Twin Flame Energy Forecast 20th-26th March: “Man’s World”



Recalibrating Masculine and Feminine to Uplift Love – Deeper Collective Ego Conflicts Brought To The Fore To Address The Ancient Human Paradigms of Separation…


Welcome into Aries Season – as the Sun now enters into the sign of the Ram, it’s considered spring in the Northern Hemisphere!

The equinox happens on March 21st and is a significant time in cosmic terms – we’re set to experience a feeling of increased light in the midst of this months ongoing changes.

However, on the way into lightness many have been experiencing a flare up of old negativity recently. This is most often ancestral energy being released as a part of the DNA upgrade process of Ascension. This can be incredibly uncomfortable, but is ultimately a part of opening us up to more light.


If we’re full of old “baggage” there’s no room for the new light codes, so the first part of these powerful equinox gateways involves triggering old stagnation to rise up.


If you’ve been feeling anger, resentment and other negativity come up – make sure you don’t funnel it into your Twin connection (which only attracts more negativity) – instead: use the Free Energy Cleanse Tool to clear out congestion and infuse with new light.

I’ve been shown that ancestral patterns often interacts with our personal karma and creates so-called “core lineage” issues that manifest as recurring cycles of experiences in our timelines. This can constitute deep blocks that keep Twins from reuniting – when we update and clear our own energy we begin to uplift out of this.

To read more about karma on the Twin Flame journey, have a look at this article.



Love In The Midst Of War

Right now, Venus, the Sun and Uranus are all in this sign of the Warrior – Aries. This translates to a strong focus on the Masculine polarity energy. Aries is the “home sign” of the instinctual Masculine.  And Mars, the god of war, is its ruler.

Aries energies are known for their fiery passion, bravery and inclination to action – often to the degree of impulsiveness and conflict with others.

Consider Aries’ opposite, Libra – ruled by archetypal feminine Venus – which is all about diplomacy, cooperation and harmony.

Right now, we’re seeing a strong push to balance these energies. And we’re shown that when you push two things together, we get a third and higher state emerging. This is the purpose of recent struggles. Conflict is likely to have been flaring up as a part of this.



Uniting Both Strengths Into Higher Love

By combining the strengths of the Masculine and Feminine in a state of complete acceptance and complete embracing of each “polarity”, there is created a new third state of “unity”.

This is the state of spirit. Where male and female are one, where androgyny of mind and energy is the norm. This is up where unconditional love exists. The higher consciousness of the 5D unified realm.

So right now, there’s a lot of pressure around rattling the human vestiges of polarity programming – to make room for this. Everywhere the Twin Flames have absorbed the human beliefs of distance and difference between the pair – be sure this is coming up now. Conflict, blame.

Anywhere we’ve bought into the belief that “men are only after one thing”, “men are lazy/unfaithful/violent/greedy”, “women are meant to be pure”, “women always force a man to settle down”… Any 3D gender and love template you can imagine, is being pushed up for resolution.

Because the truth is that the Twin Souls are identical as beings – the difference lies in body, human experience, the constructs of the ego personality.

In order to channel the potentially challenging energies of this time into positivity – make an effort to look for commonalities between you and your Twin Flame. You might want to do this when you’re in a good mood in order to have the list handy if things take a downturn – list 10 ways you are the same.


Think of 10 things you have in common. Feel into 10 times you felt that you were the same, or that you were safe to open up with them.

This will help you shift out of the old and into a higher state of connection. Venus is still moving Retrograde and we are in the middle of a powerful heart chakra upgrade purging negative 3D programming around love (“love is a lie”, “men/women always abandon you”, “love means pain” – any negative belief pattern that’s formed a block in your system). This spring is set to be intense for Twins, but for a reason.

To read more about the Venus Retrograde period and what it means for Twin Flames, plus the deeper insights about Twin Flame Awakening for Runners and those who are still asleep (spirit tells us the “great awakening project” is set to complete in 2018) – sign up here to get the Free Yearly Energy Forecast!



Dealing With Twin Flame Ego Conflicts

This is a key period of 2017 and it’s unfortunately not set to be easy.

What we’re dealing with here is the dismantling (often by force) of the artificial belief structures of what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, what we can expect from love.

We go through clearing the most damaging 3D belief blocks in the Full Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames.


For the Twin Flame pair, Venus retrograding Aries also translates into highlighting and hopefully resolving lingering Ego conflicts that have been standing in the way of unity and harmony.


In this period you’re likely to feel like you have more than enough on your plate just dealing with your own “stuff”, but you’ll see later on how this period’s adjustments and “lessons” will help you down the line in your relationship.

Resolving your own inner “lessons” benefits you as a pair. Because you are always mirroring one another.

Mars has now moved into the mellow sign of Taurus and is in energetic terms grounding in a lot of the new templates received since his period in Pisces earlier this year.

You’re likely to notice your Masculine Twin seeming a bit more at peace and calm in this period. If you’ve been wanting to reach out to them – this is a good time, as they are set to be feeling quite receptive to love. More than usual.

Someone To Lean On

We see the Masculine energy Twin now providing a “shoulder to lean on” for “his” counterpart – emotionally in particular. Assisting her in dealing with the considerable changes “she’s” set to be going through in this Venus Retrograde period.

This is an excellent time to open up to your Masculine polarity Twin Flame’s higher self and asking them for support and loving care. Read here about how to do that, and who this “higher self” person really is.

This coming weekend is a busy time in the cosmic energies – Mercury squares Pluto and oppositions Jupiter Retrograde on 24th March, plus the Sun joins up with Venus retrograde the next day.


Here’s the key point to take from this: There’s a strong sense that you’re resisting spiritual guidance, and that this is keeping you stuck


Hiding from the truth about what and how you could reach your dream of love and happiness. And spirit shows us this is due to Ego responses… Fear.

Pluto’s “secret” is to stir up your unconscious defense mechanisms so you can experience for yourself how strong these deep fear responses are and clear them…

But are you willing?


What Insights Have You Been Missing The Download On?

Jupiter’s involvement retrograde shows us again that your guidance team have likely been trying to give you (similar or the same) answers and insights regarding your hopes and dreams for a while now.


Look back. Is there some insight or guidance that’s kept coming back to you in some form over and over? Reconsider now, don’t just dismiss it.


Meditation is an excellent way to calm the Ego mind’s responses so you can receive guidance properly. When we’re busy mentally, there’s no room for guidance to come through. If you find meditation tricky, try my Free Guided Meditation here to get you started.

This is a good time to accept and take in the truth about your situation. The Sun is “lighting up your love situation with clarity”.

A great “trick” to getting spiritual guidance about what’s really going on with you on the unconscious level, is to ask your higher self or guides to send you a song that expresses it.

Then let it drift into your mind – the first song you can think of. It might be in your mind as you wake up in the morning or going to sleep at night.

This is an excellent way to circumvent the Ego’s defenses, which often block the very guidance we want or need the most.


Opening Your Heart To Receive The Answers You Seek

As Mercury conjunctions Uranus on March 26th, this is again highlighted. Expect sudden insights, “illumination”, inspiration that can change your situation – or, unexpected communication or information from or about your Twin Flame.

To help with what so many in the Twin Flame Collective are dealing with right now in the Venus Retrograde period I was guided by spirit to create a transformational session to unlock the higher codes of Unconditional Love at a heart level, and bring in the new codes of self love and self acceptance.

In the session, which was created as a transformational journey into your soul – bypassing the ego by using a specially formulated meditation – we go deep to discover what old hurts are really hiding in your heart so we can clear blocks, upgrade your love templates and open up the Twin Flame heart bond from a place of harmony once again.

We also engage with your Twin’s soul and guides to deal with anything that’s blocking their side of the connection so the two of you can move into a higher state of unity and harmony.

And in my favorite part of the process, we begin to plant positive seeds of manifestation to draw more love, abundance and unity onto your Twin Flame journey.

Discover more here


Self Love As The Key To The Twin Flame Lock

Another thing spirit wanted to address was how manifestation is another concept we understand intellectually but very few have mastered how to truly manifest in a way that shows up our desires in the “real world”.

In this session you learn a fun and practical way to manifest your desires – and I share with you the biggest reason why most people’s manifestations don’t work out (hint: it’s not because they don’t want it enough!).

We enlist added support from pure source consciousness, receive an energy gift to uplift your onward journey and instil new high vibrational programming into you and your Twin’s Hearts, Solar Plexus and the love bond between you, so you can feel safe to open up to love. (Fear and love are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum, so to open up to love and reach unity it is essential to shift out fear based programming).

The reason spirit asked me to create this substantial session – it’s an hour long and we go really deep and has been months in the making, alongside a forthcoming book on love I’m creating with them – is this contrast between intellectual understanding versus actual embodiment.


Uplifting The Twin Flame Mirror

Self love and unity with our Twin can “make sense” mentally but if we still have old negative 3D programming or have hurts from prior relationships or situations with family or friends, we are energetically blocked from truly stepping into unity and harmony, because it goes against our “hardwiring”.

The session really shifts the whole foundation of how your Heart Chakra and Twin connection function, so you can live with an open heart, feeling whole inside and attracting wholeness with your Twin Flame on all levels.

And to read more about the Twin Flame Mirror, how your own inner situation is always reflected with your Twin – and how running and separation might actually come from you – go here.


Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods!

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

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“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy cleanse tool my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”

– Teresa B., USA


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