Twin Flame Energy Forecast 26th Aug-1st Sept: “Cosmic Reunion”


Heightened Times For The Twin Flame Connection – The Mission Ignites, Cosmic Pull To Bring Twins Together. But, Can You Vanquish The Karmic “Villain” Trying To Get In The Way Of Love?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Venus and Mars travel together in Virgo, the mission intensifies and New Moon plus Rare 5 Planet Stellium kicks off a new beginning. But, the Karmic Feminine throws shade with a Lilith transit set to bring up historic disappointment between the sexes…

Discover more below!

Heightened Times For Twin Flames

I’m excited to be picking up where we left off last week, as Venus and Mars are still coupled up together at the beginning of Virgo. These are heightened times for the connection and the Twin Flame mission!

So Monday Venus and Mars are still moving together, with the Sun and Juno tailing right after. All are now on Virgo territory, the sign of service, work and purity (read more about Virgo here and get a free zodiac reading for your Twin Flame path).

In this period, as mentioned last week, we see the Twin pair making progress for the highest good.

For the Twin Flame mission of love to raise awareness and consciousness on the planet.

Why The Universe “Wants” Twins To Get Together

So for your own benefit, focus on this:

It benefits EVERYONE when Twin Flames get together. That’s why we’re here! When we join together in unconditional love, it heals the collective fields.

The Universe WANTS Twin Flames to get together.

That’s why it pushes us to let go of and heal all the human conflict and separation material, the hurts and fears and inherited ancestral negativity, the karmic wounds and the woman vs man patterns that sabotage so many.

It’s to help us reunite!

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...But Can You Handle This Level Of Karmic Darkness?

So this week just like last we see in clear terms that the cosmic energies are working to bring the Twins together.

However, we have one snag on Tuesday/Wednesday as Lilith R conjuncts Neptune R.

Like a computer game where there’s ONE LAST VILLAIN to conquer before you get to the finish line, this is not set to be easy… but it’s like one final test to help you “graduate” into love.

Let me explain: It’s all about remembering who you really are (one).
And what you’re truly here for (love).

Because when Lilith Retrograde, the asteroid symbolizing the karmic shadow feminine, meets Neptune Retrograde, the collective unconscious past…

We have a lot of darkness set to be triggered.

It’s set to be hardest for the biological female Twin because Lilith stirs up the density of the collective female karmic fields, which we’re tapped into via our bodies since birth… (Read more about karma and take my free karma quiz here)

Beware Clashes, Conflict, Blame…

So this period Tuesday-Wednesday it’s highly likely you’ll experience triggering around feeling like the universe doesn’t support you (as a female especially), that males are “helped” and get to enjoy life and you don’t, that the world is harder for you…

…And conflict with your Twin based in male/female clashes.

The trick to this is, make a note of it on your calendar, it will help so much. And remember, it’s not really YOU, this stuff.

It’s ancient material that’s just happening to be flaring up in YOUR being because you’re female. And because it’s rising in your system, it can trigger your Twin dynamic too…

Spending time in meditation helps, clearing your energy (here’s my FREE guided meditation) helps a lot, and staying busy with something you love or need to get done, helps too.


Have You “Spoken Blocks” Into Your Connection

It’s not a long-lasting transit, thankfully, but make sure you stay aware so that it doesn’t mess with your connection and cause ruptures that will be harder to mend later.

Many Twins push their counterpart away in moments of hurt and anger…
Things like saying or thinking or “vowing” “I never want to see you again”, “he hurt me so much I can never get over it”, “I will never trust you again” and such…

So many don’t realize that THIS is a core reason why they keep asking and praying for reunion without it showing up…

Because although you may not realize it, speaking negativity into the connection creates soul contracts, blocks and karmic cycles pushing you AWAY from unity you deep down want and deserve.

In the Oneness Activation Session I take you through clearing all this to open your path to reunion and a harmonious dynamic together.


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Who’s Throwing Shade On You?

Tuesday we have a grand trine in Earth tying in Uranus/Pluto/ and Saturn (all retrogrades) with Mars/Sun/Venus.

We see here that there may be resistance from outsiders regarding your love-focused perspective. We see others jealous of the Twin Flame bond, and throwing “shade” in the form of skepticism, cynicism and the old human disappointment models of reality.

Don’t let it get to you! You are both infinite beings of light, and those perspectives are so outdated.

Cynicism and disappointment come from a negative alignment, and you’re beyond that now. Those things are only true for people who choose to stay in the “old reality” of separation, density and conflict.

You are choosing differently.

Lesson Of Unconditional Love

When we awaken and become enlightened, and when we reunite in love with our Twin, we will from time to time come into contact with the “old reality”.

With those skeptical people and conflict-driven individuals who would like to see us sink to their level, are operating out of a deep-seated fear.

So know that you’re likely experiencing a soul lesson right now about how to STAY in unconditional love no matter what, and especially how to interact with those “unawakened” without being dragged down yourself.

Remember that when you are in constant forgiveness nothing negative can stick to you. When you can look for the light in everyone, see the soul in them and forgive, they stop being able to hang on.

And they might even begin to see the light through you, a better way of existing.

(Read more here in the “The Real Reason Your Twin Flame Hurt You”)

Feel Like Nothing Is Changing For The Better?

Another indication from this transit is you might feel like nothing is changing regarding love and your Twin Flame connection. It’s an illusion.

Spirit’s input is, when the INSIDE changes the OUTSIDE follows suit,
it’s just a question of time!

On Wednesday, Venus parts from Mars and moves ahead further into Virgo.

This shows us a few things
1) The heart leads, action follows,
2) the Feminine Twin takes the lead in the connection,
3) the dynamic has shifted and the Masculine Twin is now “chasing” after or wanting his counterpart intensely.

Who’s Popping The Question…?!

On Friday/Saturday we have a really exciting transit, plus Lilith challenge recedes for now. Mercury and the Moon meet Juno at the beginning of Virgo.

Spirit immediately shows us “popping the question” – whether they’re aware of the cosmic “reason” involved, many will be proposing to their counterpart in this period.

This could be spiritually, but in person is highlighted. We see the Masculine Twin feeling afraid that if “he” doesn’t take action now, “he” may lose his counterpart.

They Know How You’ve Been Feeling

Remember they feel what you feel, and they know you’ve likely considered how your life could be like without them…

They know you’ve considered if you’d be better off without them at times…

So they’re highly likely to step forth and take action right now this weekend, or they may resolve to do this soon.

Pay attention to your dreams, as if it’s on their mind you’ll likely notice symbolic revelations of this in your dreams and meditations.

Another indication spirit shows us is, they may ask to move in together, or progress the connection further.

This is a very special time, they show us!

(Remember to go within to keep the connection open and strong – I take you through it for free here, and if your counterpart or you have had others involved, it’s highly beneficial to clear out those attachments and energies. Have a look here for more on that in the Complete Harmony Healing)

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Deja Vu? Feel Like You’ve Experienced This Before?

And with Neptune Retrograde opposing, we see that you likely have a strange feeling of deja vu, that you’re inside a dream you’ve had before or inside something you’ve previously visualized.

What’s happening to many is that reality is finally catching up with the visions and intentions and manifestations they’ve set. And no, you’re not dreaming! (Or, reality is all a dream!)

We see you questioning yourself, wondering whether this is OK or right or whether it’s a trick almost.

We see clarity in the Masculine twin, he knows what he wants and he wants you. REAL love.

Not the human version of relationships based in just lust or bonds of belonging… REAL love from heart to heart. He CAN feel the difference.

Twins Unexpectedly Brought Together

It’s not satisfying to “him” anymore, the human game playing. Remember your Twin Flame IS you. if you want love, they do too, because you’re the same soul deep down.

With Venus and Mars both trine Uranus this week we see it’s also highly likely you’re unexpectedly brought together in the physical this week!

Spirit shows us, some Twins meeting by accident and realizing they’ve moved into the same neighborhood without consciously planning it.

The souls “thinking alike”.

(Watch my video on 10 Signs Of Impending Twin Flame Reunion for more)


Cosmic Rarity – Five Planet Stellium

As if this week wasn’t focused enough on love already, on August 30th the New Moon joins in! This means a record 5 planets one major asteroid all within 10 degrees of Virgo sign of divine service.

This is HUGE – extremely rare, a five planet stellium!

This is what spirit calls a time when the divine intervenes into physical reality (Virgo is an earth sign). A major gateway of energy.

Tying in a grand trine in Earth, this is set to be a major time for change. A new reality being established, is the intention.

In fact, ALL the planets tie in with this New Moon stellium.

This is a complete new beginning, is the indication. And it’s all happening around the point regarding partnership/marriage and Masculine/Feminine.

Clarion Call, Awakening Steps Up A Gear

This is a crux in time and space for the Twin Flame connection – a clarion call energetically. Awakening is set to step into a higher state and many unawakened Twins come “on board”.

We’re being reminded why we’re really here.

Spirit shows us, just as things seem the darkest in the world, a new light is ignited. And that light is love. Know that when you love, you light up the world.

When you love, you remember eternity and bring it to the souls of everyone on the planet. That we are all one.

And that’s what we’re here for.

Remember that love is the message, love is the path, love is the answer and love is the purpose. Love is who we ARE. And then, the doors open wide.

Your magic is love.

A Week For Major Shifts And Unexpected Connections

This week promises major changes, sudden communication and meetings, unexpected shifts and a complete new beginning with love in focus. Something big is set to happen this week….

Feel into excitement and now let go of any worries, allowing the cosmic energies to follow through. Stay in a high vibration (check here where you’re at) so you’re able to receive the positivity the universe is working to bring your way.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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