Twin Flames 11:11 Comment Guidelines


After going through the site with spirit and having a look at the energy of various groups, discussion forums and the Twin Flame collective energy fields – we have come up with some guidelines that are designed to help you as a Twin Flame on your journey. 

I started out wanting to have an open forum of discussion for Twins to freely express themselves with sharing good and bad and ups and downs from their journeys…

But as I’ve learned more and more about the nature of manifestation (what you focus on is what you get more of) collective energy fields and energy exchange between human beings online, it was made clear to me that it would serve you all better to outline certain guidelines for the highest good.

And please keep these in mind with any other site, person, forum, group or account you visit. Everything has an energy vibration.

You see, the issue with an open forum is that it becomes an energy field in and of itself, and everyone who visits and reads, taps into that energy.

So if we were to have a discussion with sharing negatives, frustrations and ups and downs it would mean every Twin Flame visiting the site would be delving into this consciousness pool.

And as you know, the Twin Flame journey is about getting back to the purity of you and your Twin’s high vibrational “soul song”. So it would just make the journey longer and more arduous for you.

I want you to know how happy and grateful I am that you’re here and reading the articles, and that the work I do resonates with you. I’m so excited about the future of your journey, because I’ve been through it myself and know the wonders that await down the line!

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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