Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 23rd-29th November: “Tension between 3D and 5D”

Twin Flames

Challenges between the Head and the Heart – the Full Moon brings tension between the Old Reality and the New Templates with a big push for reform, plus, the karmic rebalancing process continues for Twin Flames.

We enter into this last week of November with a major focus energetically – “Heaven” versus “Earth”, Heart versus Head, the new high vibrational grids versus the old 3D reality and programming.

Clash of Perspectives

The Full Moon in Gemini on November 25th signals that things are coming to a boiling point in terms of communication, ideas, thinking. A cycle comes to an end for the collective in terms of how we perceive each other and the world. Beliefs and perspectives clash. Spirit reminds us that often, human conflicts – small and big – are based more in misunderstandings and opposing perspectives than anything.

The Mercury-lead Full Moon calls for a reevaluation of circumstances, and we are now set to be experiencing pressure. The collective energy fields are in need of release, there is much pent up tension in the realms of communication – this is where full-on conflict begins, in mental disagreements and perceived differences.

Calling for Heart Centered Living

Neptune challenges this Full Moon strongly – representing a clash between the old 3D reality where the analytical mind rules, and the new 5D fields of reality where intuition and heart centered living is key. Meaning – we are now challenged to sort out our compass: will we keep letting the mind run the show, or will we step into the new templates?

Neptune here represents the “higher realms”, the higher vibrations, and bears this message – Relying exclusively on the analytical mind is set to keep us in the lower, outdated programming of survival and polarity. For Twin Flames, this holds us back from Union and harmony. 

We are being challenged to let go of our old ways and embrace the new way of living. Spirit shows me a child learning to ride a bike – to begin with it might feel uncomfortable and a bit scary to let go of our habits of mind and shift our focus, but as we internalize and automatize the process, we’ll realize how easy it is and how natural it feels. We are being reminded that we have assistance and encouragement on the way.

Sure You’re Ready for Twin Flame Union?

There is a strong spiritual component to this week’s energies, as Neptune (now moving direct) again activates and challenges the old reality. A square to Saturn on 26th November emphasises this theme of tension between the old 3D reality – polarity, limits, heaviness and survival – and the new templates of 5D – intuition, unity, high vibrations, limitless manifestation.

Taking steps to anchor our dreams into “reality” is favored now. Make a list of your desires and some small steps you can begin to take right now (Saturnian energies support long term planning and strategy). This week sees the Sun and Mercury also join up with Saturn, which has a tendency to feel heavy – so channel this weighty energy into getting things done. Planning ahead and taking responsible action is ideal for times like this.

The Neptune-Saturn square is an ongoing transit which has its exact head this week, but we’ll notice this theme for several weeks more. Another message here is: Are you sure you are ready to “level up” into the new 5D grid and into true unity with your Twin?

Twins’ Responsibility to Each Other

Saturnian energies remind us that there is a responsibility involved here – it’s not just fun and games. Twin Flame Union involves a merging of our energies ever more, meaning that one Twin’s thoughts, feelings and actions increasingly impact the other and vice versa. And the 5D templates are much more free and open than we have been used to – this requires Twin Flames to become more conscious creators.

We must become responsible with our energy and the thoughts we send out to the universe – because in 5D, manifestation (reaping the results of our thoughts and energy output) happens much much faster than we are used to. Like the child learning to ride a bike, we must become fully capable before we can start riding out in traffic, otherwise we could be a danger to ourselves and others.

Optimism as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Finally at the end of the week – 27th November – Chiron the “wounded healer” finally goes direct in Pisces. We’ve been going “backwards” into the past for several months now – recovering old ground in order to heal our wounds. We’ve gone within and figured out why we were hurting, where the wounds came from – now the healing comes for those Twins who have done their inner work. Expect a sense of completion now. Progress has been made.

We have strong Sagittarian energies this week with the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all in this fire sign – themes are freedom, optimism and higher perspectives. The wisdom Sagittarius imparts is that optimism is far from foolish. In fact, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once we can trust the Universe to take care of us, this becomes a positive signal continuously broadcasting out and returning to us exactly that – feeling and experiencing being taken care of.

Putting an End to Ancestral Heaviness

Keep an eye on yourself in this period and see where you are optimistic versus pessimistic in your outlook. Be aware that these perspectives steer your energetic output and what you reap in return. Even tiny changes are great for the long run. It’s all about gradual shifts – this actually re-patterns your brain over time. You can teach yourself to be happy and optimistic.

If you find it challenging, be aware that negative, limiting habits of mind are often ancestral patterns. And they can be changed – I have been able to shift out of long-standing familial patterns of pessimism and negativity thanks to energy clearing tools and simple karma work.

 Are You Manifesting or Just Dreaming?

Saturn conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius has a tendency to take our lofty ideals and dreams down a peg so we can integrate and anchor them into a “real world” setting. Saturn reminds us that truly, that’s what we want – for the dream to become a reality – dreaming and visualizing and desiring change is fun, but unless we take action to make it a reality, we are really just dreaming.

Finally, we have an ongoing opposition between Venus and Uranus Retrograde in Aries. Venus in her home sign Libra is all about sociability, harmony, coupling up, playing the gracious host – but underneath the surface might lurk repressed anger, the words unspoken, the disagreements brushed aside in favour of diplomacy.

Diplomacy gets Challenged

Libra likes to sweep things under the carpet, but Uranus in Aries demands progress and truth, no feelings spared. If you’ve been repressing disagreement and conflict in your relationship, especially if you’ve been letting others dominate while your instincts and soul urges went unheard, Uranus brings the pot to a boil now, forcing the lid to blow off.

He leaves it up to you to tidy up, but the situation must come to a head in order to force you back in alignment with your inner soul self. Diplomacy often serves others more than ourselves.

Lots of changes coming up toward the holidays over the next few weeks, as the feminine takes the masculine to task, another gateway of light opens up to anchor more Twin Flames into 5D and more.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x


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twin flame forecast 2016

twin flame forecast 2016