Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 27th July – 2nd August


twin flame ascension

The first of a series of pivotal weeks for Twin Flames, with Venus retrograde and the Blue Moon signaling a push and pull between individuality and oneness – we are now being forced to let go of anything that keeps us from opening up and moving further into Ascension.

There are not many human beings on this earth who are comfortable with fully opening up and being completely vulnerable with another, in fact you could probably say it’s the one thing we fear the most – opening up to potential hurt and disappointment.

Purification of Ego

Yet this is what we will be pushed to confront these coming weeks with Venus moving in retrograde motion back into Leo, sign of glory, drama and self. Leo is a sign where the energies sometimes indicate excessive self focus and ego, and this is all part of the lesson. These are the areas of our energy fields and psyches that are now being pushed up to be purified.

Ego (from Greek, it simply means “I am”) is not necessarily “all bad”, it is the defense mechanism that has served us throughout life to spur us on to achieve and to give us a sense of self in a world that could otherwise “swallow us up” in a mass of now 7 billion people. However, in Ascension we are pushed to let go of the “old ego” and paradigms of separation and transcend into the higher realms.

The demands of Kings and Queens

These next few weeks watch out for ego issues in love and relationships. Venus moving backwards through Leo speaks loudly of this – Leo is “royalty” and the undertow of these energies often say: “If I am not treated as the singular king/queen I am, there will be trouble”.

In general we are still in a period of huge amounts of Retrograde energies, indicating that more review and reexamination is needed before we get to move on. We are not deemed ready to “graduate” just yet. 

Saturn turns Direct

Cosmic “taskmaster” Saturn finally turns direct on August 1st after months of teaching us responsibility by making us look back at where we’ve gone wrong in the past. Saturn going direct will help lessen the heaviness and feeling of moving through mud we may have had lately – keep in mind that these energies may intensify around his station date, but by next week we’ll be able to feel that the pressure has lessened somewhat.

This week is chock full of intensive aspects in other areas of the Zodiac also, with Mars opposite Pluto retrograde, both square Uranus in Aries – power issues come to the fore to be resolved, and emotions run high. People can be highly volatile so be careful with body language and how you word things – you might trigger someone without realizing.

Letting the “Demons” out

These are the kinds of times where that one thing you say in a particular tone of voice causes a person to flip out in a rage when they seemed OK a minute earlier. Pluto and Uranus do not accept bottling up our grievances – everything must be brought to light so it can be resolved and healed once and for all.

Contrast this with Cancer energies that most often prefer to keep the harmony, at least on the surface, and most often to their own detriment – swallowing words and pride in order to not stir conflict. So work to express any negativity in a healthy way right now. Intensive exercise, sports and self-expression activities seem ideal. Preferably something that will allow you to vent any repressed anger or resentment in a non-damaging way.

Blue Moon in Aquarius

On Friday July 31st we have a Full Moon in Aquarius, the famous “Blue Moon”, one of two full moons in July – which is extremely rare. The Full Moon is a time of strong emotional energies, a cycle being completed.

Venus retrograde in Leo, the sign Opposite the Aquarius Full Moon, is yet another indicator that a full review and reconfiguration is called for within love – and especially within the Twin Flame connection. Aquarius is a sign strongly invested in freedom, individuality and the new and unorthodox. This does not mix well with love and partnerships.

Holdbacks to Ascension and Union

For the Twin Flames this Full Moon coupled with Venus Retrograde will be bringing up a lot of issues around ego and pride (Leo) and the desire to stand alone and be free and uninhibited (Aquarius) over the coming weeks – things that may have been holding back Ascension and Union.

Which way it goes will be revealed over the next 28 days as the planet of Love continues her backward motion (think back to find the answers, where the wounds lie so they can finally be healed and you can move on in a healthy way with love) and the Full Moon energies play out until the next Moon cycle. One thing is for sure, the energies will be pushing us hard in this area.

Highly significant time for Twin Flames

In addition Venus retrograde opposes Neptune retrograde in his home sign of Pisces – earth and individuality vs spirit and collective. This again indicates the push of the Twin Flame Ascension period – a significant period towards releasing anything limiting that still lingers in our energy fields and might be weighing us down from full transcendence and spiritual freedom.

There’s a lot we’re being asked to release right now. Retrograde periods are times for letting go of the old and prepare to move on.

Twin Flame duality Vs oneness

Ultimately the Twin Flame connection is a push and pull between Duality and Oneness. That is what our journey is about, to a large extent – something that is a commonality between us all. And now we are being asked to face this huge issue once and for all.

As Twin Flames: We are the same, yet we are different. We are united, yet we are divided living as two individuals on earth. We belong together, yet Free Will allows us to explore life on earth with anyone we choose, in any way we choose.

And this is most often the crux of any problems between the Twin Flames. This is not an easy journey and we knew this when we came here. At the same time, we also knew it was fully possible to unite across any distance emotionally and physically, to resolve any imbalances, to rise above the traditional earthly paradigms of separation.

Pivotal weeks for Twin Flames

Venus turning back on herself yesterday heralded a period that will be pivotal for Twin Flames across the globe. We are being pushed to our limits, in preparation of what is to come. There is no doubt about it; these coming 28 days will be intense.

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x 

PS: If you feel these intensive energies pushing you, I would strongly suggest looking into the Vibrational Alignment Program I created to help Twin Flames through Ascension.

It shows you how to pinpoint your particular blocks and karmic imbalances so you can clear negative energy away actively to restore harmony and balance within your Twin Flame connection – doing this yourself will save you a lot of the hard grind these energies are putting us under, allowing you to move with the flow rather than being forced by negative circumstances.

We always have a choice – to learn the lesson willingly and actively, or to be shown it with force by circumstances beyond our control. I know what I’d rather choose.