Twin Flame Energy Forecast 15th-21st June: “Double Solar Gateway”


solar-eclipse-2020Rare “Ring Of Fire” Doubled Solstice And Eclipse Hits! A New Era Enters – Lightcode Influx, “Levelling Up” For Twin Flames Who Have Mastered Unity Consciousness…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Venus continues retrograde, Mercury “joins in” with own retrograde. Plus highly rare double solstice and eclipse coincide, creating a “ring of fire” and massive light code influx…

Discover more below!

Mercury Retrograde, Double Gateway

This is yet another heightened week for the Twin Flame connection ahead with a “double gateway” eclipse and more. Venus is still Retrograde, and now Mercury goes Retrograde too on June 18th.

Mercury Retrograde has a bad name for chaos and problems, but in truth, we can use this time to our advantage. We are energetic beings who can “surf the waves” as we choose, more than we often realize.

Keep in mind that activities relating to “re” are fitting right now, as we’re energetically moving backwards through recent months in terms of communication and thinking.

Key words include: Rethinking, reconsidering, reworking, rehashing, reconnecting, reevaluating, reorganising, rehearsing… You might also want to check up on yourself in terms of your thinking processes, your communication.

Speaking is a step of creating. Manifestation. (Read more about that here)


Throat Chakra Upgrade…

So: Are your words positive when you speak about yourself and your goals and desires? Are you kind to yourself in your mental commentary?

If not, take some steps to resolve this now. Energy clearing and shifting your mental habits with Mindfulness tools can help you with this too.

Mercury Retrograde always coincides with a clearing out of congestion from the collective energy fields of communication but also with Throat Chakra upgrades for each individual.

These next few weeks as Mercury moves retrograde in Cancer, emotions, family and creativity are in focus (Cancer is the domain of the Moon and the mother archetype).

House Of The Mother – Love Impacts?

Your mother or another influential mother female from the past may figure strongly in this period – especially their role in passing on love beliefs, habits and programming to you…

You may even be asked to reacquaint yourself with or reevaluate your perception of Feminine archetypes or shift your perception of yourself as female, discover new things about your fertility or family/nurturing roles…

Or an “old” idea or creative inspiration could be brought to light once more. To shift into a higher state during this particular phase of the Retrograde, it’s important to keep this in mind: Emotions are not the truth of who we are.

Often, they’re illusory. And we color our world and ourselves based on our emotions in a way that can be distorting and damaging.

But Where Did It COME From?

Work to stay aware:

Remember, your body can create the “feeling” of upset if you’re tired and hungry.
Your body can mirror sadness from seeing another person sad.
Your heart can ache from thinking about an old painful memory.

In essence, know that emotions always *come from somewhere*! They’re never just “who we are” or necessarily truthful. This is an important insight that can save you so much grief on your journey.

If you feel bad, ask yourself:

“When did the feeling start? What thought or input or image or others’ statement or experience triggered it? What’s the real reason I’m feeling bad right now?”

This will help you center into your own power, more able to stay happy over time and less at the mercy of the Twin Flame “rollercoaster” so many struggle with. This is the path to mastery.

Divine Love Guidance Wanting To Reach You...

I’d strongly suggest connecting with your guidance to start getting nudges around when and if your emotions and perspectives are causing negative spirals and creating untruthful suffering and drama in your connection.

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The Power Of Your Consciousness…

On June 20th the Sun moves into Cancer, setting the stage for “Cancer season” this coming month. The tendency now goes more toward looking inward and backward.

These energies can be very fruitful for imagination, visualization and creative activities.

If you can work with these watery energies and turn them to your benefit via inspiration and positive imagination rather than letting them swallow you up, there is enormous progress to be made.

Creative visualization is one of the key proven methods for getting more of what you want in life and in the Twin Flame connection – click here to read more. And for a specially formulated Creative Visualization for Twin Flames, have a look here.

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Feeling “Under Water”? There’s A Reason…

When Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer and we have the Sun in Cancer too, it’s set to be an extra emotional month ahead. Your emotions are overwhelming the mental faculties.

This can be good if you’re attuned with positivity, but if you have unconscious baggage and past wounds, it can get complicated.

Make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here regularly to get the best of this coming month, without being submerged in heaviness and the unconscious.

Your dreams will likely bring amazing insights, Twin love and inspirations if you’re clear and high vibrational now – but if there’s a lot of baggage, this is what will show up.

So make sure you deal with the blocks and past wounds, that way you’ll tap into love instead of old fear and negativity.

And spirit suggests, write down your dreams in the morning, whatever snippets you remember. There are messages for you there.

Feeling Bad? It’s The Cosmic Emotional Purge…

Do not be surprised or scared if disturbing dreams surface. All these energies in Cancer is the universe’s way of pushing us to release any old emotional debris and negativity we’ve been carrying around that’s holding us back.

Energy clearing tools are a great, effective way to speed up this process so you don’t have to be deep in the water going through it all, but can usher out anything that doesn’t serve you within minutes.

A great habit to develop and use to deal with these intensive energies is to do some creative writing or journaling every day to make sure anything unhealthy is expressed rather than bottled up.

Be careful you don’t buy into everything you feel right now.

“The Ring Of Fire” – Major Double Solstice Gateway

This month it will only be too easy to get completely absorbed in the past, whether we’re dreaming of an old romance (happy times with our Twin Flame) or seething with resentment over some injustice done to us (again the likelihood is that this will involve our Twin Flame).

Remember as always that the past is gone, the only person who can keep it alive is you.

On June 20th we have a highly rare coinciding of the Solstice and a Solar Eclipse – this means we have a “double strong” gateway or a “twin gateway” on this date. Meaning, we are in a heightened time historically and for Twin Flames.

This is being referred to in scientific circles as the “Ring Of Fire” solstice as it’s such a rare and dramatic cosmic event.

We’re shown spiritually, that new light codes are incoming with higher vibrational codings. Those who are of a higher dimensional soul nature have been unconsciously expecting and waiting for this influx of helpful energies.

Incoming Light-Codes For A Higher State Of Union

This is the beginning of a new and brighter chapter, starting from the “inside out”.

The purge and ascension process of releasing old density in the last few months and years, has been in order to help us be able to receive these new higher codes. These are key to bridging you to your higher self presence more.

The lower aspects of you (shadows) have become more and more healed and phased out, and now the incoming energies are creating a “bridge” for your higher aspects to become more active in your physical life.

This is a hugely positive event – especially for those who have done their inner work, as they are set to benefit the most.

If you’ve never quite felt well in your body or in your human life, it’s likely because your soul is extremely high vibrational and volunteered to incarnate to seed in this evolved consciousness.

The Time Of “New Earth”

You knew that your early life may feel like a struggle, as your spirit was unable to fully express in the as yet dense collective energies. However, you knew that with time, the planet’s own ascension would mean it would rise up to “meet” you.

Spirit has shown us, many are beginning to feel more stable as this now happens. 2022-24 are set to be key times as this stabilizes and we become more able to function well in the physical.

They show, this solstice double gateway as the first in a major series of high vibrational “upgrades” for the planet.

(Read more here in The Twin Flame Supernatural Connection)


Are You In 5D Yet? (Or Beyond?)

We’re already in an extended eclipse window since June 5th and until July 4th, but this week it intensifies.

As the twin solstice/eclipse gateway opens (they are set to be open for about 5 days around June 20th) we experience an increased soul driven pressure to purge old baggage, as your soul tries to ready you to be among those who are anchored fully into the crystalline grid of the 5th Dimension – and sometimes beyond.

When your own personal energy rises sufficiently, you “show up” to the 5D grid and can be anchored in here, assisting you in levelling out on your journey so the tremendous ups and downs lessen and you become more stabilized in a place of harmony.

Anchored to this new grid, you’ll begin to be shielded from the negativity and conflict of the 3D world that so often creates dissonance and clashes between Twin Flames.

(If you’re still dealing with conflict, it means you still have 3D programming in your system and connection. Any work you do to raise your vibration and heal old issues now, is set to pay off handsomely for the long run).

Eclipse Release Points… Shadows Triggered

Try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside in these coming days, as keeping a neutral standpoint will help you avoid being dragged into old “autopilot” behavior.

In advance of these Eclipse release points, the low vibration energies that will be released are stirred up in preparation to be cleared out.

If tension has been rising in your personal life the way it has in the world recently, take a few deep breaths now and know that things will settle down again very soon.

I would advise to hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again. If things feel tense or troubled right now, it could likely have more to do with the energies at large than with your relationship.

Is Your Soul Pushing You Uncomfortably?

Know that if you’re feeling especially triggered and low leading up to June 20th, it’s your soul pushing you to release old issues once and for all so you can be “upleveled” and anchored into a higher state.

It will be a lot smoother and easier when you yourself can assist in this process with energy healing modalities – go here and ask yourself what you feel most drawn to.

That’s your intuition, your soul letting you know what is to your highest good right now.

Test your energy vibration here by using this special, no cost tool Spirit asked me to create to assist the Twin Flame collective.


Making Way for New Light – Your Divine Path

The cosmic processes affect us powerfully right now. Themes are emotions versus intellect, the past versus the future, the old versus the new, fear versus progress.

As this Solstice/Eclipse hits in conjunction with the North Node that just moved retrograde into Gemini, we see that what’s going on right now is key to our SOULS’ path.

It’s a new beginning and we’re being asked to release old modes of existing, thinking, communicating and interacting.

As Gemini is the sign of the Twins, this is an extra heightened time for Twin Flames, and spirit shows us the soul mission of unity is being strongly activated. The incoming light codes are working to activate your going into the world and seeding in oneness.

Will You Be Brought Into The Spotlight?

This could mean that in the coming months, if you have mastered your inner shadows and duality, and risen above, you might find yourself in a space of more public awareness.

You might discover your Twin in your life as a collaborator in consciousness – working together or uniting for a common cause.

(Would you like to step out of the 3D lesson learning and usher in a chapter as an “emissary of love”? I take you through that and more in the Golden Light Infusion and Activation session here.)

For now, it’s likely you don’t notice much of these themes, as your system is busy processing. Within a few weeks it will have settled in your system.

Spirit comments, know that as a Twin Flame you are here as an important teacher for the world, and you are set to be reminded of this.

The Path To Twin Flame Love Made “Real”

As the Moon passes the North Node, we’re shown it’s all about the future. Forget the past. you’re in charge. Leave the mire of automatic human emotions behind, go with the mind and your mastery and DESIRES.

You are more powerful than you ever realized – but you may have to use that power consciously to benefit. Remember, emotions are not all truthful. Your mastery lies in consciousness, in CHOICE.

That’s the path to Twin Flame love made “real” in the physical.
You are not at the mercy of outside circumstances. Make your choice and the way will be made clear, is the cosmic message we receive.

It’s never impossible for Twins to get together. It’s just a matter of finding the steps. (I help you with this here)


2020 – A Watershed Year For Your Journey…

With this double gateway we have a POWERFUL emotional restart. Yet another major cosmic shift in 2020 – and there are many more to come.

Stuff that held sway over you in the past will feel strangely remote – triggers will feel less overwhelming as this begins to settle.

This is the start of a new era. We’re closing a chapter for good this time… provided you don’t go calling it back!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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