongly masculine *energy signature*. Some people are very balanced between the two.

For Twin Flames the energy polarities of Feminine and Masculine are so hotly debated that it can be incredibly beneficial to get some clarity:

“Which energy polarity am I in this connection? How do I know whether I’m the “Divine Feminine or the “Divine Masculine?”

This is something I’m asked by Twin Flames all the time! So this week I wanted to give a clear answer to everyone who’s contacted me.

It can be tricky to see ourselves clearly, so I was guided to devise a quiz to help you get some insights! You’ll find the quiz further down in this article.

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Why One Isn’t “Better” Than The Other

So onto the quiz – it’s been deliberately created to avoid our mental preconceptions, so even if some of the questions seem a bit puzzling, do answer as honestly as possible so you get an accurate answer…

Remember there’s no “right” or “wrong” answers and there are benefits and challenges to each energy profile.

As you may already know, the Twin Flame journey is not just about uniting the Feminine and Masculine Twin, it’s about finding unity within ourselves.

This quiz will help you illuminate what might have been going on beneath the surface in your journey and show you how to move forward in harmony.

Getting Insights About Your Mirror Soul

A suggestion is, after you’ve done the quiz for yourself, answer the quiz from your Twin’s perspective too,.

And a note: I’ve noticed on my own journey that it’s possible to evolve as regards energy polarity throughout life – especially as Twin Flames, the union process tends to bring more balance…

I hope you enjoy it and you get some useful insights for your journey. And as always, I’m sending you love and light!

I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


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