Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 25th-31st May 2015


Lilac forest Summer

Pushed by the universe to rise into new energies – this period is crucial to the lightness that is to come later this year and to the emergence of the new wave of ascended Twin Flames.

We enter this week with lots of retrograde activity in the Zodiac still, and a high point comes through the Sun in Gemini opposite Saturn retrograde throughout most of this week: a tense push and pull that challenges and opens us up almost by force. We’ll now be experiencing breakthroughs in the form of immense pressure opening up into new vistas. And for the Twin Flames the main focus of these shifts and tension is most often felt in between us and our Twin.

Where are you headed?

We’ll be going over past decisions, getting second chances to adjust our direction and our path. The universe periodically gives us the energetic impetus to check that we’re moving in a direction that’s in alignment with our inner soul purpose and desires. Are you following your bliss, your true wishes and desires? Do you know what your ideal life and Twin Flame relationship would be like? If not, this is an excellent time to think these things over. How could you incorporate more of your passions into your daily life?

Venus is still opposition Pluto, stirring up what’s not serving you in romantic relationships so that you may move on lighter and freer from any heaviness and restrictions that you may have felt, especially with your Twin Flame. If there have been unresolved issues, don’t be surprised if these have been brought up the past few weeks (the two planets move out of their opposition towards the end of the week and these tense energies will then lighten).

Death and rebirth of love

If you have been willing to release the past, you may now move on lighter and freer than before. If you are still clinging to old hurts, expect them to come back up again next time Venus interacts with powerhouse Pluto, planet of death and rebirth – “he” will not quit until your love life and emotional patterns have been reformed into a new and more beneficial configuration for you, and any pain will be brought up until you let it go (with energy clearing tools this becomes much quicker and easier).

Remember that dwelling on the past rarely brings anything but stagnation and unhappiness. Forgive and clear out any past hurt so you can move on – as the Buddha said: “Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”. Holding onto negative energies such as resentment and anger only serves to hurt you because you’re holding them inside yourself. The other person can continue on carefree with their life. That’s just how it works – hatred only hurts you. Once you clear negative energies, they will no be able to keep your life and your emotions in a loop of negativity where you have some periods of respite but always circle back to the same problem or the same pain again and again.

Solutions for stress 

With all of these things happening with the overarching energy of intellectual, socially active, busy-minded Gemini (traditionally seen as the most indecisive sign of the Zodiac), it’s easy to feel a bit foggy mentally these days, as if we’re running around in a loop. Remember to breathe, especially if you’re busy or spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Meditation has been proven in countless scientific studies to have benefits ranging from improved sleep, increased mind power, strengthened immune system, heightened experiences of pleasure and slowed down ageing. Even as little as five minutes daily of finding a quiet spot and stopping the flow of thoughts can bring immense benefits in your daily life. Meditation also helps you control your thoughts, making you more in charge of your moods and emotions and helping you stay away from negativity.

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey!

Cassady x