Twin Flame Energy Forecast 29th November-5th December: “Rebirth”


Solar Eclipse And Allied Cosmic Powers Push To Open The “Next Chapter”. Plus, Reunion Preparation Brings 3D Physical Re-Shuffling To Get Twins To Love…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Neptune Direct, Solar Eclipse creates shifts and instability – working to bring you to your highest. Twin Flames being redirected physically to each other – including “breakups” with past living arrangements and people.

Preparation for 2022 Reunions continues, Masculine Twin rattled to awareness…

Have you realized you were being divinely manoeuvred to love this whole time?

Discover more below!

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Eclipse Window Open

We head into this week with several important transits at work.

We’re still in the Eclipse window so keep in mind that things are a bit up in the air, until next week after the gateway closes. 

With Mercury conjunct the Sun and Vesta in Sagittarius now, there is a clarification happening of something that went on in early to mid October.

You were then purging some outworn aspects of self, patterns and perspectives on yourself, relationships and the world… 

New Identities/Perspectives

Now, you are moving into a NEW identity and or mode of communicating/perspective on yourself and others.

It could also deal with moving home or making changes to your home that elevate your spiritual practice and happiness…

With this trio in a supportive trine to Saturn, we see that you’re making changes for the LONG RUN and it’s got to do with building a happy foundation that supports your goals and dreams.

It’s likely you’re receiving signs of, or the actual manifestation of a prior goal. especially relating to a house, home, moving, travel or to do with communication and self. 

Or, making significant headway in this. (If you need help with creating change, and feel like things are still stuck, go here) 

Pie In The Sky?

You’re being encouraged that good things truly ARE possible, and that you are capable of amazing things.

Saturn is “mentoring” you into bringing it into physical reality above all.

So dream big, and make sure you work on anchoring your goals into the PHYSICAL as well so they don’t stay just a “pie in the sky”. 

For help with this, have a look at my Twin Flame Manifestation Session here.

In this deep energy journey, we go into clarifying and un-blocking the unconscious and re-calibrating your manifestation process. 

These are the methods that helped me personally manifest things like:

Moving to a new country and the visa to do so, a book deal with a worldwide publisher, growing the audience for Twin Flames 11:11, gaining soul friends, healing old chronic health issues, gaining more love and light in my life… and more!


What Really Gets You Your Dream Come True

North Node conjunct Ceres are also encouraging you that you do have what it takes, however… they are also pointing out that our destiny is NOT set in stone.

It’s a process. You “create” your path as you walk it.

Your choices play a huge part in what you experience.

Your INTENTIONS, your MINDSET, your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS and what you ALLOW into your life, mind, energy and world… Are what dictates what you get BACK in the form of experiences.

So make sure you’re aware of these factors now and work to refine your process.

For more on destiny and path, have a look at this article “What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines”… 

Neptune Direct

Wednesday December 1st Neptune turns direct, after many months of retrograde movement.

We’re finally begin to move forward again spiritually, and the “ether” will start to feel clearer and less congested, including in the Twin Flame connection. 

The reason for this is that the retrograde period has coincided with a collective purge of the Crown Chakra…

(More on the chakra system here, and get a free “reading” of which of your chakras need your attention most right now)

Spiritual Blocks

Issues involving feeling abandoned by the universe, and feeling disconnected from or unloved by source, or unsupported by your guides/Twin Flame’s higher self, have been coming up to be cleared.

This has put a dampener on many a spiritual link.

Also due to this purge of the Crown Chakra, many have felt disconnected from their Twin these past few months. This should start to improve now.


The Veil Of Perception “Thins”

On a deep, subconscious level many of us feel abandoned by the higher realms and/or the universe.

These old wounds have been coming up to be cleared over recent months – and for many this “translates” into experiencing it as if we have no help on our journey. 

As Neptune now moves direct through his own sign of Pisces again, the Veil of Perception will seem to “thin” more and more because a lot of this old entrenched energy has been cleared.

Your crown chakra and third eye are not in a purge/recalibration state so much. However, if you have blocks still it is imperative to open and clear them.

Because otherwise you’ll keep experiencing your path as if you’re unsupported or like there is no help for you from the higher realms.

Spiritual Clarity Increases

Mental disruptions and confusion will begin to settle now. Forward momentum will pick up, on the spiritual level. Clarity and “spiritual connectedness” will increase.

Experimentation with telepathy, communication with spirit, meditation and astral travel is set to be stronger and more fruitful than in recent months.

(Learn how to open to your divine guidance and your Twin Flame’s higher self so they can help and support you, showing you the steps to love – safely and without ego interference.

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Guidance For The Masculine Twin

Importantly, this Neptune Direct happens in support to Pluto, Venus and Mars.

This tends to indicate that the Masculine/Aries Twin is supported and guided more directly to “his” counterpart, and/or the two counterparts are being guided to their highest. 

It shows us that there is a divinely guided process of change and transformation happening with the Twin Flame pair.

And in this coming period you’re set to feel more noticeably what is happening and what the PURPOSE is – preparing for unity.

Shifting out of any unconscious limitations and into a higher state, harmonizing into love.

Solar Eclipse – Powerful Restart

This weekend, December 3rd/4th, we have a powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, and it happens in a conjunction with Mercury and Vesta.

This shows us there is a powerful restart happening in your life, home, mindset and closest environment. Eclipses bring dramatic and sudden changes, so don’t be alarmed if things seem out of control.

This is part of the Eclipse process of dismantling what is not to your highest good, so that what serves you better can show up instead. 

Divinely Guided “Blackout”

Be aware that there’s a “blackout” moment of unconsciousness that happens during Eclipses, that may cause confusion.

Tension is also building this whole week in the lead-up to the Eclipse. 

Old issues and toxins begin to rise to the “surface” so you get a chance to notice and release them.

(Remember to use energy tools, as they make this process a LOT smoother and help your Twin release too if they’re not aware and awakened. You can get started with the Free Twin Flame Resources here)


Foggy Perspectives… For A Reason

Above all, do your best not to take things at face value right now. 

 An Eclipse involving Sun conjunct Mercury is a lot like Mercury Retrograde. Our perspective is shifting and blurring.

We’ll tend to feel foggy and lacking in clarity and our usual perspective…

But it’s for our BENEFIT. There’s an upgrade of identity happening.

Shifting you into being ALIGNED with what you truly deserve, spirit says. Love.

Karmic Release

Therefore, you are being pushed to let go of identity structures that kept you from going for your dreams. So you can align with them and be a match to them happening in the physical.

We’re shown there are karmic grids, and particularly “shadow timelines”, being purged to drop away. 

Especially ancestral timelines of hurt, disappointment, victimhood and negativity that were not yours to carry to begin with but you unconsciously absorbed or opted into. 

So it’s important that you do NOT “buy into” negativity and repeating cycles. 

False Perceptions

And we’re shown, that any your negative aspects of identity in the past were FALSE because of this unconscious material.

If you felt unworthy or unlucky or unwanted due to disappointments or rejection, they were actually due to OUTSIDE content such as the shadow timelines…

Including any issues with your Twin Flame.

So a huge issue this eclipse is trying to show is: Any disappointment/trauma wasn’t because of “YOU”?

You WERE perfect, deserving, worthy, capable… But you took on distortions that affected your results…

What if It Wasn’t You?

And in turn you likely internalized it as if YOU were the reason, f ex that you were the kind of person who tended to get rejected or disappointed or let down.

And deep down, that you therefore were not deserving of good, or were unworthy on some level.

This is being pushed to release. Spirit says, a clean slate.

And that’s why you’re being almost knocked out for a while with the Eclipse, as it blacks out the Sun, symbolizing our ego consciousness or analytical self being obscured. 

You’re being pushed to let go, by knocking you unconscious on some level. Bypassing your ego mind – because that’s what kept the lower identity in place.

The Truth About Recent Months’ Challenges

The best thing you can do at this time, is remember that it was not you.

Any negative experiences that you’ve had in recent months in particular they’re saying, were due to debris coming to the surface in your energy field…

And the collective human field as a totality. 

Make sure you use this opportunity to clear this out of your system!

Karmic Shift

So YOU as your deserving, happy, loving, light self, can come to the fore more and more!

But you have to be aware of what’s going on so you can opt OUT of those old patterns and that “density” ie suffering, karmic negativity, division, fear, lack, limitations…

Because they are not true to you as a soul and will only bring more of the same. 

(To tap into your true highest frequency and path – the Twin Flame Soul Song – and be magnetic to unity with your counterpart, use the Star Activation Session where I take you through advanced quantum shifts to anchor this in.)


Family/Friend “Breakups”?

This Eclipse trines Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter, now direct, and it shows us that you ARE being nudged and guided to your dreams.

It really is within reach!

If you listen to true guidance, and let go of the “lies”/human stories of limitation.

Right now the focus is on hitting the restart button in terms of beliefs around self, identity and related subjects. 

As Vesta rules the home and Mercury also rules siblings and close environment, it shows these “false” structures likely CAME from those places…

And there’s a chance of “breakups” between family members, room mates, old friends and living arrangements that have held you back. 

Shakeup Events

For THEIR good as well as yours.

Sometimes people haven’t learned the lesson and you have to move on, spirit says. Wish them all the best, but follow what’s best for your future.

Don’t hold back, if it’s not serving you, ultimately. 

This could be happening with your counterpart as well on their side. And we’re shown, there may also be changes in educational institutions you’re related to.

A shakeup event.

If so, remember that Eclipses are ALWAYS about bringing us our highest good, and cutting away what has outworn its use.

The Divine Purpose Of Change

Eclipses are times of major sudden shakeups and changes, designed to get us to our TRUE soul path, love and harmony…

Because often, we don’t know our own good in our human lives… We end up hanging onto what is NOT our highest…

We settle for less than we deserve, or stay in unhealthy patterns.

When we do, Eclipses tend to shake us up.

So remember that however strange things seem right now, it’s part of getting you to where you are wanting to go. To your highest.


Preparing For Physical unity

We are still in the preparation phase leading up to Mars and Venus’ second conjunction in less than a year, as they meet in Capricorn in February. 

This is what I’ve been calling the “second Twin Flame Reunions” as it’s a rare event happening in the sign of the physical domain. 

This Eclipse will be a key part of that preparation.

Releasing The Illusion

Do your best to work WITH this process, to release the blocks being shown to you, and to shift into more and more of your highest self.

This is what will enable you to experience the lasting, harmonious Unity you have been longing for.

Listen to guidance, listen to your Twin’s higher self and your soul.

They know the way there.
And they are with you every second. 

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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