Twin Flame Energy Forecast 23rd-29th August: “Passion Rising”


Declarations Of Love, Passion Surging In The Twin Flame Connection. Discover What Your Counterpart Wants You To Know, And Their Plans For This Next Period…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Oppositions and strong Virgo energies cause emotional discomfort as the Universe asks us to deal with our inner imbalances and blocks…

But passion and commitment show up in the Twin Flame connection – surprise demonstrations of love and devotion approaching…

Discover more below!

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Retrogrades, Inner Shifts

We enter this week hot off the tail of a powerful Full “blue” moon, and still in Retrograde season, with major “heavyweight” planets moving “backwards”…

Things will tend to feel tense, but there is a divine purpose.

You’re being challenged to work on yourself – so you become an INNER match with the outer results you want.

An added issue is the retrograde “heavyweights” are OPPOSING many of the “personal” planets including Venus, the Sun, Mercury and Mars.

This causes a push for reform – for us to deal with our situation and review our current habits, attitudes, behaviors, and ways of relating to others.

Aligning With Love

A lot of un-conscious material is being brought to the surface with these oppositions, and it can feel heavy or “staticky”.

It may be a period that feels bothersome to us, with inner and outer challenges, but it’s really the universe’s “gift”…

To help us refine and uplift our INNER state so that we’re aligned with more love, harmony, positivity, abundance, ease and good on the “outside”…

And in the Twin Flame connection.

(Read more about retrogrades and what’s really going on, here)

Virgo Season Starts

Since the Sun entered Virgo a few days ago, we’re headed into a new terrain and theme for the coming month.

Virgo is the sign of service, purification and duty, and with Mars still here as well, we are in a period of reform.

You’ll likely feel more motivated to get your life and love connection in “order” and be more willing to make an effort with making it happen step by step.

So use the time wisely and you’ll make great strides now.

Why Twin Flames “Run”

The thing to watch out for is, don’t be too hard on yourself and others.

Self love may take more effort this period.

And if your counterpart is being “difficult”, it’s likely rooted in an inner lack of self love and self worth they feel.

This is always why Twin Flames “Run”, or “ghost” their counterpart.

It’s not because they don’t love YOU, their true counterpart. It’s because of an inner FEAR of opening up, most often based in unworthiness and past trauma…

Which nearly always stems from childhood.

Working with your Twin Flame’s inner child in this period can create “miraculous” shifts for your dynamic. Have a look here, and I’ll show you how.

“I’ve noticed massive shifts in the dynamic between us since I found your work. For example, my Twin will call me or message me while I’m doing your sessions or straight afterwards. Since I found you, my twin flame actually does believe in the concept of twin flames and has told me that he thinks we are twin flames, so that speaks in itself!” – Dionne

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Outworn Karmic Connections

Another theme this week is, the planets are pushing us to get clear on our path in love.

They are pushing for the end of any relationships and connections (and life circumstances) that are not truly to our highest good…

Or for a reform of the DYNAMICS that are not of the highest (including within the Twin Flame connection).

Plus, as the Sun enters the sign of Virgo, and we have Neptune in opposition, we’re challenged to discern between fantasy and reality – between manifestation and daydreaming.

How To Know If Your Manifestations Are Coming

Because yes, there is a BIG difference!

And if you’ve been working on bringing something to fruition for a while and it’s not been showing up, now is the time to root out what has blocked it.

Because when you’re working on manifesting something and it doesn’t show up, it always means ONE THING. There is something blocking it.

For my most powerful manifestation session, where I take you through this work step by step, have a look here.

Being Strict With Yourself

As Neptune opposes Mercury and Mars, it can tend to cause a feeling of being disheartened, like your dream will never happen.

It can bring feelings of heaviness and hopelessness.

Make sure you clear that now so it doesn’t keep blocking you.

Instead of listening to that negativity, use Virgo’s power of purification to re-adjust and really get into alignment with your goals FULFILLED… On a tangible, real world level.

Guided Actions Calling

You may need to pick yourself up by the scruff of the neck this week, and really take a hard, honest look at your situation. (Journal on everything to get clarity)

Once you do, it will be like a ton of bricks have been lifted off your back.

You will see what adjustments you need to make, you will take action on them. And you will feel clear and inspired about the future again.

The Trap Of “Magical Thinking”

Because one thing is ALWAYS guaranteed on our journey and in manifestation.

We have to take guided action at some point. Things don’t fall into our laps out of the sky.

We are the “gate keepers” of our reality – WE can bring things to fruition or block them (consciously or unconsciously).

Our action is immensely powerful in making things happen.

Sitting on the sidelines never bring the results that being an active co-creator of your reality will do.

Waiting On Outer Intervention?

This week, Virgo’s wisdom is to get you going on action.

To not take emotions and fantasy at face value but to MAKE your dream happen by being smart, unemotional and direct with your situation.

To not buy into illusions that things will happen when/if… But to CHOOSE them and take action on your goals NOW.

Because there is ALWAYS a way to your goal. It’s just a question of taking the right steps there.

For help, have a look here. And for some inspiration and to see how quickly things can change for the better, have a look at these other Twins’ experiences.

A Week For Progress

As Mercury conjuncts Mars in Virgo you’re especially powerful with words and action. This is a great time to act on your inspirations and goals.

You will be more exact and have powerful impact.

However, remember that there will likely NOT be a lot of gentleness, patience, TLC and self love.

But if you “ride” the current well, it will be a week for important progress.

Your Heightened Power

If you sit down and strategize on your goals – yes, even in love – you can make major progress.

You have increased willpower now – so make the most of it!

It’s a great time to start making headway on staking out your future path and calling in Twin Flame Unity by using a proven framework.

(For step by step help with this, go here.)

twin flame story

Don’t Listen To The “Shadows”

  An issue is, you may feel discouraged, due to Jupiter Retrograde opposition the Sun.

You may just assume you’re not going to succeed – and therefore you never bother trying.

It could be, any time you think about your goals and the future, all you see are the mistakes and disappointments of the past…

Or other people’s opinions that good things never happen, love isn’t real, or other limitations and negative projections.

If this happens, it’s IMPERATIVE that you deal with it!

Otherwise it will sabotage your path, your manifestations and your Twin Flame connection behind the scenes.

(For help with this, go here.)

2022, “Second” Twin Flame Reunions

You may remember earlier this summer, Venus and Mars (Feminine and Masculine) met in Leo, reigniting the Twin Flame heart bond either physically or via the soul.

The pair are now symbolically journeying through a purification period.

Aiming to prepare the Twin Flames to be open to a lasting and harmonious union in the 3D physical or a deeper level…

And the period “set” for this “Second Reunion”, is February 2022 as Mars/Venus meet again. This time in Capricorn, ruler of the physical realm.

How To Make It Last!

But the planets show us this requires inner work.

It won’t happen as if by “magic”, as so many Twins experience the hard way.

When there are inner issues, we tend to either miss the “window of opportunity”, unity doesn’t last, there are issues of separation, running and other “typical” expressions of Twin Flame drama.

So this period we’re being pushed to deal with the causes of those ruptures!

To make sure the “second reunion” lasts.

Creating Permanent Positive Shifts

Because so many Twins don’t clear the underlying blocks out of their system – so they stay stuck in struggle. (“As within, so without”).

Energy clearing is the only thing I’ve experienced that causes PERMANENT positive shifts.

If you’re new to this, don’t worry as I take you through it step by step. You can get started for Free here with my Free Twin Flame Starter Kit.


(PS: If you have been doing inner work and your situation isn’t shifting – it means you haven’t found the core issue, you’re missing something…)

Commitment And Resurgence Of Love

Late in the week, Venus trines Saturn Retrograde, which tends to re-activate soul connections, especially those who have had past lives together.

It’s all about loyalty, love for the long run.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a strong resurgence of love, commitment and togetherness with your Twin Flame now!

You may even dream of them or get flashes of them in a “different guise” or of the past together (different lives).

What Your Twin Flame Wants You To Know

Your counterpart’s higher self is set to show up STRONGLY to demonstrate their love and commitment to you this week.

Above all via “remote romance”, telepathy, visions, synchronicities, dreams and more. (For more on this have a look here at class 2, 4 and 6)

But it’s likely it also “carries over” into the physical in some way. Make no doubt about it, they WANT you, in this life and any other.

And they want to BE THERE for you. To support you, provide for you, be “your shoulder to cry on” and more.

(To allow more of their support and love to show up for you on a daily basis, connect with them in the Free Soul Connection Meditation here)

Expect To Be Positively Surprised!

With Uranus trine Mercury and Mars, you’re set to be surprised by your counterpart – in a positive way.

They’re set to “show up” for you more than you’ve expected. If you can be open to the unorthodox.

We see them wanting to sweep you off your feet.

Don’t be surprised if they get in touch “out of nowhere”, declare their love, or bring dreams where you are together or other demonstrations of romance – but it may not look exactly how you expect.

Demonstrations Of Undying Love

They want you to know, LOVE is ALWAYS what they feel for you.

Don’t let the drama of human life “fool” you. That’s history, “human energy distortions” speaking.

They are here for love, and so are you. Allow them to show it to you now.

Do your best to be open and release expectations and the past, and it will flow more smoothly so they can reach you without your system potentially deflecting them.

Because the reason things don’t always flow with love for Twins, is that there are inner blocks and toxic human energy patterns causing a “repulsion” between the counterparts.

Heart To Heart Conversations

Another significant aspect is Pluto trine Mercury, which brings deep emotions and experiences to the surface.

Having a “heart to heart” will likely show up that what has caused issues between you, were  “misunderstandings”.

You’ll realize FEAR has been the real cause behind challenges.

Edgy Perspectives

But Mars trine Pluto means, be mindful of the subtle signals you may be sending your counterpart with your body language, your energy, your tone.

If you seem on edge or accusatory, they may feel discouraged from reaching out or displaying their romantic intentions.

Again, self love and focusing on your soul passions will help you be comfortable, relaxed and at peace – available and aligned with good.

Re-ignited Flames Of Passion

 Work on handling this energy wisely, because Mars trine Pluto is incredibly intense. It’s an infusion of immense power…

But it tends to bring repressed negativity to the surface. There is a “detox” of ego patterns, separation programming and conflict/competition happening.

The purpose is to open you to harmony and unity – but it can be challenging (remember to clear any negativity purging).

We see your Twin’s higher self “saying” that they will NOT give up until you are together!

There is no one else like you. No one ever in all of existence was their true counterpart. Their true match. Their undying love.

Their Deepest Desire

And they are drawn to you “helplessly”, like a moth to the flame.

This scares them at times, and they apologize for any problems this has caused…

But with Mars trine Pluto they are awakened to their deepest desire. The soul urge to (re)unite.

They will work to let you know somehow.

And they show us, they will pursue you lifetime after lifetime until you are together.

Until you are “home” with them. But in order to get there now in this life, you have to listen to their guidance (not 3D belief systems/other people).

Are You Willing?

They promise that if you give them a chance, they will begin to live up to your hopes more than you may have expected.

Be willing to see them differently now.

Be willing to ALLOW them to show up differently. Because your intention and focus can “trap” them in ego/the 3D patterns.

They ask you to be willing to be vulnerable with them. To release any conflict and opposition.

Fear Vs Love

And they tell us this, that if they have seemed out of reach…

Look deep inside.

Was it YOU who was running away from love? Not giving them a chance?

Don’t let fear fool you both into giving up on unity and your dream, when fear and the human “drama” was the REAL cause of division.

Not the two of you.

This week, prepare for a new beginning. Open up. Release the human drama.

They want you to come home.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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