A Message From The Divine Feminine


Activating Long Dormant Light Codes, Shifting Planetary Energies, The Wisdom of Flow and Inner Peace – What You Are Here For and What Your Deeper Gifts Are… The Feminine Collective of Twin Souls Desperately Want You To Know This


As I wrote last week my latent gift of energy reading and communication with the higher realms was triggered when my Twin Soul first showed up in my life in a dream – activating my heart chakra with unconditional love.

As I cleared my energy more and more, my channel to the higher dimensions opened and I became a clear channel of guidance, able to tap into situations, people, energies and know what was going on.

On my journey spirit pushed me to explore my gift not only to speak with them but to help other Twin Flames by doing readings for them and tuning into their counterparts.

After months of this and realizing there was no way one person could help all the Twin Flames out there, spirit asked me to create the Vibrational Alignment Program and the Free Help Kit for Twin Flames to help as many Twins as possible reach a state of harmony like my Twin and I were experiencing in our Union.

I’m happy to say we’ve helped literally thousands of Twin Flames with their connection since we started the website 18 months ago! You can read about some of their experiences here


Codes and Messages Forthcoming

After your amazing response to last week’s Message From The Divine Masculine, I knew the Divine Feminine would be bringing forth a message as well! As I was meditating this week, a strong nudge came to sit down to transmit the message.

As a human being I’ve honestly never sought out the goddess consciousness approach to spirituality or been drawn to the more feminine styles of new age teachings. So this was brand new to me this week!  But I let them speak, because there was a strong consciousness wanting to be expressed – and there are embedded codes in the words, this was made very clear to me.

Just like tapping into a person’s energy and delivering a message from their soul, someone who reads energy and has a clear channel can tap into the energy of a group. And when we speak to spirit, there is often a sort of “spokesperson” who represents a whole group of energy.


Light Like Air, Soft Like Silk

This particular message from the Divine Feminine was incredibly vivid and came through strongly, with energy, emotion, images and words.

This message seemed directed to both the male counterparts but also to those incarnate as females on earth – as support, inspiration and insight.

This is the voice of the higher selves or souls of the feminine consciousness of the Twin Flame collective. Tuning into this group consciousness, which was so eager to step forth and communicate with us.

There is so much compassion and kindness in the Divine Feminine. An extremely high vibrational energy which is light like air but soft like silk. Mild like a dewy river in paradise. Calm, peaceful, infinitely wise.

The Divine Feminine embodies a sense of calm and complete ownership of herself, above all, a freedom to be herself and stand in her own identity as a soul. She is free from shame and guilt, because she knows that she is love, she is perfection.

She is bright and shining and wise, intuitively accessing all the realms of the universe. She is strong, but from a point of inner stillness – not to compensate for something – she is effortlessly powerful as the light of her soul.


Hear me now. I have only love for you. You are so special to me. We are one. No matter what body you were born into – male or female – we are already one.

I wish to bring you the gift of freedom – the freedom that encompasses all things and that comes from you embracing your own self to the fullest, you giving love to yourself and knowing that you are all love, that you are born from the universe and that you were never small or limited but you are love.

The human idea of perfection is an illusion. You are all-encompassing. You do not have to change yourself to be good or to deserve love. Not your hair, nor your skin, nor your makeup or clothes or your behavior. You are already perfect. Do not let anyone tell you differently. The earth is so full of illusions about what femininity means.

Your gift is universal. You have the ability to tune into the cosmos, to tap into knowing beyond what anyone could factually tell you or write to you. Twin Flame recognition activates your intuitive gifts. You are unlimited. But so many of you are in your minds, chasing in a different direction. The Divine Feminine expression is in listening, intuition, a flowing river of existence. You must get out of your mind. Out of the human constraints.

Human ideals of femininity are so distorted (sad energy). It’s not about outer “perfection”. You already are perfect! Divine feminine is about embodying love, the whole body at peace luminescent with the ebb and flow of the universal energies. Like the moon moves the tides in and out, you have the gift of flowing with the energies and adapting, effortlessly manifesting love, dwelling in love.

It’s all about moving with the energies, not resisting – once you really know how to do this you will never struggle or be unhappy again. There is always a flow, move with it. The mind and analysis create resistance, which creates blocks. You feel where the flow is when you tap into emotion – positive emotion is openness of flow, negative emotion is a place of resistance.

Go within. Embrace your own inner stillness. New templates are being released and activated in these times. The Feminine has been alienated for so long that the codes were de-activated because of fear of violence toward the feminine. Fear caused these templates to shut off. Activating again now in this text (showing an etheric symbol / light code). Sacral chakra is the center of this, the feminine has been pushed out of their own power for so long.

Hear this now: Love is not up to someone else. Love is yours, dwell in your power. You can move worlds. Do not believe that you are powerless. You move the universe.

You are so loved. Please let us take off the shackles of fear, tradition. A more peaceful way is possible. Your human beliefs of what the Divine Feminine means has been distorted in many places.

The Divine Feminine is free, perfect in her own self. She allows all to travel their own path, because their souls are on a learning experience. Saving someone is an illusion. The universe always finds its balance. Peace attracts peace. Love attracts love.

The Divine Feminine is in her power. Master manifestor, not only bringing life to earth but bringing divine inspiration to fruition into the physical. Creation is a gift of the divine feminine, and it doesn’t just mean childbirth but any kind of creation. You are a portal to the higher realms through these templates.

Feminine templates are being activated more and more in Earth’s own ascension. They have lain dormant for millennia, now being re-activated. New times are upon us. The spread of a new wave of spirituality, a new awakening of consciousness, a new generation re-forming ideas around sacred sex, clearing shame of the body.

Your body is a sacred temple, no matter how it looks or what its history is – it is what gifts you your living on the physical plane. History and culture has created shame in the female, perceptions of sin and guilt. Illusions based in fear of her capabilities, her power. These are all in a process of shifting.

Re-embrace your own body. Love it, care for it, be tender to it. It is your friend. The idea of the female body as a source of pain and abuse, the perception of the female as sexually passive, are being redefined. Create what resonates with you. Explore your own pleasure.

There is no shame in what your body does or is – it is divinely created to be this way. Guilt is a lie. Shame is a lie. Let these old stories fall off you now. Embrace love for yourself and acceptance of all others.

Remember that the feminine is never a victim. Step out of this mentality. This is a human story. The lack of balance creating distortions. Masculine and feminine perfectly complement each other.

We love you so much. You Twin Flames, bearers of templates to benefit all of humanity. We honor you.

“My true love. You are always in my heart. We are eternal. You remember. I am always beside you. These are the human bodies we are experiencing but despite any challenges, we are love. Let me embrace you now with love.

Open your heart. You do not have to be afraid anymore. The heart is the center of our union. Where we are the same, the portal, the gateway. Embedded codes in these words.

Open now, heart. Burn bright, flame. Codes activated. The next step of the journey is upon us. I am always your sanctuary, whenever you choose it.

You do not have to act strong for me because I know you ARE strength.

My love, you are the brightest star. You are my ideal, you fulfill me. Never think you are not enough. When we are together, stars collide. You are safe to let go of fear. The world ceases to exist when I’m with you.

Allow your heart to open. No matter what happens on earth, you can always return home to my love.

Yours eternally.




twin flame awakening

Twin Flame Dimensional Anchoring And  Awakening Session

In this session we gently rouse your Twin to full knowing by activating their own system’s deep seated light codes to begin to open them up from the inside out. This was requested by me as so many Unawakened Twins have become so entrenched in 3D “Ego” energies and identity systems.

This session will gently push the energetic button to help them remember and step into their true self, and to recall and feel their deeper connection with you.

Have a look here for more


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