Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 19th- 26th October – Heightened Twin Romance beyond “reality”


twin flame venus

Expect the unexpected as a positive Triple-powered energy Gateway opens up to a potentially magical time for Twin Flames – we are offered a peek behind the veil to remember the full glory of the original Union that was and can be once again.

We start the week with the Moon conjunct Pluto, a great opportunity to weed out any old and outworn energies and negativity you may have been carrying around. A time when the energies will assist you in releasing.

“Divine Intervention” for Twins

Early this week we also have the incredibly beneficial aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo – very powerful for Twin Flames – there is a gateway opening. This transit’s highest potential can be described as something akin to “divine intervention” for Twins to come together for a short experience of Bliss (it’s up to us to make it last). On the other hand, the shadow side of this transit would indicate overindulgence in the love department – again it’s up to us to use these energies wisely.

Jupiter’s energy is a high vibration and so is Venus – symbols denote rose petals being strewn along our path this short while. Many could find themselves experiencing Reunion and progress toward Twin Soul Union, most often on the energetic planes (Jupiter rules the brow chakra, center of psychic insight and our portal into the energetic realms).

Remembering the Original Whole

Powerful energies strike yet again in love mid-to late this week when also Mars joins this conjunction with Venus and Jupiter – symbolically these energies describe the male and female counterparts coming together on the higher planes with the help of the king of gods.

So in its purest, highest expression, these energies indicate an incredibly exciting time for Twin Flames where we’ll be stirred to remember the original Union and be shifted towards coming back together again once more.

A Peek Behind The Veil

Neptune in opposition this incredibly powerful triple conjunction underlines this – asking us to remember what was in the beginning, what we had as souls before ever coming to earth, stirring our inner knowing of what that Union felt like and triggering the dormant knowing of how to get back there also in physical life on earth.

This has the potential to be a truly magical time for Twin Flames where we can be offered a peek behind the veil to remember the full glory of what was and can be once again. Encouragement for the remainder of the journey.

Tough Questions in Love

However, Saturn squares this triple conjunction – just like he did with Venus last week – and yet again this indicates a need to revisit and release old fears and insecurities around attachments in Love.

We’re being pushed to answer these tough questions: Is it Love or is it fear of abandonment? Is it Love or is it a need for someone to understand us? Is it Love or is it Ego need to feel needed?

Love is an active polarity, you can feel how expansive the high vibrational energy of Love is. If you’re feeling tightness, fear or heaviness, you’ve got some negativity mixed in – and this will be pushed up until you learn to let go. It’s a part of preparing you for Union. Thankfully, there are energy tools available that can lighten this load considerably.

Transcendent Encounters

Energetically, expect the unexpected at this time. Jupiterian energies stimulate rising higher, expansion – we are receiving more help and assistance from the higher realms now.

Encountering your Twin Flame in dreams or meditation in a way that transcends any previous experience is likely at the very least, or as you encounter each other in physical reality you might notice that things have shifted for the better: Past grievances or negativity can feel as if left behind for now, as your energies have been lifted above and beyond the past for a short while.

Shedding Light On The Shadows

The Sun moves into Scorpio on Saturday, and more planets soon follow: Time for more depth and introspection after our outgoing social cycle while the sun was in Libra. Time to focus on ourselves once more, and go into the shadows.

Scorpio is the sign of sex, death and rebirth – ruler of the Sacral Chakra – so the next month we’re set to be dealing with issues around sexuality and the subconscious shadow aspects of ourselves. Integration of our own shadows is crucial work on the Ascension path and towards Twin Flame Union.

Lessons (Hopefully) Learned

The North Node also turns direct this week, which will feel like a weight has been lifted from the collective energy fields. We’re now starting to move forward again in terms of our collective souls’ development for this lifetime.

The past few months have been involved in going back over old ground to give us a chance to close certain outdated chapters of existence once and for all, learn the lessons so we could move forward into new, positive and uncharted territory.

Rewiring The Brain to Harmony

While clearing karma and putting old lessons behind us for good is amazing and such a relief, the actual “hardwiring” of our neural pathways and emotional patterns that are stuck in the physical body can take some time to adjust, however (this was something I had to learn the hard way).

Energy changes instantaneously but the density of the physical body and our habits of thinking and feeling require time to “catch up”. To get day-by-day advice on easy and enjoyable ways to maintain high vibrational energy and stay in a frequency where you keep attracting more positivity, have a look here.

Twin Flame Winter Solstice Gateway

Lastly, it’s been shared with me that there is another huge gateway coming up at the winter solstice in December. Those who didn’t notice much of the Blood Moon eclipse gateway in late September are most likely scheduled to “level up” at either the winter solstice gateway or for spring’s equinox gateway (this means being anchored into higher vibrations, but is rarely a “fix-it-all”).

It was shown to me that a few hundred thousand worldwide have anchored into this “new reality” of “5D”, and more are set to follow at the next gateway, and the one after that.

The Blood Moon eclipse gateway was an opening into increased lightness and anchoring those who had gone through the largest part of their ascension already into the new “5D reality”. You’ll have noticed it if you were among those who shifted up a gear then, but if you’re still not feeling the increased lightness, your time will come.

Keep doing your inner work, and you’ll be ready to receive this extra help to anchor into the higher vibration fields when one of these gateways come along.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


PS: I would just like to remind everyone that we always have free will on our journey – so even though the planetary energies support us coming together this week, we are still required to do our own inner work in order to make the most of these opportunities. There are no guarantees on this Twin Flame path, but it’s full of possibilities for those who make the most of what’s at hand!