Twin Flame Energy Forecast 15th-21st Feb: “Damaged Hearts”


Ego vs Emotions battle on the Twin Flame journey – intense reform and detox of the Masculine begins, and Twins are pushed to face up to their Karmic Responsibility to each other.


We’re entering into a highly significant time for Twin Flames and the planet alike – this year we are facing a rare Mars Retrograde period for several months, signalling a strong overhaul period of the collective male energy fields and the Masculine Twins.

Mars rarely goes retrograde, but when “he” does it impacts the collective energy fields of earth massively because history is full of the shadow sides of the “Mars”/Masculine energy polarity – power abuse, sex as a weapon, violence, oppression, force.

This is what is set to be brought up to the surface to be filtered from our planet this year – not all at once, but it’s a huge part of the earth and the Twin Flames’ ongoing Ascension. You might remember last year’s Venus Retrograde period (July-August 2015) – this year is set to mirror in some ways what went on back then – a continued balancing.

The Karma of Abuse

With severe negativity lodged in the earth’s energy fields through human beings living and funnelling energy unwittingly into their surroundings since the dawn of time, the Masculine is directly “tapped into” the karma of abuse – and we are now taken through this detoxing period in order to open earth up to more high vibrational influxes and the Twin Flames to Unconditional Love.

Consider the karmic and ancestral energies present between a female Twin and a male Twin when history’s lineage flows through them energetically. The old paradigms were all about contrast, separation and survival.

This is where we get most of our modern ideas from, of what a woman is, what a man is. It’s the past speaking. Twins are being asked to shake loose these old templates because they constitute blocks to reunion.

It’s interesting to note how 3D and old ego paradigms aren’t just theoretical, abstract ideas and beliefs. This stuff has been passed on energetically and in the cellular structures and neutral pathways embedded from generation to generation. This is why the healing and purging is an ongoing process. To turn the Twin pair from Opposed to United. To embody Love instead of Conflict.

The Wounded Healer

Mars goes retrograde in late March, but these themes of purification of the Masculine are already stirring. This theme of “reform” for the masculine’s highest good continues on 9th February when Mars in Scorpio trines Chiron (“the wounded healer”) in Pisces.

Take it easy on your male Twin around this time – this is a big one, relating to healing the old wounds that reside in the heart of the so-called Divine Masculine as a result of the damage done through domination and abuse through history. 

To hurt someone, hurts. When someone inflicts pain and damage, the energy of pain and damage impacts both the victim and the abuser. The proverbial “getting blood on your hands”. There are many subconscious wounds coming up for healing now.

Although each male person hasn’t played a part in these old events, we sign soul contracts to be karmically connected with collective energy fields of “male” or “female” when we choose to be born into a male or female body. Meaning that we are tapped into the karmic lineage of our physical body’s gender.

It’s Not Just “Twin Flame Drama”

With Pluto currently stimulating Mars, who’s “visiting” Pluto’s home sign of Scorpio, we get another strong reinforcement of this detoxing theme of past negativity and karmic baggage around sex, power, control, and violence.

This can be a challenging period, with ego flare ups and power struggles relating to sexuality. Due to the unconscious nature of the wounds and blocks coming up, many Twins will mistake this for ego battles and “the usual drama”, but there’s a much deeper reason behind all this.

Your Twin isn’t just a “runner” or a “chaser” – they are being triggered by energy. Once you learn to clear energy, you can resolve situations like this, manage this. You won’t be powerless anymore.

Twins’ Karmic Impact on Each Other

Take a detached approach to any “drama” in this period and refrain from judging based on surface appearances, however you can. Remember that this is for the highest good long-term. The Masculine energies carry a long history of darkness. This must now be cleared and transmuted before the Twin Flames can fully reunite from a place of Unconditional Love.

Another issue right now, triggered by this reform of the Masculine, is themes of responsibility between Twins. Another long-standing issue for the masculine polarity, where we have a history of complete dominion for millennia on earth – an imbalance that’s being rectified now.

As the dominant sex in patriarchal cultures for millennia with the power of decision and freedom of will no matter what whim, the masculine energies are now being challenged to consider the repercussions of actions.

What impact do certain actions, thoughts, feelings, words carry energetically? This is a lesson of karma – everything we do sends out ripples into the universe. The masculine is now being challenged to learn conscious creation, responsible management of energy.

Twin Flames are now learning this about each other – as a team, everything one Twin does, impacts the other. This is a huge lesson for Twins stuck in repeated cycles of problems – it’s not just your Twin who’s the “problem”: What beliefs and expectations are you yourself projecting into the universe and onto your Twin?

Send out Love, and you reap more Love.

Seeing Beneath the Surface

Be kind to your Twin whenever you can – there’s a lot going on beneath the surface right now. We have an added challenge between Mars and the Sun – the old Ego Facade might feel like it’s about to crumble, and this is can be frightening, especially for as yet Unawakened Twins.

We’re reminded by spirit that throughout history, there’s a been a huge wall in front of the inner self in terms of the masculine. We live in a culture of “fronting” that can be very demanding. This creates dissonance between ego self and soul self, in many cases it is as if two separate personalities are embodied together.

In our society, there’s a constant demand for being “masculine”: strong, capable, unwounded, unemotional. This can be harsh and repressive, not allowing freedom for the complexities of the human psyche. The classic ideal of “masculinity” is a story.

The inner self and the outer mask self are now in conflict. And when boundaries are torn down and vulnerability is exposed, some people react by shielding themselves and lashing out. Be aware of this now.

Are You In “Isolation” For Your Own Good?

While the masculine deals with this, Venus (representing the feminine) has now moved into Aquarius, signalling a theme of independence – the feminine getting to know herself above all.

There’s a sense of deliberate isolation of the feminine, for “her” own good. A need for self love, self acceptance. If you find yourself apart from your Twin right now, do what you can to nurture yourself. If this is something you know you should get better at, make an effort now so your soul won’t be pushing you again to learn this lesson.

Remember that you’re not incomplete without your Twin… As long as you approach this connection from a lack perspective, you are unfortunately funnelling negativity into it and blocking your union. If you find it hard to shift out of patterns like that, it’s most often because you have it as an energetic program in your being.

Learning karma and energy clearing tools will enable you to shift you out of these negative loops like running, chasing and intermittent separation for good. It really is instant, pain free.

Love Is Not About Sacrifice of Self

There is a sense of romance being put on the cosmic back burner for a short period now while we’re asked to focus on the bigger plans – Ascension of the planet, purification of the Twins’ energies. Focusing not on romantic love, but love of all. Love of the planet and of humanity – “service”. For the feminine, this means getting in touch with her own inner self and her own personal desires and aims in life.

Love is not about sacrificing the self, is the message I get from spirit. You do not need to give up your own identity to join together with your Twin. On the contrary: You need to be as much “you” as possible in this Alchemy, it cannot be done without “you”.

So celebrate your individuality. You do not need to become a “generic idea of the divine feminine” or an “earth goddess”, or an idealized king to join together in soul alchemy with your Twin Flame.

You are the way you are for a reason – that is your secret ingredient, that is your point of Union. You two as unique individuals sharing a core identity as souls and blending together.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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