Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 2nd–8th November: “Phoenix From the Ashes”


A welcome respite from the heavy energetic push of recent months – for Twin Flames, a chance to return to the “Garden of Eden”.

After an intense Full Moon (and a Super Moon at that!) in Taurus challenging us and the sun in Scorpio last week, we finally get some breathing space. It’s been a tough couple of weeks with Saturn pushing and pushing for the release of old and outdated attachments in Twin Flame Love – the Saturnine energies are all about cutting the dead weight and shedding anything that might hold us back.

Recently these energies have been putting heavy pressure on us to confront the latent fears and insecurities in our relationships – and severing negative ties for good so we can reunite in unconditional Love. Oftentimes this has meant all of our fears being brought to the surface for us to confront them. Blow-ups, confrontations, drama. 

Shedding Light on the Shadows

We’ve been through a challenging time in love in recent months, to say the least – ever since Venus retrograde began this complete detox and rehash of our relationship blueprints in August to upgrade us to new high vibrational functioning.

These are life long patterns and ancient attachments we’ve been dealing with and releasing, and tearing them up has meant unsettling the whole undergrowth of our emotions; rattling the shadows.

Thankfully, we now finally get some time to rest and recuperate. This week Mars and Venus cosy up again on their way out of Virgo – symbolising the masculine and feminine coming together once again. This time, they are not aspected by any other big planets – which is a rare occurrence.

This time we get to join together without there being any push and pull to reform and repair. We get to just be with each other. Emotionally, energetically, for some twins also physically.

A Moment’s Peace

This can feel like a long overdue respite from recent months and years’ intensive energies of clearing and release. Mars and Venus conjoining peacefully like this signals that finally we can come together without this outside “pressure” to progress. A tranquil moment of rest where it feels like the wild world is at bay.

In addition, this week The Sun and Mercury are positively aspected by Neptune – planet of the supernatural, dreams and the “higher octaves of love”, adding to this feeling of returning to the Garden of Eden, before the “evils” of the world were unleashed (the complications of polarity and ego).

These energies support us in finding our way back to tranquility and love beyond the pressures of “improvement”. Complete safety in knowing we belong together. The  challenges recede now for this short period of bliss.

Anchoring Into Bliss

We’ve come a long way but there’s more work to be done. This is a reminder of why we’re doing this in the first place – an energetic realignment with the template of how Union feels, to show you and anchor you into it again.

This Twin Flame Ascension path can be demanding – sometimes it can feel like having signed up for a marathon you’d forgotten you even knew about. And it can be frustrating to feel that there’s no end to the cleansing and purge and evolution. Enjoy this time now because you are getting a well deserved break.

It’s almost as if the universe saying: “Hey, it’s OK. You’re doing so well. I see you. Here’s a gift: Remember what it felt like in the beginning when nothing was wrong and you and your Twin were rejoicing in togetherness? Here it is again.”

You Have The Key (You Just Forgot)

This journey sometimes needs encouragement, and many Twin Flames don’t have anyone to rely on who understands. Expect to feel a sense of security in your connection this week – it will be felt on the inside, so center yourself in your soul and feel it.

If you look for it outside of yourself, you might miss it completely. The core of the Twin Flame connection rests inside you and your Twin. It’s always been there. And you can feel it and access it any time you want, once you learn how to.

Expect and be open to some encounter this week, most likely involving the earth planes. You might want to write down a note to open up your energy and align with receiving this gift: “I am now ready and open and gratefully receiving my Twin Flame in happiness and harmony. So it is. Thank you.”

The Deeper Levels of Happiness

Pluto also trines Jupiter this week and for a while longer (these are slow moving planets at the outer realms of the solar system) – these two heavyweights aspecting each other positively translates to energies nudging us to explore the deeper levels of happiness.

What will lead to true lasting happiness and evolution? What is it that makes your heart sing? What does your soul truly desire? As always with Pluto, the energies are those of a “detox”, anything superfluous and effete is being released and cleared. We are peeling back the layers of surface information and beliefs, in order to know and feel what is true at our core.

Death And Rebirth of Relationships

Mercury also moves into Scorpio this week, indicating a shift in our intellectual focus. Thought and communication goes deeper. The mental processes are more aligned with analysis and “archaeology” of the emotions. Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) is the 8th house of death, rebirth, detoxification, sex and the occult.

As an astrological sign symbolizing a particular energy frequency, Scorpio shows us man’s struggle to conquer the animal instincts and rise into his full potential as a soul, tearing up limitations and blocks on his way. Another ancient symbol of Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Many a Twin Flame relationship has undergone an emotional and energetic death in recent months. If this has been the case for you, don’t give up. It is when one cycle ends that another can begin. After winter all of nature comes back to life in spring. Be open to a rebirth of your Twin Flame connection – and keep in mind that it might appear different than you expected.

Sexual Upgrades for Twins

We are facing several more weeks of Scorpio intensity, which on the energetic levels indicate releasing old negativity from the Sacral Chakra and in regards Twin Flame sexuality, so that we may be healed and function from a higher vibration in all ways. Love for Twin Flames involves all the chakras and all levels of the being.

Twin Flame Love is not just a concept or an emotion, it’s a transformative, heightened energetic event that charges both Twins like electricity and connects us straight back to the power source of the entire universe. And when this happens, our beings are stirred to release anything and everything congested and negative that is our of resonance with that core soul song frequency only we share.

Coming up next week is the 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio, setting us up for a brand new cycle in this area – more info on this to come.

The Journey (Back) to Twin Flame Union

We really are incredibly fortunate to get to experience such a complete transformation in our lifetimes, to open up to whole new levels of fulfillment and freedom in love and our lives. The path can be tough sometimes but it’s so worth it in the long run.

Looking back on my own journey now I’m safely “on the other side” having gone through Twin Flame Ascension, I realize that what I most wanted and needed during the hard times was someone who could guide me through these oftentimes confusing and emotionally challenging experiences, someone who understood and could explain what was going on and help me through it safely.

Help on the Way 

That’s why I decided to create a course for Twin Flames based on my experiences and everything I learned on my journey to Union, so you could have a roadmap to make your journey as smooth and happy as possible. I deliberately made it so that it would be like having me as your personal guide with you every step of the way.

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up to the Live Energy Clearing for Twin Flames I’m doing on November 3rd. This time we’ll be focusing on opening up to receiving love, clearing self worth issues and old identity structures and karma that may have been keeping you stuck in Twin Flame Separation. We’ll also be downloading new high vibrational blueprints to Twin Flame Union.

I hope to see you on the call!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x