Twin Flame Energy Forecast 26th June – 2nd July “Opening To Unity”



Cosmic Energies Push for The Rising Power Of Twin Flame Sexuality To Heal and Uplift. Plus, Discover Why Your Twin’s Heart Might Have Been Shut Off From Love…

We start this week with an ongoing (for about the next 3-5 days to lessening extent) transit between Venus and Pluto retrograde. This signals some softening and healing, some positive uplifting around a past hurt in love.

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A New Phase In The Twin Flame Connection

With the recent New Moon in Cancer as well, we’re given the insight that a whole new phase of the Twin Flame relationship can begin – where emotions are brought onto a more positive level due to physical communion between the pair.

It’s indicated that sexuality and unity in this regard can truly heal old hurts between the Twin Flames.

Spirit has the untraditional suggestion and insight that even if you’re physically apart from your Twin you can still benefit from sexually engaging with them as souls. And that this brings powerful healing benefits.

When two Twin Flames engage in intimacy, both twins are brought “back online” with source – especially if the two climax, there is a download of helpful light codes, and a “reset” of their energy, a powerful blowout of blocks from the chakra centers.



The Power Of Twin Flame Sexuality

So… a suggestion for this time. Spirit wants us to keep the following in mind: we are here in human bodies. If we were meant not to engage in sexuality, the twin flames would not have come to the earth plane to rediscover love here.

Never be ashamed of your sexuality, it is a healthy expression of who you are. When love and sexuality come together, for Twin Flames this can create miracles, we’re told. That’s the word: “miracles”.

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Cosmic Energies Forcing The Masculine To Go Within

The very next day we have a challenge between Jupiter and Mars, but a simultaneous supportive trine from Mars to Neptune retrograde.

There’s a message here that the Masculine is being stopped cold in his steps. There’s something unresolved “he” must deal with before progressing on “his” journey.

(As always, keep in mind that a Twin Flame can be the masculine polarity Twin in a female body, but often we’re highlighting physically male Twins).

This challenge has to do with stopping the outside motion and going within to discover who he is as a soul. We’re shown his progress is blocked, so that he will have no choice but to go within and discover his own spirituality.

This can happen in many ways, but the tendency is for outside circumstances to seemingly conspire to sabotage the individual.

And when they feel like they’ve hit the proverbial brick wall, they become energetically open to new insight. Epiphanies and “satori” moments happen at times like this.

Faced with a blocked road, the Masculine is being very carefully manoeuvred back to “his” own soul’s messages and inner wisdom. To get “him” back on track to love.



Heart, Mind and Action All Align

A few days later we have the same points activated but this time by Mercury. It’s the perception of something being blocked that’s the problem. When we go within, we’ll discover that we have all the answers. And they might have been there all along.

Moving into the weekend, Mercury travels to conjunct Mars – there is now a strong energy of heart, mind and action all on the same “page”, especially for the Masculine.

It’s as if the Masculine needed to be stopped for a while so his full faculties could catch up with him and he could be “united within” to be ready to journey onto the union with his counterpart.

As these planets oppose Pluto retrograde on June 30th we have an intense revisitation of the past for the masculine. Pluto represents other male persons of power, who have in the past made him feel small.



Childhood Issues Coming Up

There is a confrontation set now, and the masculine twin is set to be feeling emotionally vulnerable. It’s as if he’s been transported back to a childhood issue – spirit shows us, that an old issue is “replicated” in the now world around him, triggering the old emotions and hurts – so that he can release it for good.

We see that this has to do with the emancipation of the Masculine. Many men have conflict with their fathers as they feel denied the position of authority in their own lives as long as the father figure lives and holds judgment over them.

As long as the masculine is locked in this childhood power struggle with another male (perhaps authority figures in general) he is not available and open to the love that exists with his mirror soul.

This issue must be resolved. It’s as if half of him has been tied up in an ongoing battle, and it’s kept him in the dark, in conflict energies and resistance. Away from Love.

Spirit suggests assisting your masculine Twin at this time by addressing their inner child directly. Go here for a specially designed Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames.

This will help them heal the wound for good, and unconsciously discovering you to be by their side and caring about them, they will open up in a whole new way.


Why Your Twin Flame’s Heart Was Closed

This seems to have been the problem all along – with the feeling of another masculine figure constantly pushing them, they kept their heart closed out of self defense. Opening up will help both you and your Twin.

You might also find it interesting to read this Message From The Divine Masculine about the bigger process of transformation going on here.

We move into July with a record number of retrograde moving planets and significant points – Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, the North Node, Chiron…

Signalling that we are clearing up the past in these areas. A specific focus on spirituality, power, authority figures and the past – for humanity as a collective.

Spirit shows us that all of humanity have been kept locked out of their spiritual power, kept in a state of infancy and dependency by hierarchical structures of power. It’s as if the door to our own house has been locked and someone else has had the key.

And this has been emotionally wounding, as we are in essence spiritual beings.

Imagine being a horse who never got to run, or a bird who never got to fly. Human beings are made to be spiritual.



Returning To Your True Soul’s Purpose

These deep-seated issues are being purged and dealt with in the collective fields at this time. Heavy stuff is coming up, old stuff. Ancestral patterns may rear their heads in your own field.

Again, regular energy clearing is highly advised as it keeps you removing bit by bit so you don’t feel the purge so strongly. This way, energy healing is like brushing your teeth – a daily, simple, quick habit that helps you stay “healthy” and fit. In a high vibration of positivity.

As this time deals with the previous suppression and now resignation of our soul’s urge, it’s an amazing period to go within and reignite our deeper purpose.

If you want to know more about your soul’s unique purpose I discovered this incredible site which gives you a free Video Numerology Reading – helping you gain insight into your life path, your gifts and challenges, your needs and lessons in love, and your soul’s particular pre-planned desires and plans for this life.

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As always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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“Where can I start Cassady! Since having started your harmony tool things have changed so rapidly. I have changed. I cannot even describe it with words. My heart has opened so much and I am standing in a place of acceptance, love, compassion for my twin. I keep seeing 1111 and 111 and I keep repeating myself as a mantra – we are one. I feel this love inside, I feel the changes. Thank you is not enough! Xxxx

– Annalisa, London, UK

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