Twin Flame Energy Forecast 30th Aug-5th Sept: “The Balancing”



Harmony In Focus, Within And Without. Bringing Balance To The Twins’ Systems “Behind The Scenes”. Plus, Do You Know Your True Power? Trusting In Flow To Open To Love Made Manifest…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Libra season gets “ahead of itself”  – harmony in focus, but relationships go deep.

Positive evolution of the Twin Flame bond happening – what surprises are in store? Past life/higher dimensional self coming through in romance…

Discover more below!

Reconnecting The Twin Flame Pair

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Focus On Harmony, Balance

Following Venus, Mercury enters Libra this week, bringing more balanced and harmonious communication to relationships and love.

(However, Lilith conjunct North node until Wednesday can tend to bring up old toxins around life path – doubts or limits based around gender and historical perspectives, in particular)

Keep watch so you don’t over-extend yourself to the detriment of your own inner peace and wellbeing.

Especially early this week with Lilith’s effect, make sure you don’t allow others to push you off your true soul path or overstep your boundaries.

(If so, the Free Kit will help you stay clear of toxic influence – or to go deeper have a look at the intensive energy session here where we cut negative cords, clear karma and more)

Intuition On Point!

Mercury trine Pluto indicates that there’s an unconscious balancing happening between the Twin Flames on a chakra/energy level, with toxins being brought up for resolution and cleansing.

But the good news is, you’re expertly set to deal with this: you’re REALLY on point with your observations about yourself AND others.

Your mind goes deep, with ease. Your intellectual passion and deep curiosity is awakened.

Energy clearing is also extra heightened this week, and you can really shift long standing blocks even more smoothly than usual.

Shadow Work Becoming… “Easy”?

 It will be easy for you to just intuitively KNOW what’s REALLY going on in a situation – or within yourself and regarding “shadows” and where they came from.

Your intuition may not be arriving “spiritually” in the form of visions or words, but you will FEEL truth deeply.

“Downloads” of info and clarity is likely to arrive, opening to breakthroughs.

And it will be easier than usual for you to tune into your deeper purpose and stay committed to your goals and dreams.

Retrograde Season Continues

We are still technically in Retrograde Season as well, which means we’re being pushed back into past territory with the aim of tidying up any loose ends, learning “lessons missed” and clearing collective negativity.

Trying to move forwards and “getting things done” can feel like walking through tar right now…

Instead, the cosmic currents support us to get to grips with internal work, shadow alchemy, clearing negativity…

We’re being challenged to realize there’s no such thing as difficulty, it’s just about whether WE can align to flow with the energy ANYWAY!

(Getting insights into your chakra health and any imbalances is key to this. Get free insights here)


Tweaking Your Approach

So if things feel problematic now, ask yourself how can YOU shift on the inside to work better with the current situation?

Remember, “as within, so without”.

During this period the planets are still working to get us to stop pushing on the outside if things aren’t working…

And to instead go within and get things right THERE first so our outer situation flows.

For help with this, have a look here.

Being In Charge Of Your Perspective

Due to the retrogrades, this period might feel like a tug of war between your insecurities versus a more mature, higher perspective.

You’ll be pushed to NOT react on automatic…

Especially the perception that “life” is happening “to you” or out of your hands.

Instead, go within, get into a higher alignment and heal, face any shadows in your own self and in the Twin Flame connection — and things will flow.

Opening Up To A Higher State

The good news is, you’ll find this easier than usual, to adapt and evolve your habits and approach and to develop self awareness and control…

Because the trine between the Sun and Uranus will encourage you to let go of past situations and be more impulsive and creative and open to new and higher perspectives.

You’ll also likely find yourself more comfortable in your own uniqueness, less concerned with what other people think.

Authentic Self Love

It will feel easier to appreciate yourself for EXACTLY who you are.

As Uranus is Retrograde, this might include feeling almost surprisingly easy going about things that really used to bother you.

You’re being opened up more to a wider or higher perspective — above all about yourself.

Celebrate your uniqueness! You really are YOU for a reason.

New Sides To Your Twin Flame?

It also could indicate a fresh new energy in romance and love. You might feel like you need to infuse your connection with a new lease of life or experiment somehow.

Your counterpart’s higher self and spirit comment, that you’re becoming acquainted with parts of your OWN SELF (or them) that you have maybe been unaware of.

Past life or higher dimensional gifts, connections and experiences that are positive and powerful and add to your experiences.

You may also become familiar with new sides of your Twin Flame.

This is set to be a period of a lot of inner discovery, and can be really exciting. Remember to go within, as it will likely be shown up as you “enter the stillness”.

(You’ll find the Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony powerful, to fully tap in to this potential)

Feeling Weird About Your Old Dreams?

Things you had been planning for the future may stop making sense, as if they were distant dreams and goals.

Don’t stay too attached to anything right now, including your schedule (which is likely to be even busier than usual, thanks to the Sun in Virgo).

Try to make room for spontaneity instead.

You’ll find the universe shows up unexpected positive shifts and surprises if you can flow with events in this period. Stay flexible.

Element Of “Luck” In Love

We also have a trine between Venus and Jupiter, which brings an element of “luck” and higher perspectives to love and relationships.

As Venus is “home” in Libra (her second home, after Taurus), this is set to be a period of joyous re-activation and expansion of romance and enjoyment in your life on some level.

You may find that your relationship, romance, creative projects or simply “life” in general seem divinely blessed in this period.

Something is evolving positively.

Just remember to make the most of this time, as a well known “shadow” of Jupiter transits is to be so in the enjoyment that we let this magical energy pass us by.

Highlighting Old Mis-Perceptions

HOWEVER: As Jupiter is still Retrograde, this transit may also shed light on any old wounds that keep you from enjoying love…

Such as restrictive outlooks that prevent you from reaching out to others. Or any feelings of unworthiness.

Make sure you deal with this right now, because this transit really is “TRYING” to bring you blessings and positive developments in love…

So if that’s NOT happening, it means there’s something in your system blocking it.

Definitely get to grips with that, so you’re open. It doesn’t have to take long.

I take you through it here in this session.

Possible Issues Of Jealousy, Paranoia…

Pluto’s square to Venus will bring a lot of passion and intensity between you and your partner, but it may trigger insecurity and potential issues of jealousy and paranoia.

If this happens, know that it’s rooted in memories of past relationships, old “ghosts” that are “haunting” you..

So you can finally free yourself from them and be fully open to the love you deserve.

Again, if something challenging is coming to the surface or happening between you and your Twin Flame, the fastest way to resolve it is to deal with the energy blocks “creating it”.

I would strongly recommend the Twin Flame Harmony Healing for this.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

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Kundalini Rising, Twin Flame Sex In Focus

After this “detox”, you will be able to deepen your current relationship, transforming yourself by the power of romance.

Pluto tends to be a powerful activator of Kundalini rising, which often happens in Twin Flame sex…

…But when there is “debris” and baggage in someone’s system, the first thing this powerful process does is rattle and bring to the surface all the problems, old wounds and issues.

So make sure again that you don’t just hope and wish for things to get better.

Deal with the energy and you’ll shift into harmony and can actually benefit from Pluto’s powerful passion-activating energy.

Read more about Kundalini energy and Twin Flame sex here in Module 6.


Skewed Perspectives

Keep in mind that Mars opposition Neptune could make you doubt your actions or distrust  your counterpart…

So it’s important that you take a higher perspective and keep a detached view of YOURSELF above all.

In short, don’t let fear convince you to launch into a major reaction, when you’re not 100% certain in FACTUAL terms, that something is really the case.

Right now, you’re likely NOT seeing things clearly.

Take a deep breath and look within yourself. Deal with the fear, suspicion and jealousy. Because they will only push problems into your connection.

Laser Focus?

Just as Mars trine Pluto suggests, you are powerful right now… But the risk is that you could use that power “badly” by flowing it into conflict.

When used wisely, and when YOU are at peace and whole within, your power will flow positive developments into your Twin Flame connection and your life.

We’re shown the following image: If you have general light in the form of sunshine, it’s hot.

But if you focus the rays to a laser, it can actually cut through glass.

Stepping Out Of Old Habits

The point is, flow your power wisely, and you can manifest amazing things.

But if you flow your power into re-actions, conflicts and “unconsciousness” (acting on automatic old habits), you won’t get the results you’re truly capable of!

So go within and get some clarity, align and step into inner peace — and the “outside” will shift in your favor, more than with any force or fear driven action.

Twin Flame Balancing

Again, the planets are pushing for balance and harmony both inside us and in the Twin connection, especially in preparation for the “second reunions” with Mars/Venus meeting in 2022.

When we can release and heal the shadows and toxins for good, things open up. (If you feel skeptical, have a look at these testimonials.)

And to get started, the Twin Flame Harmony Healing is highly recommended this week as Pluto pushes for a detox of the sacral chakra/kundalini blocks and “outsider sexual attachments’ – which we deal with in this session, to root out triggers of running/separation.

A Week For The Art Of Flow

In general, it’s a week where you’ll have to keep an eye on yourself, but the potential is there for beautiful developments and experiences — especially in love.

Spirit gives us this advice: Allow yourself to be new.

Let yourself off “the hook”.

You don’t have to be the same person you were two years or two weeks ago.

You don’t have to be like anyone else. You don’t have to be even how YOU have decided you “should” be.

Opening To Miracles

Flow with the universal current now, stay in a positive state and allow things to unfold.

(Not “spiritual bypassing” and pretending, but a genuine high vibrational inner state – how do you know? Take the test here)

When you flow into possibility from an inner alignment with love, you’ll be surprised at the amazing things that transpire.

Within AND without.

Trust. Know that you’re here for a reason.

I believe in you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“I have done this 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do this session…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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