Twin Flame Energy Forecast 28th October-3rd November: “Shakeup”



Mercury Retrograde. Cosmic Re-Alignment Of Self, Allowing The Heart’s Wisdom To Take The Lead To Reunion. Can You See Yourself With The Eyes Of Infinity?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Mercury goes Retrograde conjunct Venus, spurring the heart to take the reins, Uranus opposition Sun pushes for a death/rebirth of self and Jupiter asks you to allow your highest potential to step forth on your journey!

Discover more below!

How Are You Feeling?

This is set to be a week for big shifts. Come Monday we already have a couple of challenges looming on the horizon.

Chiron and Lilith Retrograde are coupled up at the beginning of Aries, signalling that old wounds for the feminine around self, others and especially appearance are being triggered.

Are you feeling turmoil right now, like something isn’t quite right? It’s this stuff, which is likely buried deep in your system from childhood and even further (Learn about Twin Flame karma and past lives here).

Whatever challenge is going on for you right now, it likely involves flawed ways you were taught (or shown) to see yourself in relation to others.

Releasing The “Lies” About Who You Are

As you may know already, the Twin Flame connection triggers everything that is OUT of resonance with love, to rise up.

So right now the universe is “helping” you realize where your own self perception is damaged. Because it is a wound, it’s not correct.

The truth about you is that you are divinely perfect, but you may have been tangled up in mis-aligning and operating in a not so positive way in the world because of what other PEOPLE showed you.

If your Twin Flame connection seems to have gone haywire lately, this is a big part of it. When we have inner wounds around feeling unlikeable, unattractive, not important, unworthy… It draws out a mirror reflection in our counterpart. (Read about the Twin Flame mirror here)


Go within, get these old wounds straightened out and you will begin to draw out a more harmonious reflection from the Twin Flame Mirror.

I take you through it here.

Remember this stuff doesn’t just go away because we hope it will – the cosmic energies triggering us is actually a great thing once we learn to clear the negativity instead of letting it fester.

When we use triggers to clear and refine into a higher vibration, our journey levels up more and more over time into harmony, mutual positivity and love.

Just have a look at what these other Twins have experienced.

Death/Rebirth Of Self And Identity

There is a big focus on self perception and how WE and OUR INNER STATE affects our love relationships and Twin connection this week.

With an opposition between Uranus R and the Sun, we’re being pushed to let go of our old ways of seeing ourselves.

Spirit’s input is that when we can let go of identifying with the “small self” (i.e. our body, name, background, education, family) this becomes so much easier.

Align with the knowing of the Higher self, the knowing that you are in essence a spirit of pure light, experiencing a physical life. That you are perfect and infinitely capable beneath it all, and that this is the truth about you.

When you can do this consistently, your reality begins to match your inner state in a major way, you truly begin to illuminate your whole path and Twin connection. (Read more in this article).


What Did You Absorb From Others Before The Age Of 6?

As the Sun is currently moving through Scorpio we see that the blocks in this are UN-conscious.

It’s the emotional material from before we were able to logically understand the world, that’s getting in the way of the immaculate light and love we’re asking and praying for.

That’s the stuff that’s dragging so many of us down and causing problems. Feel into it, it likely doesn’t have words or a name to it, it’s a feeling of heaviness or “wrongness” above all.

And spirit is asking me to share this insight: When we are so young we haven’t learned language or logic properly – up to 6 years old and beyond – we don’t merely “learn” or “get told” what the world is like by others.

We actually ABSORB others’ issues, match their reality and programming without even realizing it. This is why this childhood “baggage” can be so stubborn.

Feel Like Things Should Be Different Right Now?

Spirit’s input is that for those who are further into ascension and still struggling, this is where to look. To the UN-conscious. The feeling level state where we allowed others’ reality and problems and limitation to IMPRINT on us.

This is the stuff we’re carrying in our systems without even realizing it.

They suggest this:
Imagine the first home you remember living in. Feel the feelings that are triggered. What does it feel like? If there’s yuckiness, something that doesn’t feel good, you should clear that. It doesn’t have to be labelled.

For a major deep clearing where we remove “false karmic content” of man vs woman conflict programming, manifestation-grids that have been blocking your desires from coming to you and more, click here. This is complex work and the effect is stronger when you know what energy templates and grids to address.


“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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Dreams Carry The Answers!

Spirit also shows us, you’re highly likely to have dreams this week showing you this kind of latent negativity – dreams about childhood or people from then, and symbolic efforts from your soul trying to show you any underlying blocks so you can release them.

If you dream about your first crush from high school, don’t assume it’s a random dream, it’s your soul trying to show you something significant back then is affecting you today.

Most likely, what you dream about will be trying to show you where your own SELF PERCEPTION is blocking love and your Twin Flame connection.

This challenge lasts throughout the week, but is really meant as a “cosmic gift”.

Remember Who You Really Are!

The Universe is working to help you change your self perception so that you can rise into your true incandescent self – the amazing self you really are!

So the deep unconscious assumptions you made about who you were, are being presented to you so you can see them for what they are – FALSE – and release them for good.

Old emotions are dislodging and rising to the surface. So make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse Tool to clear it out.

Because Uranus R is bringing the challenge, there will likely be sudden changes and upsets. The outside reality feels like it behaves erratically, triggering you. Unexpected stuff crops up.

Remember there are blessings in disguise, and work to stay in your new and higher “story of self”. You are an infinite being of light, and you are divinely perfect. Anything else is an illusion.

Are You Being The Person Who Has Your Dream Come True?

This whole week there is a death/rebirth process of self going on, so be gentle and forgiving with yourself. Try to not fight the stuff that gets triggered but recognize it for what it is. Allow the illusions to tumble so your new state of self can rise forth.

This is a key to your desired Reunion.

In manifestation, we often say, to receive something BE the person who ALREADY HAS that thing. I.e. work to stay in the state you would be in if you already HAD reunited with your Twin. So how would that be?

You may need repeated work on this, but keep it in the back of your mind. If issues crop up, ask yourself:

Is this the old idea of self, or my ideal new state? Am I BEing the person who has love and reunion, or am I acting like someone who is out of reach to that?

(To shed some more light on this, have a look here)

Mercury Retrograde: 31st October-20th November

As Wednesday comes along Mercury stations to go Retrograde until 20th November.

This is tying into similar themes, because this retrograde, Mercury stops while conjunct Venus. This is a highly rare occurrence.

The universe is asking us to reconsider our beliefs about love. Because Twin Flames are here on a “mission of love”, this is set to be a heightened Mercury Retrograde for us.

Expect to be shown the illusions and mis-aligned beliefs you’ve taken on about love, and, spirit comments, where YOUR own BELIEFS and THOUGHTS have been blocking your connection. (Learn more here)

Do You Believe Love Is Real?

Remember that in order to receive and manifest something, we have to be able to be open to it on a belief level. First, the spiritual knowing that it is possible.

If we cannot get past that stage, it will get blocked in our systems by our own programming (Read more about the chakra system and how manifestation works in this Free Chakra Reading for Twin Flames).


As Venus moves forward past Mercury, who’s turning “back on himself”, we see that where the mind “fails”, the heart leads into wisdom.

These coming couple of weeks, try to shift out of the analytical mental mode of approaching life and love. Shift into your heart and “listen” with your inner wisdom – that’s the compass that will take you to love, to your reunion, to your dream come true.

Your Heart Knows The Way Where The Mind Gets Lost

Mercury and Venus symbolize the head and the heart, and right now the heart knows the way where the mind gets lost in illusion.

Don’t listen or seek with your mind this period. It’s all about intuition and your inner wisdom. Meditation will be very helpful still, because the mind “likes” to control things and it can be tricky to avoid its busy attempts to get involved when we work to align with the heart.

Another indication to this Retrograde motion is that the universe is working to break open deep assumptions we humans have made about love and LIFE and the nature of togetherness vs separation.

As this Retrograde starts on Halloween – we have an extra emphasis on LIFE/DEATH issues around love and beliefs. The universe is trying to show up assumptions HUMANITY has made about the life/death divide, the veil of illusion, self and spirit…

Are You Working With Your Guides?

Remember we ARE spirits, we’re just alive in human bodies. Beings on the other side are spirits who just happen to not be dwelling in a human body right now.

(Learn more about spirit guides and how to enlist their help on your Journey in the Vibrational Alignment Program, module 2 and 4)

That’s something the universe is working to show us.

And for Twin Flames, when you can relax into your heart this week you will be shown that there is no such thing as “separation” except to the physical eyes and senses.

There is a whole world and immaculate love and togetherness beyond the physical, and it is working to make itself known to you now.

So yet again, this is a heightened Mercury Retrograde for Twins because we’re also dealing with “lessons” around the illusions of separation. We are here to help humanity step into the knowing that love is limitless.

New Themes In Love – Taking Risks, Aiming For The Stars

From 1st November we have a new theme in love and relationships as Venus enters Sagittarius. This brings a less heavy mood than the last month.

Venus in Sagittarius is all about adventurousness, fun and reaching for the stars.

A theme these coming weeks, is remembering how short life is, and not to stay on the sidelines waiting but to aim your highest and work to make things happen.

Taking risks for love. Betting on yourself. Believing in yourself.

Themes are freedom, optimism and higher perspectives. The wisdom Sagittarius imparts, is that optimism is far from foolish. In fact, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do You Trust The Universe To Take Care Of You?

Once we can trust the Universe to take care of us, this becomes a positive signal continuously broadcasting out and returning to us exactly that – feeling and experiencing being taken care of.

And if you find that hard to do, it’s a clear sign that you’ve taken on negative low vibrational beliefs about the world, yourself and others.

It’s important to address those issues because if left unchecked they will be there in the background of your being attracting “outer proof” of those inner fears and limitations.

So ask yourself:
Do you feel loved by the universe?

Do you feel like things are going your way in life?
Do you feel confident that you and your Twin will reunite and that you are being supported to get to that point?
If not, it’s time to get to work.

Click here and I’ll take you through it.

To Love For Love’s Sake – What Are Your Passions?

This coming month you may open to the experience that love doesn’t have to come in the form of romance.

This period boost your path with light by immersing yourself in LOVE for your heart’s passions whether it’s music, dancing, sports, pets, political activities, writing, painting…

And that inner love will fill your heart, “magically” beginning to attract romantic love also!

Thursday and Friday we have an intensification of these themes of love for the sake of love itself, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in his home sign Sagittarius.

You’ll likely feel uplifted, more optimistic than usual.

Do You Know Where Your Soul Wants To Take You?

Remember that’s the truth. That’s who you are as a being, beyond this body. That’s how you can feel ALL the time once you release the 3D heaviness and limitation.

And that’s what Ascension is designed to do.

When you’re in that state all the time, Twin Flame harmony and reunion is “inevitable”, it’s what you are effortlessly aligned with. There are no blocks attracting struggle or conflict anymore.

That’s the state your soul wants you to get to. As soon as possible, so you can live the love you came here for.

Remember that lightness and positivity is WHO YOU ARE.

It’s in you all along. All you have to do is align with that knowing, and release and cleanse away anything that tells you otherwise.

You really are here for a reason. We only have two months left of 2020. How will you enter into the new year? If you’re ready to take action on making this coming year the best you’ve ever had, join me here.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“Cassady, your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

– Karen, Arkansas, USA


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