Twin Flames – A Supernatural Love?



7 Things You Must Know About Twin Flames – Star Origins, The Truth About Karma, The Mission And Why This Is Far From A Regular Love Connection…

Today I wanted to reach out with a different kind of article. I know this journey can be topsy-turvy and many are tired of the rollercoaster of Ascension…

So I wanted to remind you of the amazing reasons why this whole journey exists… And show some gratitude for how special you are, for being here and doing this!

To uplift your perspective and shed some light on the more esoteric backgrounds for the Twin Flame journey… Because as you may have already sensed – Twin Flames are far from “ordinary” people!

Twin Flames Are Different Than Other People – 7 Keys

#1) Highly Evolved Star-Beings…

Twin Flames are brave souls who have set themselves the challenge and great gift of experiencing and sharing unconditional love with each other in the physical realm, and with the world itself.

Believe it or not, Twin Flames have chosen this path and understand this is why they are here.

And most are ancient souls, highly evolved beings, consciousness that originated outside of earth… (So-called starseeds).

Many Twins grow up feeling different from others, and this is the reason! The purpose of it is to *not* fit in so much we would perpetuate the human conflict paradigms that have existed on this planet for so long.

So if you’ve ever felt a bit like an outsider, this is the positive reason behind it. In a way you’re like a spy sent from a more evolved background, to go “undercover” and help change things for the better from within here…

Because the aim of the Twin Flame “mission” is to activate the energies and portals of unconditional love on the planet – so that this becomes available for the rest of the human collective.

Like the pathfinder who is the first one to walk across the unknown – so others can follow.

The truth is you came here in order to come together in Love – it’s not impossible, and you both carry within a soul blueprint of how you can join together in Union once again.

As a Twin Flame, you are not like everyone else – and you’re not meant to be!

Your soul chose for it to be like this. Because if you were like everyone else on the planet, you wouldn’t be able to go beyond.

Returning to your uniqueness is key to reaching a state of unity with your Twin Soul and fulfilling your destiny/bliss/mission. Remember your uniqueness is your power!

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#2) Twin Flames Are Activators Of A New Era Of Unity

Twin Flames are meant to be template-bearers of a new love-based reality, to pass onto future generations… Even for those of us who choose not to have biological families.

This means, in our systems are latent codes of a form of love that is needed to elevate consciousness on this planet. To help society make the step out of conflict, separation-based interactions to a culture of unity.

This is a highly important “mission”, and how it happens is that when the Twin Flames come together with open hearts this gateway of unconditional love is triggered. The amazing thing is, the more you love, the more you fulfill your “mission”.

And it doesn’t have to happen with your Twin Flame in physical reality (although that is even more powerful as it activates it in the collective fields). The gateway opens when you share love with your Twin’s soul in a dream, or with their higher self too.

All Twin Flames who are incarnate on earth right now carry new templates of unconditional love which have lain dormant in our energetic DNA throughout early life – even those Twins who are “unawakened”.

These templates are triggered by the initial Twin Flame encounter, brought to the surface more and more during Ascension and illuminated and made permanent through Twin Flame Union.

So remember at all times, that we aren’t here to experience pain or sadness.

And the reason so many Twins seem to suffer is, the suffering is so foreign to us as souls! We came from unity, and therefore the ways of the world can feel like attack on our systems.

So know that the worse things feel, the more the human energies and programming is being stirred to the surface in your being – so you can release it! (Watch a video on it here for how it works).

The truth is we are here to reunite joyously. No Twin Flames came here to experience pain.

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#3) Like A Spy On A Mission, You Were Thoroughly Prepared

Nothing was left to chance in this project. Although things may vary due to free will once we reached life, everything was taken into consideration.

The choices you made as a pair, were carefully designed to get you the most effectively to a state of unity. What complicates most Twins’ journey is they chose to incarnate into genetic lines, families and cultures with severe low vibrational content.

Hurt, blame, conflict, heaviness… In an aim to journey as far from love as possible, to then pave a powerful path out of the heaviness and into the light. The most ambitious way to aim to “bridge earth with heaven”.

You’ll know if this is you. It was the case for me and it made my journey challenging but I was shown the path back to the light – and I share it with you in this article.

#4) Karma Isn’t Real?!?!

Following on from the above point, I have something huge to share with you. The karma many Twin Flames experience isn’t really real.

Yes! It’s pretty incredible. Let me explain what I mean. I was shown this on my journey, that the karma we Twin Flames experience and can access in the Akashic records isn’t really OURS!!!!!!

Most of us TOOK IT ON, willingly, so that we could help heal it – to help the planet as a whole. Because as spirit shows us, when key karmic patterns are healed it has enormous ripple effects for the collective energy fields.

It opens up “ley lines” and access to higher dimensional grids that were closed off.

Another reason we chose to TAKE ON karma was so we could understand and experience the “human plight”.

So this means, the abandonment fears, the betrayal issues… The feeling that your Twin has cheated on you over and over in past lives, or that you were separated.

They are not really your experiences. You took them on willingly! Like helping someone else carry heavy luggage, because you knew you were stronger and could get the bags to their rightful place more easily…

But now, here’s the tricky thing. It’s an AMAZING thing, knowing that the heavy baggage of the past isn’t really yours!

However, the problem is, it’s still in your system. You accepted it to carry it as your own, so unfortunately it is still wired into your being. Present in your energy fields, your chakras, your energy bodies, your being.

The great thing is, knowing it’s not really your experiences makes it easier to resolve the issues and cleanse them out of your experience for good!

Because the emotional connection of “owning” and holding onto it is removed…

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#5) Realism As A Foreign Word

Twin Flames are here to blow open boundaries that have been set in place by the human collective. This is why so many things seem to “go haywire” when awakening, ascension and the Twin Flame journey begin.

We are per definition here to be more than what has existed on the planet before. So whether you are exploring spirituality, starseed information, someone passionate to eradicate animal cruelty, are working on science that will open up to a more effective way of living, or any other boundary-breaking activity… Know you are doing what you came here for!

Again we’re back to the truth that we came here to be different. Some are expressing it very openly, others are adept at working within the parameters of “normality” and this may be a part of your purpose.

So knowing this, that you are here for a purpose, to open the world to a new state… If you’re seeing negativity and lack and limitation all around right now, be aware that it’s a message.

You’re being called on to remember why you’re here, to get going with your journey. Frustration is a messenger!

Be careful not to buy into “realistic” thinking. That’s not what you’re here for. Twin Flames are here to be in whatever way we can, “miracle workers” – to not do things the way they’ve always been done, but to pioneer something new.

And if you know the story of the aeroplane and the Wright Brothers, you’ll know that’s not an overnight thing always. Maybe it takes a bit of trying and failing…

But for every time something doesn’t work, remember as Thomas Edison said – you’ve merely found a way that doesn’t work, so you can tick it off your list, adjust and move on to succeed.

So above all, don’t try to figure out your Twin Flame journey with your mind only. Don’t let the belief systems of the world get into your heart and your mind when it comes to your divine Twin Soul.

For more on this, Read a Message From Twin Soul’s Higher Self here.


The Twin Flame connection transcends the earth plane and what we’re able to conceptualize based in human science (for now)! There is more to life than what we can see, touch and hear with your human physical senses.

So go beyond! And if you’re not sure exactly what that looks like right now, simply set the intention that you’re opening up. Then notice what begins to appear – ideas, feelings, insights, developments…

Follow the thread and you will notice things open up more and more.

#6) When XXX Isn’t Just Physical…

Most Twin Flames share a connection that has a strong sexual component – but did you know it’s not just about sex?

Let me explain. The intense desire Twin Flames have to come together physically isn’t just for fun or for human pleasure!

It’s a complete energetic process which can trigger latent light codes to activate, to purify energy, to connect the Twins back to the light, to share energy between the counterparts, to further the union process and so much more…

When you have sex with your Twin Flame, your souls and systems are “talking” to each other.

The intense magnetic pull between Twin Flames is also something most of the collective chose in order to create a strong motivation to keep seeking each other out once we got to the earth plane and “forgot” our true identities as souls…

Twin Flame sex is one of the most profound sites of healing – a place of energetic alchemy and healing wounds.

When Twin Flames have sex and their climax connects them back to the source of consciousness, a flood of light rushes through their energy system – Kundalini Rising. This can be an incredible, life-altering experience.

In addition, the history of sexuality on earth is fraught with abuse, inequality and power issues – so Twin Flames are also here to help pave the way for new templates of intimacy and relationships, with a basis in Unconditional Love.

Pleasure and love that’s beyond what any “normal” people get to experience. Sex as love. So you could say Twin Flame Sex is a core part of the connection, as it is something most of our souls planned for us to come together.

To learn more about Twin Flame sex, and how to activate Kundalini energy even without being physically intimate, have a look here. There’s a whole class on it in the Vibrational Alignment Program.


#7) If Your Path Seems Extra Difficult, It’s For A Reason…

Many Twin Flame pairs deliberately set themselves up with big contrasts in order to help the human collective expand into love.

Some Twin Flame pairs face big age differences, contrasting religious backgrounds, gender transgression, different ethnicities, a connection that spans a big geographic distance, even a situation where one Twin is alive and the other dead…

All of this is designed and agreed upon with soul contracts, in order to help expand the human perceptions of what is “normal” and acceptable as love and relationships.

So know this – if you seem to be facing a difficult path, it’s because your soul (and your Twin’s) has big plans for you!

And the good thing is, you didn’t come unprepared – you are a powerful being if you took this on, and your guidance team are very active in your journey too.

As my Soul Mate friend said to me in one of my moments of despair a few years ago when my journey first started… “People who face big problems seem to be the ones who have a big purpose.”

Remember this if things are tough. What could you be learning from this?

Sharing Your Experiences!

I would love to hear from you in the comments today if this article resonated with you. I know many of us are facing experiences it’s hard to share with “normal” people, so please do reach out.

And remember to use the resources here to reach into a smoother, more enjoyable journey! Step by step you really can level up into a state of positivity for the long run. 

Just read the amazing experiences other Twin Flames have had here – both within their connection and in their personal lives.

I am so grateful for you being here, for choosing to take this on!

I value you so much and I believe in you. I know that so many readers here on this blog are going on to do amazing things out there!

As always, I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

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