Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 4th-10th January: “Uplifting the Masculine”


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Major developments for Twin Flames as the Masculine is pushed into “spiritualization” and the Feminine is rattled to let go of blocks in the form of outdated perceptions of “Perfect Love” – the aim? Equalizing the scales and Uniting the two “Halves”

Our second week of the New Year is an eventful one for Twin Flames – we still have a lot of energies in Capricorn, denoting creation, industry, responsibility. The Sun conjunct Pluto early in the week asks us to do some depth work and to look within, especially to benefit our intentions and manifestation process.

Many people are more focused on what they don’t want in life, than what they do want – and life becomes all about avoiding pain and struggle. The problem is that this is still creation.

As Abraham Hicks has said, worrying is using your imagination to create what you don’t want. So work at finding out what you truly desire, and live from this positive active polarity in order to make the most of your time.

Who are you really? What do you want out of life? And importantly – where are you headed right now – towards what you want, or what you don’t want? Pluto prods us to ask ourselves some tough questions, with the aim of not answering with the mind and our habitual thoughts and beliefs, but with the deepest heart and the soul.

I’ve been reminded by spirit lately that the focus is still on for humanity to learn to listen and “think” with the heart rather than the head – because the heart never leads us astray: the heart reads energy expertly and energy never lies. Words and thoughts can be inaccurate and distorted, but energy can never pretend to be something it’s not.

Confronting Love’s Illusions

The feminine is being challenged this week as Venus and Saturn square Neptune – the classic interpretation of this would be that old illusions in love are being dismantled:

In order to get to the next step of the Twin Flame Journey and to Union, the Feminine must give up a lot of outdated, old attachments and limiting beliefs.

Anything from family ties that are keeping her away from her soul’s truth, friendship circles that are positioning themselves against her Twin Flame connection, or negative beliefs about Love or Masculinity or even Herself, which have become blocks to Unity. These are being shown up and pushed up so she can confront them and clear them for good.

The indication is that this may be forced on her by sudden events or blow-ups, through the influence of Uranus – this is ultimately for the highest good, to get the feminine to release the old and outworn which have been keeping her from the Union she desires.


These energies also support sudden insights from “up above”, realizations about what was really holding her back all along, and sudden help arriving in the form of new and nontraditional methods and information. It could feel like there are insurmountable problems right now, but there are solutions – it just requires a shift of perspective.

Masculine Uplifting

Meanwhile, the same planet that is challenging the Feminine, is supporting and assisting the Masculine. Again – this is a part of the equaling of the scales – returning to equilibrium and vibrational alignment.

The Masculine is being supported by the free flowing energies of Neptune to be uplifted into “higher perspectives”. At the same time, there is a sense of the Neptunian energies pushing the female to rid herself of illusions of what Higher Love entails – because when we focus strongly on one version of events for the future, these can become “perfect pictures”, energetic patterns that make us exclude other options that might actually serve us better.

So while the higher realms put some pressure on the Feminine, the Masculine is now actively assisted by these higher energies to actually open up to higher visions of what’s possible and what Love can be, because he’s been “too earthbound” and “rigid” in his perceptions of Love.

On both sides, perceptions of Love have been warped – we are now experiencing a universal balancing act to rectify this in order to prepare the Twins for Unity.

2016 – Ascension of the Masculine

This stimulation of Mars by the higher energies is a precursor to the major overhaul of the Masculine which is set to happen later this spring and all into fall 2016 – a purge of the collective male energy fields, to purify and uplift in terms of sexuality, power and self acceptance.

A journey of the intense release of negativity and confronting the darkness in the Masculine lineage – all for the purpose of readying “him” for Unconditional Love and Union. To read more about this and how to deal with the intense energies at hand, have a look at the full forecast for 2016.

Positive Flow of Energy

Right now, we also have a positive current of energy opening up with Jupiter and the collective soul point North Node supporting the Sun, Pluto, the Moon and Mercury (which is going retrograde now).

There’s a sense of things opening up and flowing swiftly in a positive direction – the message is that Twin Flames are receiving extra support now not just for our own sake but for the role Twins have to play in the collective development, in the Ascension of the planet.

This can feel like the current of life suddenly changing direction and you finally feeling like you’re swimming with the stream rather than struggling against it.

Mercury Retrograde is putting a slight dampener on the swiftness here, and you might find your thoughts a bit chaotic over the coming weeks, but it’s all for the best – you must know truly where you want to go before you can let the stream of life take you there.

Use this time to your advantage. When we attune to our intuition, we can make the most of the energy currents like this – if you just tune into your heart, you’ll always know what the best next step for you is. Practice listening to your heart, not just the mind.

We’re taught growing up that logic is king, but from an energy perspective it’s only a small part of who we are, and relying solely on our thinking can actually be a huge block.  


Expanding Into Your Full Capacity

If you’re struggling with decisions or your sense of direction now with Mercury Retrograde, begin at least by re-diverting your attention slightly – write down a list of your mental perceptions in the matter, and then write another list of what feelings you have around the situation. Feel with your heart and don’t judge what comes out. Don’t be surprised if these impressions from the mind and the heart are quite different.

The more you can do this exercise, the more you’ll realize that your soul and your heart are speaking to you all the time. It’s just that you might not have been listening. Because the mind has been running riot. And if that’s the case, don’t feel bad, it’s how our whole society operates and how we’re taught from childhood – to be lead by the mind.

Your True Compass


However, the message from spirit is – now is the time to start listening to and utilizing our full capacity, to use our inner compass on the journey the way we’re meant to. This is a major theme for the upcoming year.

If you feel like you could use some help in connecting with your inner compass and your soul, as well as deal with negativity and heaviness, and resolve any issues from your Twin Flame connection, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twins.

On my own journey, it took just 18 months from my first encounter with my Twin to us reaching Union – the course contains the tools we used to get to that place of harmony and togetherness.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


Cassady x
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