Twin Flame Energy Forecast 20th-26th February: “Light Codes Incoming”



Solar Eclipse Stirs Up The Collective, Second Chances Coming… Plus, Female Ancestry Holds The Key To Unlocking Twin Flame Love. What Breakthrough Insight Have You Missed Out On?


Another big week, as we head into one of the year’s major cosmic events – the Pisces Solar eclipse and the culmination of the eclipse gateway, which opened a few weeks back.

First this week, we run into a positive transit between Mercury and Uranus, indicating that in order to truly reach your goals and progress the way you want you’ll get the most gain out of untraditional modes of thinking now.

Crucial information is set to reach you through the internet or as spiritual guidance.

And the indication is it might sound too weird or “out there” for you to want to truly take it into consideration but this is true guidance, this will really help you.

Solutions to answers, guidance as response to prayers. If you’ve been sending messages out to the universe and the higher realms asking for help – this period is set to bring answers and assistance.

Be mindful you don’t dismiss what shows up. Keep an open mind – and, keep a journal.


Repeating Advice – Have You Sidestepped Your Solution?

As Mercury also trines Jupiter Retrograde in the same period, there’s a strong indication that you’ve been given these insights and this guidance before but might have been unwilling to really give it a chance.

As Jupiter is in the house of relationships – take this second chance seriously because the solutions or information you discover or is shown up to you now, is set to really make a difference for the future of your love connection.

The very next day Mars heads into a square with Pluto. This signals stubborn conflict regarding action and sexuality, coming on too strong. Neither you nor your partner are willing to budge.

Spirit’s advice is, take a step back from any disagreements and instead focus the passion and strong fuel of this energy transit into taking steps toward your future goals and dreams.

Likelihood is you might be seeing the problems Pluto is “lighting up” for you right now, as he’s shining light on blocks and snags that stand between you and your dreams.


The Heart & The Future: An Exercise

So right now in this 3-5 day period around February 22nd, make sure you sit down with this exercise if you get time.

Write out three of your biggest goals for the coming year, whether it’s about love, career or lifestyle. Go with what your heart desires. (No “shoulds”)




Then, listen to the objections that come up from your ego mind and unconscious.

Things you might have been “indoctrinated with” from others in your upbringing such as “that’s just too unrealistic”, “you’ve never experienced that before so why would anything change now”, or just general yucky feelings of fear of disappointment and hurt.

Just let your feelings and objections come out onto paper. Write them down, allow these parts of your psyche to be “heard”. It’s better they come out into light than sit in the shadows and create trouble for you behind the scenes.




Now, next, use the energy cleanse tool from the Free Kit or the tools from the Vibrational Alignment Program to clear away this energy.

All the negativity that’s surfaced, let it be washed away, erase it so you recalibrate your field to a higher vibration. Feel those old thoughts and feelings be swept away from you and transmuted into pure light.

Because the truth is you are an infinite being living in a human body. Your only limits are those you believe.

There are so many examples in history of people born into the same kinds of backgrounds and with the same resources, who end up in completely different places.

Some people are able to step into their inner strength and make their dreams happen against all odds. And some aren’t – mainly because of beliefs. When we believe we can’t do something, we stop ourselves from even trying.

Now, in the next step, write out all the reasons why your goals can and will happen. Write things like “I am an infinite being and I’ll find a way”, or “I am always guided to my highest good”, or “I am shaping my energy to make it happen – enlisting and attracting all the resources, insights, information, energy and connections necessary and clearing any blocks”.




Then think about how you’ll feel once your goals have been reached. Get into the feeling of being reunited with your Twin Flame, as if you were experiencing it right now. This is powerful.

If you want a full, transformative session that takes you with ease through these things and more, as I guide you step by step through manifesting joy, love, unity and harmony – plus clearing blocks and uplifting your chakra blueprinting into a higher vibration… Go here.


Is Your Reality Wired To Block Twin Flame Reunion?

As Mercury moves into a supportive stance to Saturn, you’ll reap the power of this energy work.

Having cut away what held you back (the blocks and limiting beliefs), this cosmic flow will help you ground your visions and goals into the “real world” – programming your root chakra and reality to create it.

(Otherwise, Saturn’s “favorite” job is to show up all our blocks so we can clear them – this is why Saturn transits are among the most dreaded in astrology).

If you’ve been finding manifestation hard on your journey and feel like no matter what you do, your wishes and desires don’t come to pass – have a look here. This is such a common problem, and there are simple solutions to it.

The truth is that if your chakras and reality field are genetically “wired” to not be able to receive high vibrations – you will be unconsciously deflecting the very things you’re asking and praying for.

We have to be a match to what we ask for, otherwise we won’t be able to receive. This is why elevating your vibration is so important.

We go through opening you up to finally receiving your dreams of love, unity and happiness, in this full 90 minute long deep transformation session. We also go through Questions and Answers to many common issues on the Twin Flame path.


Are You Flowing With The Universe?

And just in time, as Mercury moves into Pisces – shifting the themes to receptivity, intuition, the yin polarity of allowing your highest good to flow to you.

If you’re blocked on any level, it doesn’t matter how willingly open you are to “surrender”. Receptivity requires openness on all levels – unconscious fear blocks it.

The nature of the Universe is flow, energy always seeks to flow. And this is why when we ask the Universe and our guidance for help, the first thing they do is to stir up the blocks in our system so we can get rid of them and open up to receive.

Because those blocks are like congested pipes are to plumbing. If there are blockages, water can’t flow. Forward motion stops.

The Twin Flame connection is all about the flow of love and positivity. When there are blocks between the pair, communication and harmony is literally stymied.

So in this coming period, do what you can to open up flow again. A big help is meditation, as it assists you in relaxing the grip of control most human beings exert on their bodies and energy systems.

It releases some of the tension that keeps us blocked, and shifts our perspective so we can lift up into a new way of living. If you find meditation tricky, try my Free guided alpha level meditation here.

And, to go deeper and eradicate core blocks (especially karmic and ancestral blocks) for good, have a look here at the complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.


Awareness Rising – Unawakened Twins Wake From Slumber

At the end of this week, we have the big headline event of the month – the Pisces solar Eclipse on February 26th.

We’ve been in a cosmic gateway opening since the Lunar Eclipse earlier this month and I’m shown that much work has been going on behind the scenes in this period.

The collective fields have been shifting, bringing negativity to the surface, and we’ve been receiving new downloads of light codes to activate latent programming in our beings. So-called Ascension DNA codes have been triggered to activate. 

New soul gifts, and in particular remembrance and awareness for those who have been “asleep”. These high vibration codes can trigger old negativity to be stirred up – so if you’ve been feeling troubled lately, it could be due to this.

I see there might be some inner confusion for “unawakened” Twins being nudged to awaken – so take it easy on your Twin in the next week period as they acclimatize.

This Solar Eclipse is symbolically blocking the ego from intervening while our systems receive these new “instructions” and light codes.

It seems to be a less intensely emotional time than the Lunar Eclipse from a few weeks ago but I’m shown that the rational mind takes a setback, so schedule mentally challenging tasks to next week if you can.

Spirit shows us that energy management work, relaxing, meditation, taking baths and going out into nature assists with the integration of these new light codes and the work going on “behind the scenes” in this period.


What Ancestral Blocks Are You Carrying In Your DNA?

The work going on right now is instrumental for the coming Venus Retrograde through Aries, we’re shown – ancestral blocks and negative programming, especially in biologically female Twin Flames, are being “switched on” now so that they can be dealt with in this coming period.

With the long term aim of greater freedom – to fully embody our infinite selves in all our light. In the meanwhile it means that ancestral negativity and fears will be coming up. And females have unfortunately had a rough time through the centuries…

Issues around pain of childbirth and sex, fear around needing protection, fear of ageing and losing sexual attractiveness, fear of not being needed by others, fear of abandonment… These kinds of things are deeply felt and leave “scars” in the energetic field which is then passed onto later generations.

New research into epigenetics shows that trauma creates “markers” on the DNA carried through to much later generations, meaning we often “carry our ancestors’ experiences” quite literally in our bodies… To read more about this research, have a look at the following book: Super Genes: Unlock the Astonishing Power of Your DNA.

I was shown personally how this impacts the Twin Flame journey.

During a time when I felt weirdly on edge around my Twin and like I wasn’t comfortable opening up to him, he showed me that my genetic lineage had patterns of females expecting to be abandoned by males (males dying at sea was very common in the particular fishing communities in my genetic background).


What’s Your Love Patterning?

It was like a lightbulb went off over my head. Tuning in, it clearly resonated as true. Fear was why I’d kept a distance, and I could recognize it in all my female relatives – a sense that as a female you had to rely on yourself or pay the consequences.

This pattern was a big block to feeling safe to open up in love, and had come up for me so we could deal with it, clear it and open up to our souls’ natural radiant love – thereby helping transmute the trauma from the genetic lines…

He also showed me this block had kept me from really feeling that I could trust him and rely on him, meaning that I’d felt him to be distant from me when he was actually close by and trying to help all along.

In other words – my fear of him abandoning me had blocked him from helping me deal with all I was struggling with.

To help with this releasing of negativity leading up to and during the Venus Retrograde, and help your system integrate the new light codes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using karma and energy clearing and management.

I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit right now.

An insight from spirit is, please do take some time to relax your mind regularly – otherwise there’s no room for this kind of solutions and information regarding your personal situation to come through to you.

Receiving the “a ha” moment about the one thing you can clear right now to open up your path to love, is priceless.

In the free Help Kit you’ll find a powerful alpha level meditation that takes you step-by-step through opening up to guidance – a little every day is essential. You don’t have to call it meditation, just take a 5 minute “time out” to breathe.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your Harmony tool things have changed so rapidly. I have changed. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my Twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx”

Annalisa, London, UK

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