Twin Flame Energy Forecast 17th-23rd June: “Solstice Gateway”



Major Cosmic Events – Lunar And Solar Gateways Coincide. Rise Of The Divine Masculine, Waking The Protector Instinct. 5D Anchoring… Are You Ready For This?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Powerful Full Moon Culmination Doubles With Solstice Gateway – 5D Anchoring Process, Major Rise Of The Divine Masculine… Have You Missed What’s Going On Beneath The Surface?

Discover more below!

Why The Future Is Different Now

We have an incredibly busy week ahead energetically!

The solstice gateway opens gradually from Monday and we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius Sunday evening/Monday morning depending on where in the world you are – the “Strawberry Moon”.

What we’re dealing with is the culmination of a cycle in terms of emotions, perceptions and beliefs.

You’re set to be pushed to release old limiting beliefs and ideas that have been holding you back from living your “best life”!

As the Moon travels over Jupiter Retrograde, what’s highlighted is past disappointment. Remember that it’s not a given that just because things have been bad in the past this will be the case for ever and ever.

Your path is different now.

(Read here about how this works – how your Timelines change when you do your inner work – “as within, so without”)


Your Counterpart’s Situation Uplifting Too…

Since you’ve been doing your inner work, your alignment has powerfully shifted.

Spirit also shows us your counterpart is in a different place than before – better, there’s less heaviness cemented around them and holding them locked in ego.

So if things feel hopeless in this period, know that it’s a “warning” – you’re being shown the places where you’ve already “decided” unconsciously that your dreams won’t work out or that bad things will happen…

The worst case scenarios.

Remember to not just hope this will go away!

Go in, clear the original experiences that created these beliefs whether it was what other people told you or something you experienced… And you will open up your path AND feel so much better.

Again, read more about how this works here.

The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself…

If you feel down, ask yourself this:

  • Who and when was the first time you were told that life wouldn’t be amazing and happy?
  • Who and when was the first time you were told that love wasn’t good or real?
  • Where did you see examples of disappointments and negativity in relationships/love? And when was it?

This stuff is key. And I’m sure you see how childhood lights up…

Be your own “detective” right now – it can unlock your future path to a brighter timeline once and for all.

And remember, when you do this work it powerfully affects your Twin for the better too – it shifts your shared dynamic into a higher state (read how this works here).

You might want to write out old negative beliefs and disappointments on a piece of paper, then burn it – or go in deep with energy clearing tools, the most effective method I’ve discovered for the Twin Flame path.

(Read about other Twins’ experiences with this here).

A Key Cosmic Week Of 2019 And The Twin Flame Connection

When I said this would be a busy week in the cosmic energies, I wasn’t joking!

Still active is the same major transit that colored last week and impacted the Masculine so strongly – a powerful interaction between Mercury/Mars and the North Node, opposition Pluto and Saturn.

Click here to read more details on what this is about – in essence we’re being asked to take the lead on the “human project” for the sake of the greater good, and it means going against resistance from the old garde… The 3D way of doing things.

Stepping out of human karmic history and into a new era of compassion and equality for all.

The masculine polarity is key to this and spirit shows us a new generation of “awakened males” speaking out for the greater good – especially those in the public eye.

(Have examples of this? Comment below! Let’s give credit and inspire more!)

Masculine Twin Activating – Protector Instinct In Focus…

The Divine Masculine stepping up to the plate – in some way, small or big. We’re shown more and more are awakening to the need for a new way of life, a new path in society.

Where equality and principles of unity abide – versus the old hierarchies and domination-based systems that have been in place for centuries.

Read more here about what the Divine Masculine is all about, and remember that this compassion for others is a gateway to unconditional love.

divine masculine twin soul

If your Twin Flame seems out of reach but is passionate about animal rights or caring about others, know that this is a pathway to love – for them opening up to romantic unity also.

Awakening the protector instinct in “sleeper Twins” and those who are not spiritually aware, seems to be a deliberate plan from the soul to activate their heart and help them rise into their higher potential.

(Have a look at the Twin Flame Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening Session to help rouse your Twin to awareness in the physical – awakening them in alignment with their own free will)

Twin Flame Sleepers Awakening – But Not How You May Expect…

Through this, almost unnoticeably, they grow into a more open and aware individual.

Through this, they change, most likely without realizing themselves what it means…

(The reason so many Twins are “stuck in ego” is they’ve become entrenched in the old human paradigms of the 3D world. To help your Twin Flame awaken and rise out of this stuckness, to open to love and the true knowing of your connection, have a look at this article)

We also see many Masculine/Male/Aries Twins rethinking their life/career path at this time.

Questioning the traditional work for money approach and longing for deeper meaning. Researching or wondering about spiritual avenues or altruism is on their mind.

Even if they haven’t told anyone yet. They are longing for more.

As Neptune supports from Pisces, we see the Masculine/Male/Aries Twin subtly guided behind the scenes. Their higher self and guidance is seeking to work through them.

Again, to assist in this process, have a look here

Clash Between Safety And Higher Aims

Wednesday is set to be tense, as the Moon joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, opposite Mars/Mercury/North Node – this indicates emotions running high and clashes are possible.

There is a challenge between the desire for safety, financial gain and personal benefit, versus the greater good and higher aspirations.

You might be surprised to hear your Masculine counterpart calling YOU out on not caring more about the planet (or higher aims) or being too focused on your own needs at this time!

If so, don’t worry, it’s a sign they’re growing in awareness and as with any balancing act, they may overreach to begin with out of a need to compensate for the past.

Try your best to be patient with them.

Mars/Mercury conjunctions tend to over-zealousness and not seeing others clearly. They mean well, at this time.

It may be slightly exaggerated, the way they’re trying to do well, but it’s coming from a good place.

They Will Come To You If You Let It Happen…

With Venus meeting squares from Jupiter and Neptune, we see the Feminine Twin is being asked to take a back seat in this and not try to explain or guide her counterpart openly.

Allow them to explore their new-found feelings and interests. They will come to you in the physical, if you allow them to find their own way, is the message.

However, you can interact with their HIGHER self any time you want – they are just waiting to guide and assist you. In fact, with the square from Neptune we see you likely FEEL like they’re unavailable or like they’re ignoring or abandoning you…

But they’re not. You can reach them any time – it’s just they may be finding it hard to reach through to you. This often happens when we’re congested energetically, have absorbed others’ “stuff” … It’s like our “phone line” is busy.

So go within and reach out to them. You and they will both be happy you did.

Solstice Gateway Opening – Focus On The Masculine

More than any of the last few years, this Solstice gateway is set to deal with a major cutoff to the past. The old 3D way of life, for humanity, is being phased out energetically.

And a new legion of awareness is spreading. There’s a stronger focus on the Masculine this time around.

We see impatience in them, a feeling of anger that the world is in a bad state or that things aren’t improving quickly enough.

Although it may seem bad that they’re angered, it’s the path they are choosing to take to awareness.

Their anger may be what will propel them to awakening. Yes, it may happen in a different way than for you but they are on their way.

Why Negativity Flares Up Before Major Gateways

Do your best to show yourself as supportive and understanding, as they are likely in the mindset of “us vs them” right now.

Do your best to show that you also care about what they care about, that you’re “on their team”, and they will open up more…

As the solstice gateway opens (set to be open for about 5 days around June 21st) we experience a soul driven pressure to purge old baggage, to ready you to be anchored into the crystalline grid of the 5th Dimension.

It works like this: When your own personal energy rises sufficiently, you rise into alignment with the 5D grid and can be anchored in here.

It means your journey will uplift and you become more stabilized in a place of harmony.

Anchored to this new grid, you’ll be shielded from the negativity and conflict of the 3D world that so often creates dissonance and clashes between Twin Flames.

So your soul will be pushing you to resolve old lessons now. This is why negativity often flares up at major gateways.

Any work you do to elevate your vibration now, is set to pay off handsomely for the long run. (Click here for my Dimensional Anchoring Session which aligns perfectly with making the most of this time)

And, to test whether you’re ready and aligned with 5D, click here


Careful You Don’t Get Triggered – 5D Soul Pressure!

Do be careful you don’t buy into everything you feel right now.

Solstice times are notorious for triggering as it’s not just YOU who are dealing with a release of density and influx of new light into your system…

It’s the whole collective and the planet itself purging. Old heaviness from the earth itself is being purged and new light floods in…

(Imagine how many human beings have lived on the planet and the negativity that’s gone on in certain areas of the world, from wars to famines to other trauma…)

In order to get the most out of this time, and benefit from the new light codes flooding in, make sure you shield yourself AND your Twin.

This is spirit’s suggestion: Your counterpart may be unaware of energy, and it means they could absorb and get triggered by collective negativity without realizing it.

Visualize a bubble of light around yourself and your Twin – it will help you stay in a positive space both as a pair and individually.

Bridging The Mind And The Heart

To help with this week’s purge and help your system integrate the new light codes coming in with more ease I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit.


Because this gateway bridges Gemini and Cancer – the mind and the heart – there is a big balancing act going on.

Don’t be surprised or scared if disturbing dreams surface – it could be from the collective energy fields, so again for best results make sure you shield yourself.

All these energies are the universe’s way of pushing us to release any old emotional debris and negativity we’ve been carrying around that’s holding us back.

Energy clearing tools are an effective way to speed up this process so you don’t have to be deep in the water going through it all, but can usher out anything that doesn’t serve you within minutes.

Feeling Foggy? Blocked From Guidance?

As Neptune goes Retrograde on June 21st, you’re likely to feel extra foggy and like you’re not sure about your path forward. Don’t worry – go within, as you’ll find guidance is still there from your own soul.

Although it may feel like direct guidance is out of reach these next months as Neptune moves “backwards” until November 27th, it’s really a calling for you to go within!

Your soul is always waiting to guide you. In this coming period, you’ll be greatly rewarded for seeking your OWN counsel…

And if you reach to others’ opinions, experts, psychics and new age gurus you’re likely to feel stymied and confused. It’s because you’re being pushed to tap into your OWN intuition.

The universe is always waiting for you to claim your divine power of light, to tap into your own knowing and walk your path with purpose. That’s why you’re likely being blocked from others in this period – to get you back on your OWN track.

Tapping Into Your Super Powers

Spirit shows us that many will be positively surprised in this period to discover they get clearer insights themselves than they’ve ever had from outsiders.

That they really can tap into their intuitive “super-powers” once they try – and that’s why you may have been seemingly blocked.

Because if you’re relying on others’ guidance and perceptions, you’re not tapping into your own. Be brave now, and know that your soul and guidance will step forth once you stop the chatter from the outside.

I work to equip you to use your OWN guidance and step into your divine power – and teaching you how to connect with your guidance team reliably is one of the things I take you through here. Even if you’ve never been intuitive or “psychic” before (class 2 and 4).

twin flame program

Message For The Feminine Twin

Echoing this point, Venus opposition Jupiter Retrograde on June 23rd (active all week) shows us the Feminine is being encouraged to slow down a bit.

To relax and go within. To stop chasing on the outside for answers and solutions.

Because the truth is, they answers are within us the whole time. Read this article for advice on how to tap into this – “The Spiritual Shift: Are You Ready For A Game Changer?”

This is set to be a MAJOR week for the year.

To make the most of it and stay on the upside rather than feeling like you’re being pulled around by the currents, make sure you shield yourself and stay on top of your energy.

There are positive developments happening in the connection, but right now it might look like your counterpart is moving further away when it’s actually a part of their roundabout path “home” to you.

Staying Conscious When “The Past Is Speaking”

Keep an eye on negative beliefs that may rear their heads, and know that you are a being of light who can create and attract your dreams come true!

Don’t believe the past or other people’s skepticism – it’s just an expression of their own experiences.

Anchor into the higher consciousness reality being made available at this time, and you’ll have a smoother journey for the long run.

I believe in you! And if you need some help on bringing more sparkle to your path, dealing with “the purge” and unlocking the love in your connection – I’ve got your back.

As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

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