Twin Flame Energy Forecast 25th February-3rd March: “Visions Of Love”



The Universe’s Message For You. Spiritual “Fog” Pushes You Out Of The Mind And Into Your Heart… Have You Been Resisting Your Divine Guidance?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Positive communication in love, taking action to show up “heaven on earth”, plus shakeups in relationships – for your own good.

Are you ready to step into a new and brighter chapter?

Discover more below!

Positive Communication In Love…

This is set to be an easy-going week – although if you fall to the temptation of sitting back and letting things happen, you could miss out on some of the excitement on offer.

Chances are, you don’t need me to tell you that.

At the start of the week you’re probably already in a pretty good mood and set to be more likely to enjoy the present moment for what it is – almost no matter what it is.

We see you accepting challenges as learning experiences, and feeling better about yourself and in love.

The Journey Progressing

Mercury is making a sextile to Venus and it signals that you’re likely to hear positively from or about your counterpart. They might reach out, or show you they love you, or you might be shown positive spiritual insights about them.

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Shared Twin Flame Similarities

On balance, relationships feel like they’re running quite smoothly this week – people seem cooperative and they’re more receptive to you. Including your Twin Flame.

Whether it’s sharing your feelings, asking for help in the right way or just bringing a smile to someone’s face, now is the time to do it.

Or perhaps you’ve been wondering whether to say anything at all? Now is a good time to reach out. With the Sun in a sextile to Mars, we see that the best way to reach your Twin right now if you’ve not been in touch, will be through highlighting your similarities.

Focus on common interests or perspectives, the things you share or experiences you’ve both had – they will respond positively to this…

More so than if they feel like you “want” something from them. Remember you’re “one soul in two bodies”.

And if you’re already together, this can be an amazing time to enjoy the arts and expressing your shared love!

Words And Opinions Don’t Change Your Life, Action Does

The next few days the Sun nudges Pluto with a semi-square on the 26th while Venus opposes and Mercury trines the North Node.

Combined, they make you realize you can’t simply sit back and let things happen. You’re being stirred to take action on your dreams… To make things happen.

And this is something the whole human collective is being shown – we have to take action on our words.

The truth is, words and opinions don’t change the world. Nor the Twin connection. ACTIONS and experiences are crucial – always. But it’s a heightened lesson right now.

Allowing The Light Of Your Eternal Self To Help You…

So what can you do to take ACTION on your Twin Flame journey? What can you do to CHANGE something?

Connect to the light and ask for insights (you can do that via my free guided meditations here) – then write out some “baby steps” to take.

Energy work is amazing for this because it really does change things profoundly:

Your timelines change, your emotions change, your dynamic with your Twin changes… Click here to read testimonials from some of the Twins who have worked with my energy methods.

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Step By Step, We’ll Get There…

Spirit shows us that ultimately, what creates our life is the step by step daily things we do.

It might seem like a BIG thing to reunite or to end up happy in love with someone… But really, what gets you there will most often happen bit by bit.

Our prayers for happiness aren’t answered with one big bolt from the sky.

Most often, it happens through guidance for tweaks, changes, things to shift out of… And inspiration on things to take action on.

(When you’re ready to take action on your journey and get your connection to a happy place of stability and harmony – opening your Twin to love, click here.)

What Are You Attracting On Your Journey?

Even if you aren’t with your counterpart right now, you can reach them on the spiritual planes and this is set to yield amazing results.

And Mercury is also about listening and receiving, so make sure you’re ready to RECEIVE your desires.

You may have heard of the Law of Attraction or the “secret” – well, it’s all about energy alignment. Like attracts like in this Universe, so if you want something you have to be ALIGNED with it in order to receive it.

This means, if you’re regularly in a state of doubt or fear or sadness or anger… You’re unfortunately not attracting love, you’re attracting more of that negative stuff.

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Positive Progress – Extra Boost Of Energy

As the Sun makes a sextile with Mars on the 27th it brings with it an extra boost of energy. For the rest of the week you will feel more inclined to sort out things you’ve been putting off because they seemed too much like hard work.

Simply making that call you’ve meant to make for ages or actually getting together instead of muttering about a vague plan… It can really help you get things straight, help you make progress and boost your confidence.

This particular energy only comes around twice a year so make sure you take advantage.

You don’t need to do anything special, simply be prepared to take the initiative in the sure knowledge it will be warmly accepted or be ready to say ‘yes’ with a smile if you’re asked.

Cosmic Message For The Feminine Twin

As March begins, Venus squares Uranus just as she’s leaving Capricorn to enter Aquarius.

There’s a message in this: For the Feminine Twin to open up and allow guided changes to happen.

Spirit shows us that many Feminine Twins have been resisting the divine guidance they’ve been given in recent times!

You have likely been shown that certain changes or new things (information, action or perspective) are necessary to make things flow smoothly in love.

So what have you been shown, what actions have you been guided to take?

What ideas or advice has been presented to you as solutions, that you’ve not taken action on? Check in again now or ask for it to be repeated, because it’s designed to equip you to reach your desire.

You have asked for help and prayed, is the message, but you have dismissed the answers and resources spirit and the universe have worked to bring you.

Twisted Self-Perception? The Remedy Is Here

It’s likely that this stuff involves how you see yourself.

You’ve been told over and over how worthy and beautiful you are – but somehow you’re unable to get out of old patterns of self criticism or victimhood…

Comparing yourself to others is highlighted.

Now, no one is scolding you but you need to get to grips with this in order to move forward into love the way you keep saying you want!

The REASON you’re finding it hard to shift is that the old programming is still stuck in your system. We can’t just think our way out of life-long habits that have been engrained in us by society since childhood (read more about that and get solutions here).

We have to clear the energy, release the lessons on a deeper palpable level – including clearing soul contracts, negative attachments and more.

When Is It “Worth It”?

Spirit shows us, the reason why you may have understandably held off on action is that you feel it’ll be hard work or that it will be difficult or time consuming… “Not worth it”, are their words.

But it will be, once you get started. Inaction is such a heavy energy, and often it seems impossible to get started… But once you do, the momentum will pick up instantly.

You’ll feel better, you’ll rise up, feel more alert and bright and like you’re inviting in your desires. Solutions and ideas will show up, that were unavailable when you were in a lower state.

All it takes is the initial action. They suggest using the Free Energy Cleanse Tool here to begin with, because it’s less than 10 minutes long, and will shift you into a higher state.

And when you’re ready to make the long-term shift into a brighter path, into divine love in the physical – have a look here.

What It Really Means If You Fear The Future…

One issue with Venus square Uranus is you could get pretty irritable with other people.

The positive message is that we all need change sometimes, life is all about change. And embracing change within your relationship is actually a very positive thing – although it can be tricky to deal with.

Spirit shows us, if you have an issue with change and instability – fear of the future – it’s a sign of a deeper belief about life being bad, or the universe not supporting you.

And those are unfortunately issues that will keep tripping up your journey if you leave them unchecked…

Someone who rests on the solid foundation of feeling supported by the universe and others, will always be able to face change with a sense of inner peace…

These are the people (few and far between) who know that no matter what, good flows to them. And it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy they enjoy their whole lives.

If you’d like to dwell in that kind of positivity, where it feels like sunshine is radiating from your core and everything works out for you… You might need to work on some inner issues.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. I take you through it here.

Shake-Up In Relationships…

A general feel of restlessness this week can shake up relationships and you could easily be taken off-guard by unexpected events. Just watch out that with a desire to shake things up a little that you don’t do or say something rash that you’ll come to regret later.

Similarly, don’t make a rash comment from your Twin at face value, they may be reacting to the energy at hand and not really mean what they’re saying.

Whether you’re on the lookout for more love in your life or not, with Venus moving into Aquarius friendship takes top priority in close relationships.

For Twins, it brings us into the realm of the “Twin Flame mission” – bridging back to the higher dimensional self.

Click here to learn more about what that really means.

Waking From The Illusion – Twin Identification

As soon as Venus settles into Aquarius, she makes a semi-square to Neptune. This is great in that it plants a rosy glow over your relationships, not so great in that brings a sense of unreality.

Are they really who they seem? Can you rely on those promises? Are you reading more into the situation than you should be? Is it really your Twin or not?

These are questions many will be asking themselves right now… Don’t worry. Hold off on making judgments, it will get clearer.

Although no relationship disaster is threatened, it’s worth being a little bit careful about who you choose to entangle your life with and how. Spirit highlights strangers on the internet, taking advice from outsiders, dubious information from online articles or psychics.

Not everything is what it seems to be in love right now – especially if it’s a picture painted by an outsider. You yourself know best, is spirit’s input. Always listen to your intuition.

If in any doubt, hold back for a few days. The fog will soon lift and you’ll know where you stand.

Upset That Reality Isn’t Living Up To “Heaven’s Promise”?

This week’s end we see you’re likely irritated with the difference between spiritual potential of your Twin connection versus how things are really going in life.

It’s understandable but spirit shows us it’s a sign you need to shift your perspective.

Unfortunately when we feed our focus into what we’re not happy with, we entrench and strengthen it in our reality. The solution is to radically delve into your highest potential of love.

Be with your Twin’s Higher Self so much you’re always experiencing yourself as being together.

Spend time with them until it feels like THAT’s your reality… And when you encounter the physical world, THAT feels like an illusion.

That’s when you know your alignment has shifted. And that’s when you’re powerfully attracting palpable upgrades and shifts in your physical world connection too.

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The Universe Steering You To Love…

This is set to be a week of subtle reminders from the Universe, to keep you on track with what you truly deserve and desire: A blissful, divine love connection!

Every day, in “real” life. And to get you there, the cosmic energies are prodding you a bit to get you to correct your perspective.

Like a ship that’s sailing across the ocean, the currents can either pull you off course or get you to your desired destination. And right now, you’re receiving a lot of messages to get you on course!

If things feel challenged – ask yourself this: What is the lesson I’m being asked to learn? What is REALLY going on right now? How is this designed to get me to “heaven on earth”?

One amazing way to get insights is to ask for a song or movie title that tells you what you need to know right now… And then ask yourself, what is it about? What is the story. Therein lie your answers.

I always love hearing about the songs and movies you get. Do comment below with what you hear!

As always I believe in you! Sending you love and light <3

Cassady x


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