Twin Flame Energy Forecast 29th June-5th July: “Eclipse Gateway Closes”



Major Week For Twins – Lunar Eclipse Closes The Triple Gateway, While Heavyweight Planets Push For Reform Into True Love. Are You Ready To Embrace The Soul And Eternity?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Major intensity as Jupiter R and Pluto R meet – biological fears triggered to help open to eternal love. Plus, Lunar Eclipse closes the Triple Gateway with a push around identity and ancestry…

Discover more below!

Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction – Reversals, Echoes From Early 2020

This is set to be another MAJOR week, for Twin Flames and everyone. We have some powerful transits coloring the mood not just this week but into next month.

The first key event is a highly anticipated conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto on June 30th.

Both now moving Retrograde, this conjunction echoes themes from earlier this year and deals with major sudden changes in fortune. Reversals of previous situations are possible.

Remember as always that the cosmic energies work to restore perfect harmony, our highest good.

I know many of you have a counterpart who is with another individual, a so-called “karmic” partner or “outsider” and yes, this can be an indication of such a connection coming to an end or the energies pushing for it…

Spirit comments, *if* the lessons have been learned (I help you speed up that process here in the Oneness Code Activation Session)


“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…” – Diane

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Pushing For Resolution – Power Adjustments

You’ll have been noticing this transit’s increasing tension over the last week and it’s going to continue into early July.

Pluto is notoriously heavy, like lead. It’s an inner, deeper feeling of unease or feeling of foreboding for many.

In cosmic terms, a new world order is being brought forth. And anything in the way of harmony, is being pushed toward resolution.

What’s being purged, has to do with conflict, separation and perception of self as small – the goal is harmony, unity, and a higher state of consciousness… Knowing of the oneness in all things.

Those who have not used power fairly are likely to be pulled down in this period in some way, those who work for the highest good of all are pushed to position. In essence. Balance being restored.

Secrets Coming Out, Shifting Situations…

Secrets may be revealed, in order to cancel out false power structures and hierarchies that do not serve the highest good. Markets changing on a world basis is highly likely, as Pluto also deals with wealth.

(The last time Jupiter and Pluto met was 12 years ago, roughly around the time of the last recession). We’re shown that negative consciousness energy will be released to purge at this time, so clearing your system will be highly beneficial.

(I take you through clearing negative attachment contracts and outworn soul contracts here and here – this is a fast way to major positive shifts).

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and when he goes retrograde, expansion, success and uplifting goes inward… Pluto is the planet of power, life/death and sexuality, and when he goes retrograde his effect goes inward too. This is a major cosmic transit for the year.

April 4th Themes Echoed – Inverted “Versions” Of Old Themes

Jupiter and Pluto “met” on April 4th when both were moving direct, so what we experience now has clear echoes back to that time.

We’re dealing with an inverted “version” of events and experiences at that time, or even a chance to deal with strong experiences from then.

Resolution is being requested by the cosmic energies. There’s something we did not consider, accept or understand back then, that we are now being brought to face with once more.

Spirit highlights the fear of death as a central theme. Pluto is the “lord of the underworld”, in Greek mythology he was Hades the king of the dead… So when he shows up in a major conjunction we are unsurprisingly facing issues around mortality.

Issues Of Mortality Vs The Eternal Soul Of Light…

Spirit shows us, that a central theme to awakening is to come face to face with our own identity as infinite souls of light… And the gateway that often blocks humanity from that acceptance and solace, is the fear of physical death.

And that fear is rooted in the human body, understandably. Even if you are far into ascension and spiritual awakening, you may notice a general un-ease in your system, strange dreams or even feeling others who care about you projecting worry your way.

These are all expressions of the ancient survival patterns, the fear of physical death, rising to the surface to help us shift into more of our spiritual selves.

Our infinite souls, who are eternal and immortal.

This has been a key to spiritual mastery since ancient times, to rise above the physical “limited small self” based in body identification – and to become the soul, “the light”, living physical life.

Ego Flare Ups – Deep Roots In Fear Of Destruction

Spirit shows that as Mars is currently “home” in Aries, ego may flare up when people feel afraid of their own mortality. In essence, this is where conflict comes from – a fear of being destroyed.

Again, it ties into the “soul lesson” that we are really beings of light – not just a physical body. An identity shift, an expansion of understanding of who we are, is underway.

At this time we are not only dealing with this on a personal level as people in spiritual awakening and on the path of ascension, but it’s happening as a whole to society.

The purging of deep fears and survival patterns, that are rising to the surface as the planet’s own ascension rises into a higher state.

Stirring Up The Shadows…

When more light fuels in, darkness gets stirred up. Now you have awareness, it’s a huge help. Do your best to stay in a higher perspective. Journalling will be a huge help.

There are also many other simple yet powerful methods that can help you stay in positivity and move into more and more love on your journey, even in challenging times. I take you through that here.


This is set to be a major time for the year for us all. Key experiences, inner and outer, are set to be happening around this time.

If you’re sensitive, you may already have been feeling it (use the Free Energy Cleanse to feel better). And it will continue for a few weeks longer – but June 30th is the exact conjunction.

What Does This Mean For Twin Flames?

Spirit shows us, for Twin Flames this is likely to rattle loose and bring up fears of losing each other. So keep an eye on yourself.

Really, these fears are false for Twins, because we’re always connected. These deeper fears are part of the human 3D system.

So know this. Align with your soul, align with the higher reality.

When this fear of losing your Twin is out of your system, a HUGE block will be gone from your journey. In fact, spirit shows us, this is something that will open to physical reunions in a MAJOR way.

And because it’s a PHYSICAL BODY block it’s been so unconscious for most of us, we didn’t know it was there. It’s behind the scenes, not in the conscious awareness.

You Never Left Heaven. You Were Never NOT Together

As Pluto/Jupiter’s conjunction trines Neptune, this point is echoed – the path forward goes through tuning into the spiritual realms, to bridge back to who we truly are.

I once received a strange message from spirit in response to a question: I was told, “You never LEFT heaven. You are still there!”. The message came so unexpectedly and yet I understood.

(To learn more, read this article on the Higher Self).

Their point is that although the human part of our consciousness is here, there are also higher parts of our consciousness that exist in pure light.

That is also us. The higher frequencies. The eternal self, our higher self.

That part of us never “leaves” the realms of love and light where all is well always (“heaven”). We just don’t perceive on that level here in our physical bodies.

Opening To Twin Flame Unity In The “3D”

Remember this when you think about your Twin Flame connection – you ARE already in “heaven”. You ARE already one, together, in blissful love. And when we can begin to lift up and align with those higher states and realities, our path opens up so much.

The two planets meet “exact” one more time this year, then it will be over a decade until next time – and, it will be hundreds of years until they meet in Capricorn again.

As Pallas is in the middle of this conjunction, we also see that from the ashes, the phoenix rises… and central to this is the Divine Feminine’s higher self presence.

On the world stage we see female leadership may show up unexpectedly. And we’re actually shown some females are here with a life purpose of leadership but may have held themselves back from taking that position.

Don’t Hold Back When Guidance Calls!

If you feel drawn to public leadership in any way, don’t hold back. you will be supported. you don’t have to be “perfect”, you don’t have to know everything!

Above all, you need to care about people and about the state of the world, and to have a good heart. To be passionate about making a difference!

Start small, is spirit’s advice. Join a group of friends together. Big things happen bit by bit.
Don’t shy away from the spotlight, is their input. You truly can make a difference. (Read more about the Divine Feminine here)

Heightening the intensity, this same day, Mercury Retrograde moves backwards past the Sun in Cancer.

Rethinking Identity – Opening To More

This is a classic indication of unconsciousness or automatic thinking and identity patterns obscuring our analytical conscious choices and direction.

We’re being asked to reconsider and rethink our IDENTITY and how we perceive ourselves. Spirit says, how we see ourselves impacts EVERYTHING in our lives.

If you see yourself as weak or not that special, you won’t make choices to go for your dreams, to take risks, you will align with less positivity in life, your energy will be matched to blocking out the kind of ecstatic blissful love Twins share…

In essence, our self perception is being pushed for an overhaul right now. So we can understand, that there are NO LIMITS. That we are infinite, special, loved, here for a reason…

That love is who we are. That perfection is who we are. Beings of light. And everything else is an illusion. A “story” that keeps us from our highest potential – and for Twins, blocks reunion.

Traditions, Cultural Content In Focus…

As this transit happens in Cancer, spirit highlights that the “limited identity stories” automatic thoughts, beliefs and self-communication that was given to you by FAMILY especially are coming up for resolution.

Particularly stories and beliefs passed down the generations. Traditions. Cultural baggage.

We all grow up being told a story about who we are based on our family background, their jobs, their values, their beliefs. and this is pushed onto us so we will carry on that identity and those values. To fit in.

This is a KEY time to release those things that have been holding you back. (For an easy and comforting session to do this, click here)

In essence, every single human life story you’ve been told about who you were. Because you are truly an infinite being and you can be, have and do anything you choose.

The Constructed Self Vs The Higher Truth

Sure, some things may come easier to you than others, but the key here is that our identity that we take for granted is not truthful to us. It is constructed.

And often, it’s not unique to us – it’s the result of other people’s stories about self, family, beliefs about reality.

Pay attention to your dreams, as your soul is working to show you.

Try to see yourself with an outside perspective in this period. Question EVERYTHING you thought about yourself. Write it all down now and be prepared to reconsider.

Write out new positive self perceptions, as it helps reprogram your automatic mind and thereby your alignment. (I help you with this here – the best thing is, it requires zero effort, as you just have to listen along!)


Ancestral/Karmic Purge – Chakra “Upgrade”

Happening at the same time as Jupiter/Pluto’s conjunction, we see there’s a strong purge/detox of family based/ancestral/karmic programming and belief systems from the brow and solar plexus chakra, as well as the sacral (blocks to kundalini rising may be rattled loose).

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What this means is your willpower, energy and ambition may feel out of whack, you may experience issues with sexuality and conflict patterns flaring up, issues around powerlessness and perceiving things to seem hopeless could crop up…

In short, to make the most of not only this time but uplift your path and your Twin Flame connection for the long run I’d strongly recommend clearing your energy.

I take you through a full chakra system “tune-up” in the Free Energy Cleanse tool here, or to go deeper and with ease and gentleness shift out of the density and the “human programming” that’s coming up, have a look here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

The Human Heritage – Are You Ready For Freedom?

Hundreds of years ago, people had little personal freedom, safety, options for life… With many forms of danger and often a lot of lack… Imagine the kind of self perception people had in those situations, without much education, wherewithal or options.

That’s the “human heritage” the cosmic energies are working to free us from now! So for your own highest good, work with them to cleanse this old material and you’ll feel so much freer and lighter for the long run.

With this virus outbreak, we as a human collective have come face to face with old human karma around survival and sickness.

We are meant to rise into a higher state, but as you’ve likely experienced on your own journey of awakening, often things flare up before they get better – as the density rises to the surface to be released.

To learn more about karma, click here.


Cosmic Push For Responsibility From Early 2020

July 1st we also have another major shift in energy as Saturn moves backwards into Capricorn. This indicates there’s something unhealed or unresolved we’re being asked to deal with.

He was in Capricorn until March 21st, so we see there are themes from BEFORE that, which are being brought up for resolution.

Saturn deals with responsibility, karma and time, so it’s likely people in authority who did not take responsible action earlier in the year, will be challenged to explain and make up for decisions made then.

Society as a whole may be dealing with a processing of the events from earlier this year. Grieving. Working to come to terms with difficulty, which happened in a chaotic and survival bound way.

As a collective, triggering around mortality has happened these last few months. Solutions are being “demanded” by Saturn. We are being pushed to figure out what we did “wrong” so it won’t happen again.

Opening To Dreams Fulfilled

There’s also a sense of sadness from the past coming up to be healed, around family (opposition to Cancer). Others in your lineage who had disappointments in love may figure strongly, pay attention to what your intuition and dreams show up.

Release those negative patterns so you can open to love FULFILLED, to dreams COME TRUE!

At the moment you may feel far from united with your Twin, it may seem like togetherness, marriage, union are out of reach or far off, as Juno the asteroid of marriage is opposition Chiron the wounded healer.

We’re shown that healing of SELF is needed in order to join together FULLY and HARMONIOUSLY. Because our own template of relationships with others is so strongly affected by how we see ourselves, feel about and talk about ourselves.

In essence, you can journey in healing together, but until core wounds are healed, it will bring stop-start motion and flare ups. This is why purging happens on your Twin Flame journey, to HELP you. (Read more here).



Closing The Triple Eclipse Gateway

I know it seems heavy, this week, but please don’t worry – it will lighten into next week and beyond. Right now the major purge is on.

Sealing off this week on July 5th, we have the closing of the triple eclipse gateway – ending a chapter from early June.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is set to bring MASSIVE change, an emotional culmination. This is the ending of one chapter, for another to begin.

It may feel like the end in general… If so, know that it is SPECIFICALLY to prepare for a rebirth…

Spiritual rituals since the dawn of time have involved a “death” or sacrifice/release ceremony of the lower self so that the seeker could “graduate” into the higher self. This is likely happening on an inner level.

Releasing The Past To Open To A Brighter Future

You may want to set the intention you release any “earlier version” of your journey, yourself, your Twin Flame connection. That you are ready for the new and higher chapter.

With the Lunar eclipse and Saturn retrograde’s shift, major activity returns to Capricorn for the first time in months… On the world stage, we’re again shown the emotional healing that comes from accepting responsibility.

That when we accept that we are co-creators of our journey as a collective and individually, that’s when we can move forward to something better.

When we cast blame, we can’t change things. We keep the energy blocked. Remember this for your Twin Flame connection.

When you begin to take an active part, the universe responds with support and positivity. (Learn more here)

What The Planets “Want” Us To Remember…

Again, this week is likely to return in some way to themes from earlier this year. the beginning of the year. The retrogrades “say” to us individually and as a collective, how do you in retrospect wish you had handled things and approached life/love in early 2020?

How can you USE that wisdom now, to plan and prepare for the future?

There’s a strong energy this week, that the planets are pushing us to realize YES, LIFE IS SHORT! So make the most of it now.

Don’t wait for things to magically get better. Take action. Saturn in Capricorn is a strong message of creation through sustained effort – manifestation and responsibility.

Set the INTENTION, use your power of choice and alignment.

This is set to be a week full of major deep inner shifts and recalibrations. Be kind to yourself, use your energy tools and know that there are brighter times in store as long as you stay focused and align with light.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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