Twin Flame Energy Forecast 19th – 25th June “Code Bearers”



Runner Twins’ Souls Have Reached Out – And Answers Are Incoming. New Light Codes Flooding The Earth Plane, To Assist With Awakening… Bridging The Heart And The Mind


We enter into a week full of change – several powerful transits to major planets in retrograde, plus the season’s biggest cosmic gateway are in store.

I was asked specifically to transmit a message to the Twin Flame collective about this period and the gateways, the last wave of Twin Flame awakening and more. Have a look here.

twin flame channeled

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What Lies Have You Been Told?

As the Sun in Gemini sextiles Uranus at the week’s start and Mercury oppositions Saturn Retrograde, we get the message that new info is forthcoming, and that some old info you’ve been relying on has been flawed.

Something you have rested your belief on as true for quite some time – especially regarding spirituality and your own role in your life’s journey and with your Twin Flame connection – is false.

Someone, an authority figure, has fed you incorrect information. Think back, have you believed something that came from a person who spoke from Ego? That’s what’s being highlighted here.

As Neptune is moving retrograde it’s highlighted that the misinformation has to do with alienating you from your own divinity, your own role as creator. Something that disempowered you.

You are likely to have an epiphany due to some new, unorthodox information coming your way this week. A “spiritual download” is highlighted. And meditation is the key thing here.

Make sure you take some time to yourself and just relax your mind. When your analytical processes take a “time out” your spiritual insights have room to come forth. And, importantly you’ll be able to sense your Twin Soul’s true love.

The insights being delivered from your higher consciousness in this period, can change the course of your journey for the better long term.



The Real Truth Comes From Within

Make sure you allow for new insights to come forth and be ready to let go of something old that didn’t serve you.

Spirit indicates we as human beings are trained to take on “truth” from authority figures through the school system, but on the spiritual journey it can work against us.

The truth comes from within, they indicate.

So make sure you always go within and connect with your own guidance. You have an “expert” on your team – your own soul. Your soul knows exactly what’s up. Always.

And it knows all the solutions you need. Begin to listen to your soul, and clear away what’s kept you congested and unable to perceive its messages. I teach you how here.

If you find meditation tricky or tedious, try my free guided meditation to begin with as I take you through it step by step, bringing you into the alpha state where it’s easier to relax and calm your mind.


Solstice Gateways Opening

The Solstice gateway energies are now open and this means a simultaneous influx of light but also that old darkness is being purged from the collective fields and our personal energy.

To help with this releasing of negativity and help your system integrate the powerful new light codes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit here. These are the methods that got my Twin and myself to Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

On the peak day of the gateway, at the solstice itself – we have an exact conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, bridging into Cancer.

This sends a strong signal that we are this year dealing with a powerful re-start in terms of communication and emotion. With Sun and Mercury directly opposed Saturn Retrograde, we’re being asked to leave the past behind.

To stop listening to what authority figures in ego told us, and instead listen to our own inner wisdom.


Bridging Emotions and Intellect For The Highest Good

There are new light codes incoming regarding intellect, communication and knowing.

These new light codes deal with what humanity does seem to have needed for centuries – the bridging templates to bring both feelings and intellect fully into an interconnected higher intelligence that combines the best of both worlds.

When we are able to use both heart and mind in a synergy of emotion and analysis, we become “superhuman” is what spirit is saying.

What keeps most human beings in a state of dissatisfaction is an imbalance between living from the heart and living from the mind.

Yes, we need the intellect to make sense of the world and to communicate, but if the heart is not on board, we have no connection to life or to other people. We don’t feel a purpose to what we do.

But if we run the heart without the mind on its side we are children, up one minute down the next, incapable of forming a coherent path to walk, incapable of fully understanding the whys and hows of our purpose.

So you might remember that one of the themes for this year, as set out way back in January, was the balancing of heart and mind. This solstice gateway assists us now in receiving new templates and codes that will enable us to do this.



Code Bearers Coming Onto The Planet

And spirit showed me something incredibly interesting the other day:

Many new children being born onto the planet (there is much emotion in this – it appears to be an answer to a prayer made by many, including Twin Flames) are “code bearers”.

They are souls who bring in spiritual codes into the collective grids, which are then made available to everyone to utilize – like with a new software update being brought out, anyone who will benefit can “download” it.

And spirit shows me that these new code bearers coming into play are dealing with the Throat Chakra above all.

There is a lot of work being done to the throat chakra right now – you might have felt it, often it’s like a pressure or a tension in the larynx but also up under the ears, sometimes as if suppressed crying is trying to come out.

And the new templates brought by these “code bearers” deal with bridging the communication gap between Masculine and Feminine – above all the biological sexes.

We see that this is an answer to prayers made by so many, in particular females who have felt it impossible to fully reach through emotionally to their counterparts.



Profound Changes To The Twin Flame Runner Dynamic

This period is set to bring many changes, is spirit’s input. It’s clear that some integration is needed – it’s a process which seems set to take one to two months from the solstice onwards. But the changes will be profound.

We’re shown the heart bond opening up between Twins whose counterpart may have been “Running”. We’re shown the Runner Twin Flame’s own system actually reaching out to their counterpart, “opening up dialogue” are the words.

They have been waiting for this.

We’re shown that the Runner Twins’ souls in a desperate effort to bring the journey back on track, have enlisted this assistance. Over the next months things will begin to express in the physical realm.

To assist your Twin with this process, spirit highlights the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, which we channeled together and goes through cleansing the Twin Pair’s chakra centers plus the channels between you, clearing negative attachments from previous lovers and other outsiders, updating your Akashic records, uplifting your shared timelines and gifting you a new energy for your onward journey.

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A New Dawn – Ending Repression Of The Feminine

Another incredibly interesting aspect to this Mercury/Sun solstice conjunction, is that these are both in direct opposition to Saturn Retrograde conjunct Lillith Retrograde.

This translates to a new dawn, leaving behind the past patriarchal repression of the female polarity and “feminine wisdom” (intuition, communication with nature, spirituality from within).

Spirit shows us, that when both sexes and energy polarities now can bridge into emotion and intellect both, there is new balance.

There is understanding of “each other”. We are being pushed to leave the past behind.

Clearly, they’re showing me that in this time it’s very likely that old hurt and perceived abuse in terms of your Twin or other males taking advantage of you as a feminine polarity Twin or a female person, will be coming to the surface to be released during the gateway…

If your Masculine polarity or male Twin Flame has ever hurt you in some way, or has hurt other females, this is highly likely to come up now.

It seems intense but again they’re pointing to this: Complete Harmony Healing as a way to resolve these issues quickly and with ease, cleansing the negativity and the past out of your system so you can be done with it for good and be ready and open to receive the new positive keys and codes coming in.

For a harmonious future, let go of the baggage from the past.

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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