Twin Flame Energy Forecast 14th-20th January: “Universal Message”


How To Allow The Big Shift You’ve Been Waiting For – Eclipse Gateway, Tensions Mounting… 11:11 Code Activation


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies! Key themes this week are illusions tumbling, to make way for a higher reality in the here and now.

Twin Flames mutual completion and the “perfection” of the imperfect. Are you willing to let go of fantasy to show up your ideal reality?

Prepare to be positively surprised…

Eclipse Gateway – Tension Building

As you may have already felt, we’re in-between Eclipses right now and in a tense space energetically. Until next week’s Full Moon Eclipse, we’re set to be coming face to face with old issues building up.

The purpose of this is to give us a second chance – to choose differently, to clear and shift out of what has outworn its use and is keeping us stuck.

What I mean by that is, when you shift your perspective, your reaction, your emotions around an old cycle of negativity… you can release it for good.

Because you will no longer be in ALIGNMENT with it. Energy works like this – like attracts like.

So although the universe works to help us release negativity and embrace our divinity, it doesn’t get done “for us”. Because as long as we react and see things from the same perspective as before, our frequency is locked into it.

It cannot be removed because the ALIGNMENT hasn’t shifted and allowed it to be cleared. (Read more about this and why alignment is so important for Twin Flames here)

When We Are The One Blocking “The Big Shift”…

Many experience this when they ask spirit to clear or remove something from them and nothing seems to change.

The reason is because they are still unconsciously holding onto it with their energy. Although it may be “removed”, we pull it right back without realizing it.

In order to shift into a higher state we have to change something from WITHIN. We have to shift our alignment for something to really change.

This is why conscious aligned energy clearing works so powerfully. Because in the moment we shift our perspective, “understand” the issues and why they’re there – can clear negativity for good and change the alignment.

We release them on a deeper level so they don’t keep cropping up over and over.

Have a look here for a resource where I take you through it step by step.

Eclipse Shows Up New Timelines?

So yet again, even though all the planets are moving direct and the eclipse triggers are pushing for you to align with positivity…

It still rests on you to allow the new shift, it still lies with you whether or not you are open and willing to step out of the old cycles for good.

The Eclipse won’t magically “fix” things or show up new timelines if you’re still choosing to stay in the same old reality and mindset.

Remember this when you see “tabloid spirituality” online telling you that everything will magically be different due to some transit or numerological event.

In truth, it’s always your choice.

Your Divine Birthright is to create your reality and align with what you choose.

Your Right To Choose

So how do you remedy a life where you’re experiencing suffering, problems with your Twin Flame?

The most immediate thing is to use your right to choose your focus. To shift the one thing you always have power over.

When you shift your focus away from “problems” and into “perfection” like we do when we visualize, you notice your reality beginning to change.

I wrote this article to help Twins shift their alignment into allowing unity on all levels and bringing about physical unity…

And you can get my Free Guided Meditations to start doing this here. No spam, no credit card needed.

11:11 Bridge Between Masculine And Feminine…

A notable event for Twin Flames happens on 17th January as Venus reaches 11:11 of Sagittarius – moving closer to Jupiter.

This happens in a supportive trine with Mars at 11 degrees of Aries. The counterparts “bridged”.

We’re reminded that this is a pair experience. You are never alone with your path. You are always experiencing the journey in tandem, no matter how it looks on the outside.

Yes, the human ego may seem out of reach and even hostile, but on a higher level you are always together.

(Read more about how to deal with a Twin counterpart “stuck in ego” here)


Who Told You The Future Would Be Bad?

At this time we also see the Moon opposition Venus – indicating that the Feminine Twin’s view of the future is clouded by past emotions and disappointments.

Although there is great love in the connection, she feels disheartened and afraid of the future…

Spirit shows us, this is based in other people’s well-meaning stories of “real life” (ie. life is hard, love hurts, men cheat and so on) and negative expectations in love.

It’s not a reflection of how your future actually looks… It’s a fear projection created by others in your mind. These are “virus programs” it’s vital to clear out of your system to open your journey to its divine potential.

I take you through this in the first complete energy clearing session for Twin Flames…


Challenge Of Illusions…

During this time we also have a square to Neptune indicating a challenge. The message is for the Feminine or female Twin to focus on the here and now instead of on the future.

To focus on her counterpart as a human being and love here and now – to remember that this is the purpose, to bring spiritual love into the physical… and to see what he can really be. That they are the same being, divided.

That they were created out of love BOTH. That any love that exists in her, exists in him too. That any hurt experienced, is always shared. Because the Twin Flames are ONE.

Not in opposition as one versus the other, but one soul born from love, journeying to the human world to travel away from itself and come back together in complete acceptance.

So are you in acceptance? Are they trapped in ego patterning?

(If so, click here for a session to remedy this)

Where There’s An Ending, There’s A New Beginning…

Illusions may come tumbling at this time, but it’s for the best. Fantasies are being shattered in order to make way for a higher and more positive reality in the here and now.

When there is an end, there is always a new beginning – even WITHIN the connection.

In this 11:11 connection between Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine) we have Saturn and Jupiter heavily involved.

And it’s indicated that no, your *fantasy* may not come true… Your dreams of a divine heavenly love the way you’ve pictured it in spiritual terms and fairy tale imagery of being rescued may not occur in the here and now on earth…

HOWEVER, something better than you expected can happen… and is likely already there if you can re-focus. To take what you have and make the best of it.

A Wish Embodies Its Fulfilment – Spiritual Law

There’s a liberation in freeing ourselves from illusion, spirit says. It gives you inner peace. Yes, perhaps your Twin isn’t perfect in the classic sense of the world.

But perhaps they complete you. Perhaps they won’t do everything you want them to, but perhaps that’s exactly what you need.

Perhaps, by letting go of the story of what the Twin Flame connection is “supposed” to be like, you can allow for a connection that is whole and loving and wonderful… even if it’s nothing like what you expected.

Universal Push For Divine Love To Reach “Reality”

So highlighted this week are: What illusions may you be holding onto?

Right now the Universe shows us, that even though you’re scared of what may transpire when you release the fantasy… it’s actually something good you’ll find.

You’ll find something true and light-filled and good beyond the illusion. And it will be there to stay, it will work with your physical day to day reality. And THAT’s the cosmic aim.

Not for you to live in the clouds with your emotions and be brought down to earth with a crash every time you encounter the “real world” in your connection…

But for you to experience a connection, a love, a life… that’s fulfilling and good for you in the here and now, consistently and smoothly.

Know that this is possible. The solution is within reach. That is cosmic law. So be open to seeing that path… That solution. That fulfillment.

Focus On Physical Life – Have You “Floated” Away?

That is where the Twins are meeting, shows the cosmic message. In the real world. Release expectations. Give them a chance. To transform themselves before your very eyes.

For a session to help speed up this process by removing ego conditioning and negative attachments from your Twin, click here:

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With a lot of energy centered in Capricorn we see there is a strong pull to the real world right now.

If you find things frightening and uncomfortable right now, it’s a sign you’ve allowed yourself to release grip so much on PHYSICAL life that the Universe is reining you back in.

Because it is not to your highest good to be removed from “reality” so much you cannot function in the “real world”.

You came here to be human… To push boundaries, to reach higher, yes. But to be human nonetheless. This is a challenge many “spiritually awakened” people are experiencing in recent times.

Shifting The Here And Now

Thankfully we are equipped with everything we need to make this happen.

You don’t need to escape your physical life – changing your energy is how you make the most of the HERE AND NOW. To shift your reality into a state of thriving… (Read about how I did it here – manifesting a complete positive shift in my physical life)

As Jupiter and Venus meet late this week, we experience a heightened positivity. An opening into potential unconditional love. Remember to open up to this, by releasing and forgiving any negativity that’s come before.

When we forgive, we don’t allow someone to hurt us again, we allow ourselves to not hold onto that hurt. We free ourselves from negativity and open up to receiving love once more…

Because when we hold onto hurt we close our hearts. An open heart is essential to a healthy Twin Flame love connection. That’s where our divine bond is shared. That’s how their higher self can support you.

(For a session where I help you open your heart again safely and heal old hurts, have a look here)


Death/Resurrection In Process…

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn also shows us there’s a purge and transformation death/resurrection going on in terms of identity, thought patterns and communication at this time.

So how do you speak about yourself and about the Twin Flame connection? Speech and writing are powerful forms of creation. ONLY speak and say what you desire. Be vigilant, is spirit’s advice.

It may be socially common to talk ourselves down or make jokes at our own expense, or tell other people how hard it is to be a Twin Flame… but it’s unhealthy spiritually, in fact can create a lot of negativity in your field.

In the higher dimensional clearing we go through a deep clearing to remove damaging programming from the throat chakra, delete old negative manifestations active in your field and activate new positive light codes in your Twin Flame connection.

Are You The “Type” To Have Your Dream Come True?

So how do you think about yourself?

This is in focus now. “Are you the type to get their dream come true? Are you the type who always gets let down?”

Be watchful with yourself. Old patterns are re-arising to give you a chance to clear them and refine your focus so you can rise up like you want to.

This transit is pushing you to RE-CONCEPTUALIZE yourself, your journey and thereby your whole Twin Flame relationship.

This is happening opposite the North Node, indicating it’s not just you this is happening with. It’s the whole collective of humanity. We are being asked to grow up. To become self sufficient, spiritually responsible.

This is a year to take back your power, to embrace your divinity and to make things happen in the physical world. (Read why in this article on the Key Themes for 2019)

Heightened Cosmic Progress…

Right now we are in a heightened cosmic time for progress, shifting our journey into a higher chapter.

But in order for this to happen, we’re asked to “parent ourselves”, to stay in charge of ourselves, do our inner work.

To make new choices, nurture positive feelings and thoughts, and allow the inner positivity to flow into being – physically, tangibly…

I believe in you! And if you need some help making the shift – you can get my step-by-step support here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your onward journey! <3

Cassady x


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