Twin Flame Energy Forecast 25th-31st January: “Relief”


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Gateway to Twin Flame Love Meetings on the Soul Planes – the Divine Gift you might have forgotten. Throat Chakra upgrades settle in as the currents in Love change yet again – Plus, the Secret Shift that can get you the Happy Ending you desire.


The start of 2016 may have felt like a challenge with Mercury in retrograde since the get-go, but Mercury now finally turns direct on January 25th. Mercury Retrograde always coincides with a clearing out of congestion from the collective energy fields of communication but also with Throat Chakra upgrades for each individual.

As Mercury moved backwards through Capricorn this month, what did you learn? What old negativity did you let go of?

Throat Chakra Upgrades – Conscious Creation


Spirit shows me a big lesson for us here on earth is becoming aware of the creative power of our words and thoughts. As energy moves through the Throat Chakra every time we speak and write and think (when we “talk to ourselves” or to others in our minds) – we are creating and manifesting.

You’re being alerted now to be mindful of how you communicate about your Twin Flame connection (and other areas of life), because as you write and speak and think, you are aligning with and creating what you’re speaking.

If you write your frustrations down on a forum or tell your friend about how awful you feel and how your Twin doesn’t care and you’ll probably never get together, you are creating this with your energy – aligning with it more and more deeply.

A Tough Reminder


The lesson, we’re being shown here, is that negativity is optional. We can clear the negativity to eradicate it (many people find it healing to write down the negatives and burning the paper afterwards, or you can use modern energy clearing tools with less mess).

Spirit shows me this: No one creates negativity for you or against you. It’s you doing it to yourself. We can act on influence or old patterns taken on from others, but it’s always us doing the creating or aligning with negativity. Such is the nature of the Free Will reality we live in.

This is a hard lesson to accept, but once we begin to take responsibility for our co-created experiences, we can fully shift into a new reality of positivity. So instead of complaining, we can ask – How can I create differently in future so I experience more of what I desire?

As we learn the lesson, our souls and guides can then step in and assist us. As long as we’re blaming others, we’re keeping our energy blocked from receiving the help we want.

Writing Your Own Happy Ending


A great way to get into the habit of positive creation, is vision boarding or journalling from a place of positive expectation. Creative Visualization is an ancient Hindu method which is powerful for manifesting – many of today’s leading lights like Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Carrey swear by it.

I’ve created a Creative Visualization track specifically tailored to the Twin Flame journey, which you can find here. I know meditation and deep focus can be challenging, especially in a busy day-to-day life, so with this track I designed it so all you have to do is listen along to reap the benefits. Regular use is the best way to consistently create what you desire.

New Themes in Love


After over a month in the freedom loving energies of Sagittarius, Venus the planet of love  now moves into Capricorn – signalling a period of increased focus on long term planning, commitment, security and manifestation in love.

It might sound unromantic, but you are actually creating your love life. It doesn’t just happen by chance. As an energetic being you are either unconsciously or consciously creating whatever is going on for you.

Capricorn’s wisdom is to be conscious and take that little step in the direction you desire every single day. Each little action and thought are the things creating the big changes and big manifestations long term.

So, are your daily habits of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting serving your love life? If not, how can you adjust course now so you reap benefits in the future? Life consists of millions of now moments, in which you are always creating.

Another theme of Capricorn’s is sorting the wheat from the chaff in order to move forward more effectively – clearing away old bonds and attachments that don’t serve us: for Twins this means a month ahead where fear-based attachments friendship/family bonds that have outlived their use and anything getting in the way of unconditional love will be shown up so we can clear this for good.

An Answer to Twins’ Prayers and Calls for Help

Spirit has asked me specifically today to raise the issue of remote interaction between Twin Flames, also known as Divine Complements. I’m shown that as the energy of planet earth shifts more and more, the Veil of Separation is lifted and Twins, above all, can interact with each other with more ease than ever on the energetic planes, also called soul planes.

However, the message I’m given is that only a small number of Twins actually engage in this at the moment. Spirit wants to remind us that it’s a gift – an answer to so many prayers and calls for help they receive from Twins all over the world.

Interacting remotely is something Twins are meant to be doing, and will benefit from exploring and engaging with. It’s something we all aligned with and planned to utilize before we came to earth. Meditation where you interact remotely with your Twin’s soul can be some of the most fun you’ve ever had.

Twin Flame Love Meetings In 5D


When you’ve become familiar with these activities, you don’t even have to get into a meditative state anymore – you just intend it to be, and there you are together – parallel to your physical “reality”. Moving through timelines and places as you choose with your intention. Developing  multidimensionality.

So leave your earthly habits of expectation and “realism” at the door, and delve into connecting with your Twin regardless of physical circumstances. On the soul planes there is nothing stopping you, nothing dividing you, no conflict unless you yourself bring it to the table.

Here, Twins can be free together, love together, adventure together. Your mind is the only limit.

Spirit says: “Know that as you think of your Twin, you’re connecting. As you think of touching your Twin, you are touching them. As you think of being with your Twin, you are with them. The only block is your mind. Release.”

It is shown to me that this form of remote interaction on the 5D planes is a gift, but it’s a gift you yourself have to take advantage of. No one will do it for you. This is why we’re receiving this reminder.

“Explore now, and see your love blossom. Happiness comes from the inside, not outer circumstances. Let us show you this now.”

Boosting Your Ability To Benefit

If you find it challenging to meditate or visualize to connect like this, the first step forward is to clear your energy of congestion. Or if you feel too angry or hopeless right now to even bother, again this is energy that we can clear out of your system with simple tools, to give you a new beginning and a chance to shift your situation.

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I created for Twin Flames, which contains the tools that got my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter (and I started out with a LOT of baggage on this journey).


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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