What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Sex


Did You Know That Sex And Amazing Intimacy Can Trigger Twin Flame Running? Plus, Chakras Talking, Heart Activation, Shared Climaxes, Kundalini Rising… It’s All Here In This Brand New Infographic!

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Two Become One – Twin Flame Sex

Most Twin Flames share a connection that has a strong sexual component. It’s something most of the collective chose in order to create a strong motivation to keep seeking each other out once we got to the earth plane and “forgot” our true identities as souls.

Two people who are irresistibly drawn to each other, like most Twin Flames are (even if there’s a love/hate thing going on), will keep coming together over and over – ensuring that the souls get chance after chance to resolve their issues and unite in unconditional love.

So it’s actually a powerful way to increase our chances of uniting in love! So all Twin Flames have “engineered” each other and themselves to be attractive to one another. You can read more about this in the Message From The Divine Masculine here! 

In addition, the history of sexuality on earth is fraught with abuse, inequality and power issues – we’re also here to help pave the way for new templates of intimacy and relationships, with a basis in Unconditional Love.


A Core Aspect Of The Twin Flame Connection

So you could say Twin Flame Sex is a core part of the connection, as it is something most of our souls planned for us to come together.

If this sexual part of the connection seems to dwindle at times it is nearly always because of the “old baggage” of karmic and ancestral energies and patterns coming up for resolution – these energies “clog up” the purity of the Twin Flame connection.

Clear your energy and the attraction will return. The Complete Harmony Healing removes congestion as well as attachments from other people, clearing out any potential triggers and negativity and shielding you and your Twin, uplifting and unifying your shared timelines.

Impossible Without It

And spirit wants to share something: Don’t ever feel bad for being attracted to your Twin Flame, even if they or you are with another, married or in a relationship…

You can’t help but be attracted to one another – it’s how you’re created to be, is spirit’s message.

To tell Twin Flames to stay away from each other would be like trying to say to a dolphin that it shouldn’t go in the water!

Know that love is the key to your journey, and you can safely engage in intimacy on the soul planes without really hurting anyone else.


Advice For Challenging Situations

Try my Deep Alpha Level Meditation in the Free Kit for Twin Flames to find and interact with your Twin on the soul planes.

And if you are in the situation where your Twin or yourself are involved with someone else, you’ll find specific insights and advice in the following articles:

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I was also guided to create a session for clearing “outsider entanglements” and heal the Twin Flame Sexual bond. Click here for that.
Complete harmony Healing Tool

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

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