Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 10th-17th August

A significant week with big energy shifts – a potent New Moon conjunct Venus and the Sun in Leo provide second chances in Twin Flame Love and Jupiter enters Virgo, sign of service, health and purification for the first time in 12 years.

We still have significant amounts of energy in Leo this week, a fire sign known for its strength and pride – as with any energy there are both challenges and gifts, so this week use Leo’s guidance to figure out where in your life you could stand up more for yourself.

Where have you been letting others run the show? Allow the Lion’s archetypal traits to guide you to see where you can align more with your strength.

Who is “King” in your life?

These Leo energies can help you tap into your own infinite inner power and shift out of any disempowering patterns that don’t serve you. Remember that you are always the master of your own destiny, creating your path step by step as you go.

You hold your own answers, and although someone else can help you recognize those answers it is never up to anyone else to tell you who you are or what you should or shouldn’t do, think, say or believe. This is a lesson many are facing in this lifetime.

First time in 12 years

This week Jupiter enters Virgo, sign of the 6th house of service, work and health, ruled by Mercury. You can check your personal horoscope to see which house this is in your birth chart, but universally this new cycle of energy denotes expansion of purification, an elevation of service.

A very powerful transit for those in Ascension, so called “lightworkers” and Twin Flames. We are both here on earth for ourselves and for the sake of the collective. This push and pull looks like it will be brought up for us over the coming year until August 2016. So how can you serve both yourself and others?

Old paradigms challenged

In spiritual communities many still harbor some old beliefs and paradigms from the old “suffering tradition” of the monastic lineage – that the “worthy” must suffer and sacrifice for the good of all. This is an illusion rooted all the way back to the beginnings of the monotheistic religions, and even in Buddhism. Spirit does not align with these beliefs because they are based in scarcity, fear and guilt.

The truth is, conversely, that you yourself always have to come first – otherwise you can’t help anyone. If you are depleted from helping others and focusing on them so much you’re feeling empty, both you and they suffer because soon you won’t have the strength to help at all.

So remember that helping others and being a source of light and love in the world has to start with you taking care of yourself and loving you. Then you can share with others. Never feel guilty for prioritizing and taking care of yourself. You are allowed to put your foot down and say no if something doesn’t feel right.

Potent New Moon for Twin Flames

On Friday August 14th we have a significant New Moon in Leo conjunct both Venus retrograde and the Sun, indicating a particularly potent reset of energy cycles connected to love, self and emotions. These energies indicate a healing of old wounds, new chances. A “reset” in Love, and for Twin Flames turning over a new leaf. For many this indicates that particularly stubborn issues may finally be cleared away for good.

Second chances in Love

For those who haven’t yet had a physical encounter with their Twin Flame in this lifetime, this beneficent period of the Venus Retrograde with such positive stimulation indicates encountering a past lover (your Twin Flame).

This powerful triple conjunction also trines Uranus, so listen to any hunches or intuitive insight you get now regarding love, money and creativity. And remember that intuition is a “metaphysical muscle” – the more we use it, the more in tune we get and the more insights we get.

As with all New Moons this is a beneficial time to write down a list of intentions for the next 28 days – setting out intentions for what you are willing to create and wishing to draw to yourself within the next Moon Cycle.

Allow yourself to think about what your ideal situation with your Twin Flame would be, and feel it as if it was already your reality – this aligns your energy to match to it and attract it.

Important Questions for Your Soul’s Growth

Another aspect of the New Moon “reset” is the square to Saturn, timekeeper and “taskmaster” of the Zodiac. You are being challenged now as well as supported: Are you in alignment with your soul’s purpose and your own inner joy? Are you following your heart?

If not, these energies will be pushing you to take a second look at your situation to rectify anything that’s out of balance. If you are in alignment with your soul’s desires, you will find this a positive, heightened time of emotional inspiration and creativity and love.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light on your journey! <3

Cassady x