Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 26th October-1st November: “Death & Rebirth in Love”


twin flame energy update

Weeks ahead of Sexual Healing for Twin Flames now we’re in Scorpio territory, plus a potent Full Moon reminds us to keep an eye on our secret behind-the-scenes manifestations until next month’s 11:11 New Moon.

Coming out of four weeks in Libra, the Sun is now firmly in Scorpio’s domain – sign of death and rebirth, sexuality and the subconscious.

For Twin Flames, this past month’s intensive Libra energies have pushed for a continued equalization process of the masculine/feminine energies both internally and in the Twin Flame pair. Like a pair of Libra scales we’ve been prodded to release anything keeping us out of balance.

Beneath The Surface

Now, we move onto more specific matters. With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in healing those issues that have been repressed. Often, we approach healing from a conscious point of view and believe that this is “enough” but the human psyche is multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve.

Scorpio energies help us with this. Expect a month with deeper realizations of what’s been going on beneath the surface in your Twin Flame dynamic. Healing and transmuting issues based in past wounds that were buried so deeply you didn’t know they were there.

Inner child healing is extremely powerful right now. Meditate on seeking what your inner child wants you to know. This is a powerful method, used not only in metaphysics but in mainstream psychology. Often, trauma is locked in parts of our psyche we’re not fully aware of on a day-to-day basis.

Sexual Detox for Twins

As sexuality is the domain of Scorpio, ruler of the Sacral Chakra, we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm over the next month. This is intensified right now, as Pluto – ruler of Scorpio – trines Venus/Jupiter in Virgo. Plutonian energies tend to push for a detox, purging anything unhealthy that needs to go in order for full health (energetically and physically) to be restored.

If issues around sexuality crop up this month, go deep – look below the surface, ask yourself questions. Where is this coming from? What is it I’m afraid of? Where do I feel lacking? What is this trying to tell me? In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

And once you learn the lesson and release the negative patterns, you are free to move on. We never have to re-learn any tough lessons once we have fully understood and released.

Releasing the Sexual Past

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues. If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, that could be why. You are the genetic result of thousands of generations of people thinking, feeling and fearing. We are only a few short generations into the relatively safe, comfortable modern society we now live in – but the energy we carry in the deeper energetic layers often stems from way before that.

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames. It focuses on giving you day-to-day tools and information for you to shift out of anything that’s holding you back, lifting your vibration and moving you to Twin Flame Harmony and Union with ease and speed.

Death And Rebirth on the Twin path

Halloween is the perfect Scorpio holiday – a night when the “dead come back” and we celebrate the thinning of the veil between this world and the next one. Themes of life and death abound right now – nature is shedding her “life” in the northern hemisphere, “dying” now only to come back again in spring.

These are eternal themes, reflected in religion and cultural traditions worldwide. All of existence is a series of deaths and rebirths. The old fades, the new arises out of its ashes – an age-old symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix rising.

We on the Ascension path are fortunate to experience the “death of the old self” and the “rebirth of the new” while we are still on this earth. This is a true gift! If you feel stuck and low, know that you are simply in one particular phase of this process, the rebirth and the inner feelings of light and expansion are eventually to follow.

The Twin Flame journey is full of seeming death, followed by glorious new births as we let go of old negative patterns and attachments and welcome in the new. In order to join together in unconditional love, to be ready for the final merging of the Twin Souls, we must let go of any old outdated permutations of what we believed Love to be.

Still time for Twin Flame Magic

Venus and Jupiter are still conjunction in Virgo, with Mars close – we are still in a potentially magical time for love. I’ve been shown that the most potent way of utilising these energies, is to simply be open to the highest version of what this could mean for you.

Try to not set your mind on a particular situation that could happen, but send out the intention to the universe that you are open to “love miracles” showing up in some way for you and your Twin. This aligns your energy field to receive and experience.

Super Moon Manifestation

We have a Full Moon this week on the 27th October in Taurus – it harmonises the earth energies from the Virgo triplet (Jupiter/Venus/Mars), plus it is positively aspected to Neptune and Pluto. In other words – there is a lot going on this time.

In addition, this is a so-called Super Moon – meaning, it is very close to earth and has an extra strong magnetic field impact on earth; on the tides and our emotions (human beings are “water beings”, so much of our bodies consist of water).

Taurus as a sign is all about practicality, creation – the home sign of Venus, planet of Love. The Full Moon in Taurus speaks volumes about manifestation – don’t give up if things haven’t happened just yet.

I am conducting a Live Energy Clearing Call on November 3rd for Twin Flames, where we focus on clearing blocks to Manifestation and blasting through blocks to receiving Abundance and Love, plus we download new energy blueprints to ready you for Twin Flame Union in 2016. You can sign up here.

Lessons of Patience

Taurus energies are attuned to deliberate, patient manifestation and reminds us that like with a flower planted from a seed, there is quite a lot of growing that has to be done below the ground before we ever see the plant emerging over the surface.

So if you’ve been working on manifesting something that hasn’t yet shown up – don’t lose hope, your manifestation could be just out of visibility. Keep nurturing those “seeds” daily and you’ll manifest surely and quickly. Doubt, skepticism and so on disrupt the energetic attraction and just makes it take longer. You might also want to address any blocks to receiving.

Manifesting “Good” or “Bad”?

Full Moon in Taurus and the current Scorpio energies also call for a check-up on what you’re actually manifesting lately. We don’t just manifest consciously. All of life is an exercise in constant manifestation. Both consciously and unconsciously.

So take a good look at your thoughts and feelings from the last few weeks – the true indication of what you’ve been drawing closer – have you been focusing on what you want or have you been stressing out about negativity or perceived problems?

This is emphasized by the opposition between the Taurus Full Moon and the Sun in Scorpio – our conscious intentions and our underlying feelings and thoughts are often opposed, therefore it’s important to check in and find out what’s going on beneath the surface. The subconscious mind is responsible for over 90% of our mental activity at any given moment – this is where the true manifestation happens.

Reality Check Coming

We manifest when we consistently send energy and emotions and thoughts out, in a particular vibrational match with what we desire. Needless to say, if our subconscious feelings and thoughts are revolving around stress and fear while we consciously desire to manifest joy and love – it’s not going to be easy. We’re fighting ourselves.

We’re given a reality check with this Taurus Full Moon. If you realize you’ve been drawing in negativity, you can cancel and clear this. When you notice yourself thinking and feeling negatively, state “cancel and clear that” to stop the energy transmission. This helps a lot.

The 11:11 New Moon

Check in now with any intentions you’ve set before – what you would like to bring about in your life. Have you been taking any action to make it happen?

The Full Moon is all about reaping the results of this past moon cycle, so if you’re not happy with the state of affairs right now, you have a chance to manifest differently these next 28 days until The 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio (occurring on 11/11 at 22:44 UTC).

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x