Twin Flame Energy Forecast January 2nd-8th 2023: “Secret Selves”



Pluto/Venus Unearth And Detox Twin Flame Shadows To Open You To Unity. Plus, What The Cancer Full Moon Falling In January Means For The Rest Of 2023…


Welcome into a brand new YEAR in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mars and Mercury continue retrogrades, bringing old themes back for resolution, and the Full Moon in Cancer ties in with Uranus/Sun to encourage you to shift your perspective.

Plus, Venus conjunct Pluto puts pressure on to bring a new beginning in love and the Twin Flame relationship…!

Discover more below!

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Slow Start To 2023

One of the most major and noticeable transits this week is Venus conjunct Pluto at the tail end of Capricorn.

Mercury was with them until “he” went retrograde on December 29th…

But now Venus and Pluto are left to their devices while Mercury goes back in his own tracks for the next few weeks.

With Mercury retrograde and Mars also still retrograde, we will have a somewhat slow start to 2023, and there may be considerable frustrations.

Dealing With The Inner World 

The answer is to tidy up our INNER world.

To go back in time and resolve unfinished business, figure out the CAUSES of any past cycles you were unhappy with recently…

And to rest and replenish your reserves for the time ahead.

Whether or not you WANT to do this work, Venus/Pluto will likely drag up the roots of those old cycles and bring them to your attention in some way or another.

Detoxing Sacral/Heart Chakras

Venus/Pluto deal with detoxing of relationships, sexuality and the heart/sacral chakras, so for Twin Flames this will likely be an intense and not necessarily pleasant time.

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Death/Resurrection In The TF Relationship

Venus is the planet of love, and Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so this is a time of deep transformation in relationships – especially the Twin Flame soul relationship.

Pluto’s role is to push for detoxing, forcing through purification so a new and higher evolution can take place.

He is also the ruler of sex, wealth, power and death/rebirth, so there is set to be a purification and transformation in any of these areas happening.

(Especially as Venus also deals with wealth and intimacy).

Twin Flame Sex Triggers?

Sexuality is being triggered and recalibrated now – especially between Twins.

Did you know it’s highly common for Twin Flame running to be triggered by intimacy?

Twin Flame sex can be amazing and transformative, but it can also unearth and cause a purge of deeper insecurities, fear and latent content from relationships with non Twin partners…

Causing a “repulsion” between the counterparts.

It’s one of the most common causes of Separation and drama between the counterparts. This is why I was asked to channel a session specifically to deal with this issue a while back.

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Secrets, Intense Passion

Pluto deals with all things hidden, so another indication for this time can be that you’re finally discovering a secret from the past of your love relationship. 

Venus conjunct Pluto is also a classic indicator of intense passion and strong romance that’s almost too hot to handle.

The planet of love and the planet of sexuality so close, leads to high passion but also high emotional volatility.

Twin Flame “Secret Selves” 

Careful so any intense excitement doesn’t turn into conflicts – and remember that Pluto might be the planet of passion but “he’s” not particularly LOVING…

His realm lies more within dominance, sex and power games, not cooperation and sweetness. It also deals with unconscious “Secret selves” or shadows.

In general this transit lasts this whole week and will be stirring up what’s not serving you – so that you may move on lighter and freer from any heaviness and restrictions that you may have felt, especially with your Twin Flame.

If there have been unresolved issues, pay attention now.

Strange Dreams?

A highlighted theme is that Pluto is pushing up to the surface any UN-conscious fear and wounding around love and sexuality, so we can open to love.

This might mean you’re feeling out of sorts, are having strange dreams or are noticing “icky” emotions. Don’t simply wait for it to go away by itself – it’s being shown to you for a reason so you can clear it.

Pluto is helping us bring these up for release so we can move on to openness, joy, love and the higher vibrations.

This can be an unpleasant time, but if you can use energy tools to assist this process, you can reap benefits without the heaviness.

Harmony Ahead?

If you stay patient with your Twin Flame connection this week and work to cleanse any negativity that arises, you will emerge into next week and further in a higher state.

…Your connection will be more harmonious and the dynamic between you will have shifted for the better.

(For examples of how this happens, have a look at the Twin Flame stories here)

Confusion, Tiredness Possible

Another key transit this week is Mercury Retrograde sextile Neptune. This brings spiritual communication and guidance, but it can be confusing due to the retrograde.

It can also cause fluctuating energy and tiredness.

The message is to be gentle with yourself.

Life might not allow you a lot of time out just now, but if you can get some quiet time to be alone with your thoughts, it will help you recharge your batteries.

Meditation and journalling will also be helpful.

Starseed Info/Coding

When Venus moves into Aquarius early in the week, it brings a new focus to relationships – and the Venus/Pluto conjunction.

When it comes to intimate relationships, the focus shifts.

Aquarius deals with individuality, friendship, social groups, organizations and technology (and starseeds) so the likelihood for Twin Flames is that you’ll feel less obsessive over your counterpart…

And become more enthused about your own path for the year and beyond… And Pluto’s effect will be unearthing latent “star memories” and connections from your Twin Flame bond.

(More on that here).

Lighter Mood

When Venus/Pluto moves into a sextile with Jupiter midweek, it helps to pull the mood up into a lighter state.

With Pluto being so impactful this week, it won’t fully drag you into complete optimism, sheer happiness and being a social butterfly…

But there’s a more sociable mood in the air, and it will lighten the mood – showing you the positives ahead of you.

Shifting Perspectives

With the Sun trine Uranus peaking midweek, we’re being encouraged to think differently – especially to see OURSELVES and our lives in a different light.

Things are likely not as bad as you think, is a key insight. And, you are so much more capable than you have thought!

Capricorn tends to bring a heavy energy, karmic patterns repeating, and a focus on responsibility and work.

So with this transit, you’re being encouraged to be less heavy – to shift how you LOOK at things.

(When you have a negative worldview it’s nearly always based in an old pattern taken on in childhood or even a past life. Read more about this here).

Full Moon In Cancer – 2023 Theme

The Full Moon in Cancer on the 6th January
brings up a lot of emotions. Not merely from the last moon cycle but beyond.

Why? The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, so every full moon here, which happens once every 12 months, is a major culmination of emotions.

In recent years the Cancer Full Moon has come in late December, ENDING the year. 

The fact that this comes in early January, along with Mars and Mercury retrograde, signals that the whole year will deal with tying up unresolved emotional baggage from the past.

Shifting Perspectives

The Cancer Full Moon is all about releasing old pent up emotional baggage.

And as the Sun/Uranus tie in, we’re shown that shifting our perspective is key to releasing negativity once and for all. 

With this Full Moon being briefly opposite Mercury Retrograde, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you’re feeling bad about or explain how your feelings have been hurt.


It could also be that you’re upset based on a misunderstanding.

For example, you may feel down that you think your Twin isn’t interested, when you actually misread their signals…!

If you really aren’t sure what to do, journalling on it would be very helpful – or get in touch with your guides for next steps, consolation and advice. (I teach you how here).

Repeating Themes From December

When Mercury Retrograde joins the Sun on his path backward late this week, we have an intensification around communication.

Themes from earlier in December are repeating on some level.

And, perspectives are blurring. Communication is likely full of busy-ness, confusion, information being shared, even gossip.

Be careful right now, because it’s unlikely that you’re getting the real story. Be conscious about how you are speaking and creating with your words – especially about yourself.


Excitement On High

This weekend, Mercury Retrograde and the Sun both affected by Uranus means you’ll likely be busy and experiencing a lot of excitement of some kind in your life.

It could be welcome change, or it could deal with events you have to deal with suddenly.

The good news is, you’ll also be more attuned to new inspiration and guidance on the best steps forward.

And even if you don’t bring them into action right away with the retrogrades, if you write down what you receive and think of this weekend, you’ll have a lot of new fresh ideas and positive momentum to bring into action over the coming months!


Confusing, Destabilizing

This week you’ll likely experience the shadows and the unconscious aspects of both yourself and others coming to the surface.

It might feel confusing and destabilizing.

Stay calm and remember that this is a unique opportunity to “up-level” once and for all.

Because when we heal and transmute and integrate the shadows, we become more whole… And our dynamic and whole life path improves.

It may not be pleasant or easy, but it wouldn’t happen if we were not capable. Be gentle with yourself and remember you are never alone.

Every Day Is A New Beginning

With this new year, remember that every single day is the chance for a new beginning.

If you want to join me in making the most of the heightened momentum to make 2023 your best Twin Flame year ever, go here and I’ve got some more info for you.

Sending you so much love and light <3

Cassady x

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