Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 30th November-6th December: “The New Male/Female”


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Powerful transits push Twin Flames to release old beliefs and stereotypes about men and women – the goal? To Unite Twins by clearing unconscious blocks that have lead to conflict and separation 

Another eventful week for Twins in the lead-up to the next high vibration gateway coming up. For most of this week, Mars and Venus both opposition Uranus in Aries – the old ideas about male and female are being pushed up to be released, and the message is: our old outdated ideas about each other have to go before we can unite in unconditional love. 

Which Beliefs are Blocking Your Journey?

This particularly regards ideas and stereotypical beliefs around male and female identities. Uranus’ energies are breaking open our old perceptions because they have become blocks on the journey to Union.

As an example, if we’ve accepted commonly held beliefs such as “men always cheat” or “men don’t feel love the same way women do”, or even things like “women are emotionally unstable” or “women just want a guy to have a family with” – these things become subconscious counter-motivations to coming together.

Typical Woman, Typical Man

Twin Flames of both sexes are now being rattled to let go of any stagnant perceptions that block us from seeing the true person inside, the soul to love and be loved by unconditionally. And as always, it’s up to us to learn the lesson and let go – you might realize that your soul has been trying to show you this particular truth for a while in the form of recurring jealousy or other negativity.

This happens in many relationships – are you seeing your Twin Flame for who he or she is as an individual, or are generalized ideas about what the “typical man” or “typical woman” sneaking their way into your connection? 

This uprooting and breaking of outdated ideas about the male/female essence is another step of the journey away from the old ways of polarisation and ego – no matter how “enlightened” a person is, every human being has picked up subconscious information during life from observing those around them and from tv, books and films.

Sometimes the biggest blocks on the Twin Flame journey aren’t “ours” – they’re stereotypes and societal perceptions we’ve picked up along the way.

Mapping and Clearing Beliefs – An Exercise

Spirit suggests an exercise to make ourselves aware of these and eradicate the damage:

1) Get a piece of paper. 20 lines downward, write “Men are…” Or if applicable to you, write: “Women are…” Leave the rest blank for now. 

2) Then go through and finish the 20 sentences – write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t judge the info, just write the first thing for each of the 20 lines. 

This allows you to map out subconsciously held beliefs that might have been tripping you up on your journey.

3) After you’re done, write another list starting in the same way but complete this one deliberately and with positive, heart focused statements. You can think about this one more carefully. 

You might want to write soul focused statements, such as: “Men are human beings with a deep capacity for love”. The main thing with this second step is to focus on positives and writing from your heart, not your automatic beliefs.

4) If the first list is mainly negative or limiting, rip it up – even burn it some place safe, like in your sink. 

Now you have mapped out subconscious beliefs that could have otherwise blocked your journey without realising, and can move on without these things tripping you up behind the scenes!

With energy clearing tools, you can eradicate these things completely from your energy field – making sure they don’t show up down the line in the form of lessons to learn.

Problems Showing Up

Uranus is also stimulating the Sun and Saturn positively this week, indicating a continuation of these themes of uprooting old beliefs and perceptions. When a planet conjuncts Saturn, the way the Sun is doing this week, we can feel like our lives are stagnating and that insurmountable problems are showing up. 

The reason this happens, however, is to help us long term. These energies are putting a spotlight on the areas of our lives that are holding us back – so that we can make adjustments and move on with greater ease. This is a big lesson for the collective now – if problems show up, it’s for a reason. Look for the gift in this.

Assess what the problem is and what can be done to solve it. For example, if you’re feeling unhappy living in a different city from your Twin and you’re constantly depressed with the bad weather where you’re currently based – this could be the energies indirectly showing up to you how to solve it (in other words, take action and move already).

Look for hidden meaning in any seeming problems this week. 

Boosts to Overcome Hurdles

In particular, spirit indicates that it’s now beneficial to look for new solutions, to see things from a different perspective than before. That’s the support from Uranus – traditionally the planet of technology, sudden inspiration and the avant garde. When we, the Sun moving through the Zodiac, hit upon obstacles represented by Saturn – it’s the Uranus energies that give us that boost we need to get past the block.

Another message here is to use technology to find new insights. And remember that the Saturnine heaviness serves a purpose – to make us slow down and reassess where we’re headed so we can be sure we actually want what we’re headed toward. To make sure you think twice about where you’re going and why.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x
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