Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 12th-18th October – Doors Being Opened


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No more waiting: the Wind is in our Sails and time has come to Open up and Go Boldly Forth. But where are you secretly holding back? Find out how to make sure you get the most out of these positive forward-moving energies and get back to Twin Flame Bliss.

We start the week with Libra energies running high – the Sun, Mercury and the Moon are all in Libra. The energetic focus of Libra is traditionally directed outwards towards other people and social harmony, however for Twin Flames specifically these energies denote a period of working to balance both the individual energies and those of the Twin Flame pair (and as always this is in preparation for eventual Twin Flame Union).

This means that any kinks in the balance between the Twins will be brought up for resolution, especially in terms of the Masculine/Feminine energy equilibrium. However, with Mercury out of his retrograde and soon out of the retrograde shadow zone, plus Tuesday’s New Moon in Libra supporting you – this balancing act will feel more easeful and playful than the grind many have experienced in recent months.

Gates Open Wide

As mentioned, Mercury is finally moving direct, and we have a New Moon in Libra on Tuesday the 13th – this is an ideal time for new beginnings: the gates are wide open for expression and showing the world (and your Twin Flame) your true self – it’s time to bring your expression out into the world.

Many have been working on creative and communication related projects in recent months (this could even mean getting in touch with your Twin to express something close to your heart) – the energies are now extremely supportive and open for bringing these out and expressing yourself to others.

Renewal in the Fire

If there is a soul in the entire world who will always accept you for who you truly are deep down, it’s your Twin Flame. In fact, dismantling any old and outdated ideas about who you are and what others have told you you’re like, will bring you into closer resonance with that core energetic frequency or “Soul Song” you and your Twin Flame share – and this means you’ll be attracting them in positivity with less challenges along the way.

The Mercury Retrograde period we had recently meant a time of purging any old wounds and traumas relating to communication, from our Throat Chakras, as well as for communication in the world as a collective. Especially intensive this time was the push to release anything standing in the way of vibrational alignment (and eventual Union) for the Twin Flame pairs.

(If you’re tired of struggling and are interested in “fast-tracking” your Journey back to Harmony and Union with your Twin Flame – have a look at this.)

Old Grievances Aired

Many Twins have had a hard time with this Mercury period, as there was a lot of “static” in the air and old grievances that might not even have related to the present moment came up to be released. Things were said and arguments arose that were based in the past and often from conflicts with other people. The Twin Flame relationship became a battle ground for Old Conflicts – in order to heal and release.

Thankfully, the road is smoother now as Mercury is moving direct yet again. There will be many an apology outstretched over coming weeks for words spoken in haste during the Retrograde period.

Cosmic Love Triangle 

We also have another powerful celestial event for Twin Flames this week, as Saturn squares Venus and Neptune opposes her – old limitations are brought up to be shed and our beliefs are stretched.

Saturn brings issues around security and commitment to the table. It’s time to deal with relationship fears around abandonment and safety. On earth, we often confuse attachment, protection and even pity, with Love. All of these are based in the lower vibrational energy of fear, however, and will be brought up to be eradicated now.

Love for Love’s own sake comes from the pinnacle of high vibrations. Unconditional Love. In the Twin Flame relationship, Love is the binding, purifying force that will bring out to clear any negative attachments – and this week, any unhealthy tendencies will flare up so we can recognise them and let them go for good.

False Limitations in Love

Neptune also challenges us to aim higher than ever before in Twin Flame Love. Even to aim outside of what seems “physically possible” in the world as we know it. What assumptions have you been making behind the scenes about your capabilities and your chances on your journey?

Check in with your subconscious mind – do you really believe it’s possible to come together with your Twin in harmony, for example? If you don’t, you won’t be allowing it into your reality field.

Unblocking Twin Flame Love and Abundance

In so many cases the very things we desire – Love, Harmony and Unity with our Twin – are being blocked by default by our energy field and subconscious blueprints of doubt, skepticism and negativity, and we never receive. I’ve been asked to help Twin Flames with this in a brand new Live Energy Clearing Call.

After the last Clearing Call I’ve had so many positive emails from Twins who felt increased lightness and positivity and new shifts with their Loved Ones, including from dozens of Twins who actually experienced Runners getting in touch after months apart!

I’m really excited to be able to offer another Live Clearing: We go live on Tuesday November 3rd at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern/10PM UK/11PM Europe. You can sign up here.  

The End of Realism

Twin Flames, this week’s energies call for the end of “realism” in Love – we are infinite beings having an earth experience, remember that we came here for a reason. Twin Flames came here to unite across any seeming challenges, because we knew it was possible to come together no matter what.

I was recently shown by spirit that the Twin Flames made an agreement before being born on earth. We agreed to forget one another in order to push our souls’ evolution and expand and grow as much as possible. The remembrance is buried deep, and often we live decades without even knowing we have a Twin. When Twin Flame Recognition hits, however, there is no doubt in either soul.

Time of Miracles 

Remember nothing is impossible on this path. Most Twins are faced with this from the beginning. Where else can we find so many stories of the beyond normal, of telepathy, of remote touch, of emotional attunement between people who might be meeting in person for the first time?

It is in our power to make this a time of “miracles”. Aim high, and you open up to results beyond what people would ever have thought possible.

“Follow Your Bliss”

Saturn reminds us about our responsibilities – in this life our responsibility above all is to ourselves and our heart’s joy, and Saturn’s often tense energy reminds us sternly to follow our hearts and our soul’s purpose above all. In many situations, Saturnian energies will bring us face to face with what we don’t want, so that we can feel and know what direction our true heart’s compass points in.

“Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors where there were only walls,” as the great mythologer Joseph Campbell famously said. The mind and other people’s opinions can never lead to true satisfaction. Only your heart can tell you what truly matters to you as a soul.

New Moon Intentions 

Now is the time to focus on yourself and your true desires. Don’t downprioritize your dreams. Don’t believe anyone who says that Twin Flame harmony is impossible.

A great first step to take now is to write out 10 experiences you’d like to have in your lifetime, no matter how outlandish and “big” – the great thing about doing this is that it gives your subconscious mind and your energy a goal to work towards and focus on, and this makes a huge difference.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful – over 90% of our thoughts happen subconsciously, according to recent scientific research. If we don’t define our true goals and tell our subconscious mind what to aim for, we just drift along with other people’s priorities. Take charge of your “ship” and make sure you know where you’d like to be sailing. Otherwise, how will you get there?

Positive Power on Your Side

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Virgo this week also gives us excellent starting energy for this, a feeling of expansiveness and power – now it’s up to us to use this energy wisely in terms of pushing ourselves forward consciously, whether that be in Twin Flame love, in health, career or spirituality.

Until next time, I’m always sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

I believe in you x