Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 16th-22nd November – “Wake up”

twin flame asleep
Image: Kent MacDonald

How to Deal with Trauma and How to Help when it seems like There’s No Fix. Plus, the transit that’s set to Rattle Awake even those Twins who have been firmly “Asleep in Ego”.

Sensing others’ emotions

Those who are very sensitive to energy may have noticed an increase in fear recently with negative events that have been occurring around the world. Many Twins and Lightworkers are empaths – people who can literally feel others’ emotions and energies. This can be very unsettling, even if you are thousands of miles away and just watching the news.

If you’ve been feeling anxious, on edge or tearful for “no reason” this weekend, you may have been reacting to the collective energy field. Fear is being stirred up in a lot of people right now. If this is the case for you, shield yourself and send Love to those suffering.

Sympathy vs Love

Human instincts trigger us to sympathize with and mourn for other people experiencing pain and horror. However, as illogical as it sounds, this actually contributes to adding more negativity.

The best thing we can do to help others going through trauma, is to send Love. As simplistic and “out there” as it may sound, the energy of Love is a powerful transmutational energy. On the energetic planes, Love transmutes Fear. 

Remember that sending Love means getting into a high vibration and then sending this high vibration energy out. Love feels light and effervescent, not heavy or sad. If you’re feel sadness or pity, you’re not sending Love. If so, take a step back, regroup and try again.

When trauma hits, no matter where on earth, we can set the intention to send love and comfort to those affected. It can help alleviate suffering. We can also connect to the light and send high vibrational energies such as love and peace out to the world. Use the technique from the Free Cleansing Tool to connect to the light, and allow the light to flood out from you and direct it to those who need it most, or direct it into planet earth.

You can also use this yourself to feel better, by connecting to the light and allowing it to flush out all negativity and infusing you with high vibrational energies.

Seeds of Positivity

On a subconscious, and sometimes even conscious level, many Lightworkers and Twins have periods of feeling: “What’s the point? Why am I here? Why am I even trying? People don’t understand anyway”. Especially when negativity hits, it can make you question everything you believed. It can be easy to feel hopeless when we look at the big world out there, and struggle to see how we could make a positive difference. But please think again.

Remember you’re not alone. None of us are alone. There are multitudes of people out there thinking about how to bring positivity out into society, longing to make a positive difference in the world. All over the planet people are waking up, stirred to know that things can be different. All over the planet, grains of ideas and plans carry the potential to change our societies for the better for everyone. Please don’t lose faith.

Neptune Direct – Spiritual Development “speeds up”

This week, we experience one of the year’s most significant events (especially for those with an interest in spirituality and creativity) – Neptune is finally turning direct on 18th November after many months of retrograde movement. We’re finally moving forward again, and the “ether” will feel clearer and less congested for those who meditate and communicate with guidance.

The reason for this is that the retrograde period has coincided with a collective purge of the Crown Chakra – issues involving feeling abandoned by the universe, and feeling disconnected from or unloved by source, or unsupported by God, have been coming up to be cleared. This has put a dampener on many a spiritual link. Also due to this purge of the Crown Chakra, many have felt disconnected from their Twin these past few months. This should improve considerably now.

The Veil Of Perception Thins

It was shown to me recently that each soul who incarnates on Earth signs soul contracts to have most if not all of their extrasensory perceptions shut down, in order to assimilate and learn as much as possible. The issue now we’re here on earth, is that we have forgotten that we volunteered to be cut off from the higher realms, at least to some extent.

On a deep, subconscious level many of us feel abandoned by the higher realms. These old wounds have been coming up to be cleared over recent months – for many this has taken the form of feeling like we have no help on our journey. As Neptune now moves direct through his own sign of Pisces again, however, the Veil of Perception will seem to thin more and more because a lot of this old entrenched energy has been cleared.

We are now moving forward again in terms of spiritual development, after months of tough lesson learning and healing past wounds. You may feel much more aware of your intuition now, and you’ll notice that mental disruptions may settle – experimentation with telepathy, communication with spirit, meditation and astral travel is set to be stronger and more fruitful than in recent months.

Heaviness or Concentration? Your Choice

Another significant shift occurs this week as Mercury and the Sun shift into Sagittarius late this week – over the weekend they both conjunct Saturn, which can feel heavy. However, remember that the Saturnian energies’ upside is concentration and increased focus.

If you can channel these “heavier” energies into finely honing plans for the future and making sure that you’re prepared and know what’s needed, Saturn will support you all the way. “His” wisdom is: we must clear away the excess in order to move more easily to our goals and destinations.

So keep this in mind – What could you clear away in order to lighten your load? What habits, daily tasks, beliefs – even people – are holding you back more than pushing you forward?

Ego Vs Harmony

Another significant transit is set to bring potentially huge positive changes, but also rough patches: Venus in Libra opposition Uranus in Aries continues this autumn’s strong themes of the collective versus self. Turning outwards versus turning within. Giving up the ego in favour of reaching harmony and energetic equilibrium within the Twin Flame pair.

Many Twins who have been comfortable in their old habits, ego patterns or “3D” living are being forcibly awakened now. This strong opposition is set to stir changes and rattle even those Twins who were firmly stuck in “ego”. It’s as if their foundations are being shaken to wake them up to the deeper reality of belonging, their soul self and their divine counterpart. To begin to remember.

Awakening the Still Asleep

Even those Twins who are still “asleep” will be pushed to feel this one. Ego and insecurities might flare up, fear patterns are triggered. It’s all for a purpose – to show the person a true mirror of themselves. To grow past our boundaries, we must first face them.

This is a step towards healing. Remember if trouble shows up this week, that every struggle holds the seed of progress and every wound the seed of healing. It’s not always easy to feel this in the middle of challenges, but try to keep it in mind. All Twin Flames are here to heal and come together. Including those who seem the most resistant.

If you’d like to know more about how to clear your shared energy field with your Twin in order to consciously and smoothly shift your dynamic into increased balance and harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

PS: I’m currently preparing a full Twin Flame energy forecast for 2016, and I’m excited to tell you that there are some very exciting and positive developments, gateways and pivotal phases in store for this coming year. I’m aiming to have the full forecast available for you within a few weeks, so keep an eye on your email!