Twin Flame Energy Forecast 1st – 7th May: “Blow-Ups”

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Challenging Times for Twin Flames as Masculine Turns Back on Soul’s Path, Returning to Old Habits In Love And Romance… Shocking Info Coming Your Way


This is set to be an intense week. I rarely see anything that directly shocks me in the cosmic energy alignments but this week looks to be one of the most potentially troublesome since I’ve started doing these energy forecasts.

There are set to be big challenges ahead between the Twin Flame pair, despite  recent positive developments… However, you might be able to use work this transit to benefit you. Keep reading to find out more.


Mercury Turns Direct

In positive news, Mercury turns direct this week, on May 3rd “he” stations to turn direct and within the end of the week the energy current will be flowing forwards yet again.

We’ve been learning a lot these last few weeks, about manifestation and self above all – getting a chance to sort ourselves out behind the scenes before heading forwards.

I hope you’ve got your priorities straight, have checked in with your true desires and have some increased clarity for your forward journey now.

The first week of May is a heightened time in traditional nature religions, a period of fertility, celebration and manifestation for the time to come. Gratitude is heightened as a method for manifestation right now.

If you’d like some extra assistance with uplifting your timelines as a Twin pair to attract more ease and love, have a look here for an in-depth guided session where I take you through the process step by step. I’ve had so much wonderful feedback from people after this session!


Attuning To Higher Love

Midweek we have nice sextile between the Sun in Taurus and Neptune in his home sign Pisces. This is potent for creativity and attuning to the emotions higher love. This is what you’d call “beyond love, love” – sweetness and selflessness. Feeling these feelings above all.

Unconditional love is something we might be able to feel more easily with this transit as it brings together the energies of Venus and Neptune into an otherworldly mood of beauty and rapture.

It doesn’t apply so much to romance but this is a pleasant transit that deals above all with how you feel on the inside – you’re set to feel a sense of love for all of existence, joy for creativity and art and nature.

Pluto is also involved in this transit, meaning your deepest emotions are set to be softened from fear right now. It’s an ideal time for self expression through artistic means, but it also tends to a general feeling of being safe and taken care of deep down.

Remembering who you really are as a soul – infinite, eternal.

However, the potential shadow side of these transits are illusion and secret keeping. Something in love might not be as it appears right now.


Challenging Times For Twin Flames

We’re moving into a very challenging transit for the Twin Flame pair.

Mars is currently in Gemini, trine Jupiter Retrograde in Libra – And unfortunately this is not great news for those of you who have an Unawakened Masculine Twin whose attention has tended to roam…

This transit deals with the Masculine feeling intensely drawn to play the field… past habits flaring up again. And with these two air energies coming together it tends to indicate a boredom with the old and a panicky desire to go out into the world and experience as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

Jupiter retrograde deals with expansion from the past, in this situation it appears there’s some stuff from the Masculine Twin’s past with socializing and romance that requires addressing. It’s based in a deep insecurity and need for validation through others’ attention and desire.

If you’re struggling with an Unawakened Twin, have a look at this article.


Masculine Twins Returning to Old Ways

With Mars squaring Neptune at the same time, there’s unfortunately an indication of the Masculine Twin turning “his” back on his soul’s growth and intuition and jumping headfirst into what seems exciting and validates the Ego.

Old habits flaring up.

If you feel this fits with you and your Twin’s situation, please don’t take it as a given that this will happen – I’m interpreting the energies and channeling the info given to me by spirit, but astrology is all about potentiality.

It’s never set in stone. We have free will choices and can work with the energies at hand to manifest our desires.

We are not victims of the cosmic energies but can, and are meant to, adjust to make them work to our advantage. This means clearing blocks and lifting our vibration out of range from negativity.

There are no guarantees on this Twin Flame path, but it’s full of possibilities for those who make the most of what’s at hand!

Some of the best advice I can give you if you feel worried about this time or your Twin’s involvement with others, is to interact with them on the soul planes and to clear any negative energy blocks between you.

Connect with your Twin’s soul because this strengthens your bond and helps your Twin remember, to step into their deeper knowing instead of being messed around by the whims of the ego.

And if your Twin has hurt you by being with others, please read this message from the Divine Masculine and Your Twin Flame’s Higher Self.


Feelings Of Distance Between The Twins – Bad News Highlighted

Because Twins are attuned to each other energetically and telepathically it can be tough to deal with the feeling of your Twin dating or being intimate with another.

Clearing out any residual energies and emotions from your Twin’s interactions with others is set to help you a lot on your journey. You will no longer feel the feeling of them with someone else, and it will help uplift their own energy to make choices more aligned with love.

Venus opposition the Moon on the same day unfortunately underlines this same message – the Feminine is set to feel abandoned and emotionally unsettled right now.

Other women are often involved or to “blame”.

There’s a feeling that her counterpart doesn’t understand her. It might feed into existing beliefs that she’s bound to go through life essentially all on her own and that love isn’t real.


Explosive Information

With Mercury still close to Uranus positioning themselves directly opposite Jupiter, there’s potentially explosive info coming your way. Revelations about your Twin’s activities are likely…

Try your best to not react, but take whatever information you receive right now with a pinch of salt. Things always look different when we’re level headed.

Calm down before you fully consider any information you receive right now. The chart shows there are always two sides to a story.

Spirit suggests a positive point of view – consider triggering a chance to clear negativity for good. If you’re triggered, make sure you use energy tools to eradicate the basis of negativity. This will positively impact your Twin too, as you share an energy field.

We go through this and more in the Vibrational Alignment Program – the step by step methods that I was asked to share with Twin Flames after my own Twin and I reached union within 18 months of our first encounter.



Making Room For New Versions Of Love

And remember that Jupiter is moving backwards through the house of relationships and marriage for another month – it’s highly likely that these negative flare-ups and conflict deal with “tidying up the terrain” to make room for “new love” or new versions of old love.

To push for a death and rebirth in love so that a deeper and more fulfilling union can take place. Even, to push up remaining blocks in the way of physical reunions – recalibrating the Masculine Twin’s. Shaking up the foundations of the connection to make way for new versions of love.

Meanwhile, it’s unfortunately not set to be an easy week for Twin Flames.

But do your best to keep progressing on your path and make the best of this challenging period by utilizing the tools available to you.

Remember that you’re an infinite soul of light living in a human body. I believe in you!

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!<3

Cassady x


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