Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st-7th June

Sagittarius full moon Twin Flames

An intense week ahead – especially for communication and emotions – with a Full Moon in Sagittarius challenging Neptune and Gemini Sun/Mars, while Mercury continues his Retrograde. 

Have you noticed the busy, stressed out vibe around lately? Three important planets are currently clustered together in intellectual, analytical, social Gemini, which can easily bring the energy up to a level of frazzled that’s hard to handle for most other signs.

Caught between heaven and earth

This is a good time to make sure you stay grounded – imagine growing roots into the center of the planet – avoid overthinking and staring at the computer for too long without taking breaks, and try to spend some time out in nature even if it’s just going to the nearest park for a few minutes at lunchtime. It will help counteract those intense air energies that can easily leave us feeling stressed out while really going nowhere.

Something you hadn’t thought of

With Mercury going retrograde there’s been some serious fogginess around too (this continues for a few weeks more but you should notice a certain improvement as the period develops), and you might feel like you’re not quite able to get a handle on a current situation between you and your Twin Flame.

At the moment it’s best to just relax because the Mercury Retrograde period is best used for reviewing, reflecting on and reevaluating situations, then taking action later. There’s no need to make big decisions right now, take your time to explore new information, new perspectives and collecting new insight.

Mercury Retrograde is a period where new information often shows up to make us realize we were looking at a situation from the wrong angle. Somehow you realize something you hadn’t thought of, something that changes everything… So make sure you get mental clarity in things before you finalize anything important or make a big move. You might change your mind sooner than you’d think.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Saturn and the moon join up on Monday, which leaves a heavy feeling in the lead-up to Tuesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius – a considerably brighter energy, but still intense. Full Moons are notorious for emotional outbursts and when it falls in the freedom-loving, truth-seeking sign of Sagittarius there’s a fair chance you or your Twin might burst out with something you’ve been keeping under wraps until now. Sagittarius demands truth and honesty – so something that’s been hidden may come up.

Whatever happens, remember it’s for the best to keep a slight detachment in emotional situations – otherwise we lose perspective. If someone drops a big truth bomb on you, take a step back and don’t be afraid to take your time in responding. This particular full moon is involved in a challenging T-Square with Neptune (even more emotions, the “king” of the water, sign of spirituality and the universal unconscious) and the duo Sun/Mars in Gemini. These are all contradictory energies that are now butting heads and challenging each other – water, fire and air – so this particular moon configuration is missing an important element: earth.

Staying grounded

The lesson here seems to be to stay grounded and realistic. You can provide the missing earth element to this powerful cosmic event by staying present in the now moment, connecting with nature and the joys of physical living.

If things have been getting heavy between you and your Twin Flame, spend some time together doing what you loved doing as children – nurturing our inner child (the part of our consciousness and energy that is still “childlike”) is a key to being fully present and enjoying life.

Healing energies

Enjoyment can be the most healing of all experiences, and the energy of laughter truly heals, it’s not just an empty saying – on the vibrational scale, amusement ranges up with love and peace at around 500hZ.

So have you been getting so serious that you never let yourself have fun anymore? Are you thinking about the future and the past a lot lately? Are you busy thinking and worrying about a particular problem, person or situation? If so, take this as a clear sign from the universe to take a break, get out there in the world and enjoy yourself.

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey <3

– Cassady x