Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st-7th Feb: “Sleeper Twins Awakening”


Revealed: The true depths of the Masculine’s Love Sacrifice for the Feminine, Twin Flames as way showers into “miracles”, and breakthroughs into intimacy – the new Love Based Reality.


February is set to be a month full of developments for Twins. We are still in “process” and the currents are intensifying.

The Masculine is still receiving help from the higher realms – symbolically, his soul is actively seeking it out now, representing a hunger to return to “his” higher origins and to the Unconditional Love bond Twins originate from.

A soul level stirring from many who are “still asleep” – remembrance is afoot.

As this week and month starts, on 1st February, we also have the Moon in the mix here in Scorpio with Mars, adding emotional intensity to this already heightened situation, translating into Sleeper Twins experiencing a heavy longing that might not be clearly identifiable to their mental faculties.

Sleeper Twins Awakening

In reality this is the soul’s longing for its Twin complement, its other half or “divine complement” – many who are as yet unaware of their Twin Flame connection will be feeling this strongly now. This longing for the other half manifests as a powerful motivator on the subconscious level – this is what becomes the outer and inner search for completion. Awakening of the “other halves” out there who have as yet been asleep.

As for now there may be blow ups, irritation, tension within these as yet Unawakened Twins due to this clash between inner vs outer motivations – the ego self and the soul self conflicting.

Reality vs The Beyond

Meanwhile, Saturn and Neptune are still “battling it out” – a push and pull between reality versus what’s beyond. Many lightworkers and those on a spiritual path are struggling with the balancing of old vs. new. The conflict between what they know factually vs. what they feel intuitively, between what society says vs. what their intuition shows them.

These are times of great shifts, and although it might feel uncomfortable while it lasts (for months still, as these are huge, slow moving planets with powerful gravitational fields) we are now making room for building new, higher foundations.

The old limiting beliefs and energy programs (ancestry, survival, conflict – the old 3D paradigms) must go to make room for the new. For Twins this means “cleaning house” emotionally and energetically in order to be ready for the Union of Souls.

New Worlds Opening for Twin Flames

Twin Flames are now being called on to reevaluate what is possible. The truth is, everything is possible. I’m actually being shown that Twins are now being called on to be leaders in this respect and many will deliberately be shown experiences and connections that defy anything the “mainstream” could ever explain with current theories.


Many Twins will in the coming months and years experience “miracles” – boundaries breaking and “new worlds opening”; unlikely and “impossible” things coming to pass. Stay open to these possibilities.

Neptune is whispering in our ears that dreaming is good. Look inside, you’ll find that there’s a reason you might always have been a dreamer – it’s because your soul knows that limitations and conventions aren’t true. They’re just one version of reality, a “story”.

Explosive Times For Love

Mid-week we have a potentially explosive aspect for Twin Flame Love as Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn – this deals with a purging of limiting issues that the Feminine has been carrying, specifically I’m shown ancestral patterns of female need for protection by the male, and the many repercussions this has had on the energies, patterns, choices made in love.

The ultimate truth is that feminine “meekness” and need for protection is a biologically based illusion based in old 3D programming and survival. The soul is infinite, power is an illusion, no one is ever really “weak”. Old attachments to others based around protection are being brought to the surface, because they have been holding the Feminine back from seeking True Love. The time of Love Bonds forged in need for protection or provision is at an end. Twin Flame Love is Love for Love’s sake.

Your Great-Great-Grandparents’ Sex Life

Ancestral and karmic issues relating to sexuality are pushed up now for the Feminine, with the specific aim of allowing her to clear out anything that inhibits her feeling safe to express sexuality and feeling free to Love.

Spirit shows me that a big block here is the issue of Love versus Sex. For Twins these can both equate to Unconditional Love. In human society, however, these are often contrasted and conflicted and our ancestral history complicates things – a history of sex as power tool, sex as a bartering tool for safety. A lot of unconscious motivators are being brought up. Likewise with the female body as a source of pain and loss of autonomy.

This is a time of freeing the feminine to explore the joy and the happiness in physical intimacy. If you’ve had “feminine issues” physically or emotionally – energy clearing is a powerful treatment. When we remove heavy and negative energy the body can function better and heal any health issues.

The Role of The Mother in Earth’s Ascension

The Venus and Pluto “team” trining Jupiter and the North Node (both retrograde) – show us that this love purification is for the benefit of the collective as well as the individual person and Twin pair. Negativity that’s been holding back the collective evolution is being shown up for humanity on an individual basis now so it can be addressed. The body is central to this.

I’m shown the role of the mother in passing on patterns and energy templates to the next generation – In order for the Earth to continue to Evolve and Ascend into a new Love based Reality (5D), the role of the mother (and the purification of the feminine) is a high priority.

Fear and limitation is in the process of being eradicated. Subconscious negativity is being purged. Again, I would highly recommend assisting this process with energy tools so you don’t have to “live through it” but can cleanse it out with ease.

The Masculine’s Gift of Love

The Venus/Pluto conjunction also trines Mars, indicating powerful encounters between the masculine and feminine this week. A message is – your Twin might be the one triggering your negative ancestral programming to come up, but he’s doing it as a Gift of Love. Ultimately, any blow ups right now are helping you.

The Masculine’s Love goes so deep he’d rather hurt his Beloved right now so she can be free to feel his true Unconditional Love completely. Because right now she might think she’s open, but there are still barriers, blocks that are so deep and unconscious she’s not even aware of it.

What Brings the Twin Pair Together in Love

A very heightened time for Twins this week – a message here is that Pluto, the god of the underworld, of purification, death and rebirth – is helping the Twin Flame pair unite by showing up the blocks between them. Purification and eradication of subconscious blocks is what will bring the Twins together.

Pluto is also the ruler of sexuality – showing another deep truth about the Twin Flame connection, which is the healing power of physical intimacy and sexual love between Twins (regardless of gender). Twin Flame Sexuality is, on the soul planes, an act of love that’s also an energetic process.

Harnessing Twin Flame Kundalini Power

This is what happens when Twins experience chakra climaxes where the two are connected back to their origins and infused with light. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it. This is Kundalini. A powerful energetic event that has strong repercussions on body, mind and soul.

Twin Flame sex is (especially with these current energies assisting) a site of healing, uplifting and unification for the pair. You can also try the yoga exercise included in the Vibrational Alignment Program – specially designed to allow for Kundalini experience between Twins who are not sexually involved with each other.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

Cassady x

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