Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 21st – 27th December: “Heavy Holidays”

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Powerful energy transits coincide with the holidays and more Twins are anchored into 5D. Plus, Why and How Christmas is a vortex leading straight to the past, and how to make this a happy time by avoiding getting triggered.

With Winter Solstice on December 21st we have another high vibration light gateway opening up – it’s been shown to me that this is the time when another group of Twin Flames and Lightworkers are being anchored into the higher vibrational grid on earth in order to assist their Ascension and Union processes.

More Twins Anchored into 5D

This “other reality/5D” is an energy grid which is parallel to our “normal reality/3D”, and being anchored into this 5th Dimension means being energetically aligned with a higher vibrational existence.

You still live in the “real world” but your energy is shifted away from the human collective fields and karmic energies – thereby assisting your functioning as a source of light and positivity in the world.

Many Twins are being anchored into 5D during this gateway in order to assist their Union process. If you are ready (this depends on your existing frequency set point and how far into Ascension you are – how much clearing you’ve done), your higher self integrates this for you.

All you need to do is be willing and be clear enough. Especially this regards being clear of attachments and being free from the collective karmic fields. This is deliberate work that can be done swiftly once you know how. In the Vibrational Alignment Program I take you through how to clear your karma and easily clear attachments and negative contracts.

If anchoring into 5D doesn’t happen for you now – for now only a tiny per centage of Twins have actually been clear and high vibrational enough to be anchored in – it will come at some future point when you’re further into the clearing and ascension process and your energy vibration has risen enough.

To read more about the nature of 5D and how it’s determined which Twins are anchored in and when, have a look again at last week’s forecast, with more details.

The Holiday Vortex of Nostalgia

Keep a light perspective this Christmas – my Twin recently explained to me why so many people get emotional over the holidays; the Holidays are a time of nostalgia, a vortex between the now moment and the past where many of us are never fully present in the current moment and reality.

The emotional and sensory stimuli (food, songs, people) are those of the past, so it’s easy to get triggered. We float between the sweet memories and childhood dreams and the wishes we lost and the people we wish were there. Ground yourself now if you don’t want to float away.

The Cure: Remember Who You Are

Christmas is full of emotional triggers. All the range of sensory stimuli are often near identical to what we experienced as children, and this can mean old issues are brought to the surface.

Just you being aware of this, will make it less of a challenge. Keep an eye on yourself and remember who you are beneath it all – a bright soul of pure light in a human body. 

Take the good of the holidays and make it last all year round – compassion, peace, kindness, showing love to close ones and strangers alike – and leave the wounds alone. And if you’re finding the holidays hard because you’ve lost loved ones along the way, remember that they’re never as far away as you think.

Significant Visits

Many who are no longer with us in the world visit their families this time of year, so don’t be surprised if you receive some sign from someone you’ve been missing – a song might enter your thoughts repeatedly, or you might see or hear something that reminds you of them, or you might perceive a flash of their face or dream of them.

Know that you’re never truly apart, whether this is a family member or a friend or loved one – once our souls have connected strongly with another person, we are always in touch somehow.

Their greatest hope for us here on earth is to live in joy and experience life in happiness and abundance, and they know we’ll see each other again no matter what.

This also relates beautifully to the Twin Flame connection – even if you’re physically apart right now, your souls are always connected. There really is no such thing as true separation for Twin Flames.

Intense Holiday Energies

We’re set to have an intense holiday season this year – Christmas Day coincides with two pivotal cosmic events that funnel strong energies onto our planet. Firstly, we have a Full Moon in Cancer. This is the first time in several decades that we’ve had a Full Moon at Christmas.

This particular Full Moon is pivotal because Cancer is the sign ruled by the moon, intensifying the energies even more. The Moon’s gravitational field is so powerful that it moves the tides on earth – imagine what impact it has on our human body systems, which on average consist of 73% water… 

Cancerian energies deal with family, belonging, nostalgia and emotions. If you’re spending the holidays with family, my advice would be to shield yourself to avoid getting layered down in others’ emotions.

An archetypal expression of the Cancerian energies is the mother who loves everyone so much that she is unable to let go and cut the apron strings, the mother who can’t look past the “baby” she once knew and can’t see the individual who’s grown up to be an adult.

These Cancerian Christmas energies tend to nostalgia, inability to let go of the past. Sure, reminiscing can be fun, but remember who you are beneath it all and what your desires for life are. Don’t let anyone make you feel small this Christmas. You choose what “stories” to tell about yourself.

Energies of The Past Vs The Future

On Christmas day we also have one of this year’s biggest energetic events – Uranus turns direct for the first time in months. Uranus energies denote sudden change, rebellion, the avant garde and “electric” inspiration. Combine this with the Cancer full moon and there’s potential for clashes – what’s shown to me is the old versus the young generation, the comfort of staying in the past versus moving into the future.

The classic expression of these energies would be parents trying to hold their children to old standards and putting limitations on them, and the children (grown children too) finally saying enough is enough rather than biting their tongue anymore.

For Twin Flames, this can manifest as nostalgia for the sweetness of early times, which paradoxically can become a block for the future happiness we desire – if we’re in the past mourning the loss of earlier times, we are keeping this on an energetic loop, never allowing a happier future to find us.

The Christmas Showdown: Family vs Individual

Keep an eye on your energy when out travelling and around family over the holidays – family is a notorious trigger. A famous spiritual quote is: “If you’re so enlightened, see how you feel after a week with your mother.” Why? It’s easy to be serene when there’s no one around triggering us.

And because parents and siblings have been around us since birth, it’s their energy and the beliefs and patterns we picked up from them that’s buried deepest in us. Until the age of 7 we soak up energy and emotions from those around us like a sponge, as we learn about the world and prepare to mirror it and act it out.

One thing you’ll be shown this holiday season if you keep your senses peeled – is where your underlying blocks might be: we often take on our blocks from other family members in order to fit into their energy fields growing up. So if something is bothering you about them – what can you find in yourself that resonates with it? You can then clear it out of your experience for good.

Limiting Energy Projections

My guides have shown me in the past that the reason we often feel uncomfortable around family, is that they have very particular views of us – they see us as who we used to be, and paste this energetic pattern onto us.

We, on the other hand, feel like we’ve grown and expanded and we know ourselves, so their energetic projections feel tense and wrong. So shield yourself, clear others’ energies out of your space and try to take others’ views with a pinch of salt.

Now, it doesn’t have to mean blow-ups are inevitable this holiday season – positive expressions of these energies could be using inspiration and intuition to create beautiful and passionate works of art or performances.

Or to once and for all set the intention that although you love your family, you’re your own person with your individual values, and that you’re not going to let the past influence you any longer.

The Black Sheep

I, as many other lightworkers and Twins, grew up as the odd one out of my family. A closely knit family loving family where everyone was pretty much interested in the same thing, except me. This lead to some disheartening holidays, and I mainly ended up bottling up my grievances so it bothered me but no one ever knew.

After learning how to use energy and karma clearing tools, I was able to eradicate so much antagonism between myself and my family – and this in turned opened up my Twin Flame journey because my anger and resentment and hurt for my family had been holding my vibration down low and keeping my Twin and I out of alignment.

To find out more about the energy clearing tools that enabled me to get to Union with my Twin within 18 months of our first encounter, have a look here.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light with wishes for a happy, peaceful holiday season and a wonderful run-up to the new year! <3

Cassady x

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