Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 11th-17th January: “Love as Freedom”

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How can Twins balance Commitment vs Freedom in Love? It’s an Inner Game and we’re learning it now as old 3D illusions are pulled down. Plus, Twins are called on to provide the Missing Ingredient in the Collective’s Evolution.

We’ve got a few big transits in effect this week – Mercury just went into retrograde movement, and will be going “back on itself” through Capricorn until January 25th.

Mercury Retrograde – Curse or Gift?

Keep in mind that far from the cosmic curse it’s often represented as, Mercury Retrograde is actually a chance to take a second look at all things related to communication, thinking and ideas. Consider it the universe giving you a chance to make up your mind one last time before you get going again on decisions and plans.

This time, Mercury is moving back through Capricorn, sign of authority, strategy and long term creation and manifestation – so make sure you write yourself a “bucket list” for life now if you haven’t already.

What are your 5 biggest hopes and aims for your lifetime, maybe 10, 20, 30 years from now? And make sure you consider this with your heart’s desires at the core – steer clear of “shoulds” you may have picked up along the way.

Harnessing Your Deeper Power

Getting clear on your big aims now will ensure all your internal emotional and energetic resources are focused to make it happen. The subconscious mind is responsible for 96% of our brain activity, and holds an enormous untapped source of potential which you can motivate to work for you once you tell it what your true desires are. 

Another big movement for the next few weeks and months is Jupiter going retrograde through Virgo and calling for a reevaluation of service and work – Lightworkers are being asked to take another look at the spiritual implications of their activities.

What can you do to help yourself and others? What are the long-term ramifications of your current activities? This also goes for your Twin Flame connection – a reminder that your activities in the here and now are what build your future.

Freedom vs Commitment

As Venus is currently moving through Sagittarius, we’re facing a big challenge right now – How can we be in Love and “committed” in a relationship while still retaining a feeling of freedom? Boundaries and expectations are put to the test now.

Keep in mind that old 3D ideas about love and relationships just won’t cut it now. Not for Twin Flames. The old ideals are obsolete. Consider that traditional marriage and family systems have developed out of human society’s needs. Marriage used to be a tool for power, and not so long ago, people didn’t marry for love. We need to open our minds and look and think “higher” now.

Lovers’ Paradise 

Ultimately, Unconditional Love is total freedom and total safety at once. Loving someone from a place of need or control is actually a low vibration attachment which holds back the Union and Reunion process. Love must come from a place of giving and joy – the high vibrations. Confidence in the love and the connection.

The answer to this push and pull lies within – it’s all about perspectives. Ultimately, it’s impossible to control another person, and it’s also impossible for anyone to truly control us unless we allow it.

Venus in Sagittarius bears the wisdom of love as fun, love as an optimistic, happy game of equality. Paradise children, as my Twin Flame calls it. Back to the symbolic Garden of Eden of pure joy, before the world and its shadows entered the minds and hearts of the Twins and caused disruption and conflict.

Resolving Distrust and Hurt

If there are issues around jealousy, insecurity, distrust, infidelity or other negatives present in your Twin Flame connection – these are due to an energetic and emotional imbalance. It can be resolved

Consider why your Twin might be acting a certain way. All negative or hurtful behavior has its basis in internal negativity – unhealed wounds, self hate or inner insecurity.

If your Twin is a Runner, it’s not because of you, it’s because of their own inner issues. Venus square Chiron on January 13th emphasises this – unhealed wounds are the secret cause of negativity you may be facing on your journey. And these wounds can be healed using karma clearing tools.

Often it takes an outside perspective to see what our core wounds are – I’ve had hundreds of personal Twin Flame clients from all over the world and have had the opportunity to learn what the most common challenges are on this journey (because nearly everyone I spoke to have had the same core issues beneath it all). I’ve written about this in my course for Twin Flames, which is designed to get you closer to your Twin Flame, a roadmap to Union.

The Truth about Unconditional Love

If issues around freedom versus commitment show up during this period, remind yourself of these perspectives. The Twin Flame relationship is both completely free and completely committed – that is the nature of Unconditional Love.

Once you peel back the layers of congestion and negative energy you’ve taken on through your existence, you’ll come back to Love more and more. Deep, resonant love no matter what. If you ever feel numb about your Twin Flame, it’s due to congested energy coming to the surface. The purpose is for you to clear it to open up to love even deeper.

Twin Flame Love – the Missing Ingredient

As Jupiter conjuncts the North Node this week, both moving retrograde, they pose a challenge to Venus. At the same time Jupiter and the North Node support a number of power planets in Capricorn – there’s a lot going on right now, energetically.

The message is that it’s time to rethink manifestation from a collective viewpoint. What are we really creating? Long-term, where is humanity headed?

And clear as day: Love is the missing ingredient for humanity. For what is existence without love? This is why the Twin Flames are here, to assist the collective. Be template bearers for humanity to move into a higher stage of evolution – emotionally and energetically.

Stripping back Untruth

The beauty of the Twin Flame Mission is that the Mission is to Love, to feel and be and dwell in and enjoy Love. By being together and in Love, the Twins can positively impact the energetic vibrations of everyone and everything around them. And physical distance doesn’t matter – even if you and your Twin are thousands of miles apart you energetically be together in Love.

Remember always that the Twin Flame journey is above all one of stripping back anything that is untruthful. The truth is – you are Love, your Twin is Love. You are Souls experiencing life on earth with the aim of coming together. Any conflict is due to perspective. Shift your perspective to see the truth beneath it all. You are never alone, You are always connected, You are always Love.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x

PS: If you’d like to dive in and get serious about clearing away your baggage for good instead of trying to release the slow, arduous way without proper tools, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twins. These are the tools and methods my Twin and I used to get to Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

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