Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 4th May – 11th May 2015


Full Moon

Deep Lessons

As we enter into this first full week of May, we notice some heavier energies on the move yet again. The Full Moon in Scorpio Monday 4th May is responsible for dragging up deep secrets and fears we’ve been hiding and repressing – so that we can release them once and for all. Jealousy, fear, shame, sexual issues, power abuse and secrets are notoriously icky areas of the Scorpio domain, so if you think back over the past few days you might realize there’s been an undertone of this around, especially between you and your Twin Flame.

Up from the depths…

What makes this Full Moon extra potent in its purging effects is that it is currently directly opposition the Sun in Taurus – a push and pull between the conscious, physical reality and the unconscious emotional content we all carry around with us whether we realize it or not. And as if that wasn’t enough, ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, is sextile the full moon – boosting these energies of clearing even more. It’s as if the universe is forcing us once and for all to release some of the heaviest and most uncomfortable emotions and secrets we have been holding onto.

I woke up in a cold sweat last night from a nightmare about the past, the lesson being that I hadn’t fully released this episode but simply pushed it down and had continued to identify with it on a subconscious level. Once and for all it was brought up to the surface so I could recognize that I’d held onto it, recognize that it was still holding me back, and recognize that moving forward I have no choice but to forgive and release and set a strong intention to let go for good (in moments like that, I am eternally grateful for energy clearing tools – within ten minutes the rotten feeling from the nightmare had gone).

The great news is that this intense energetic push and release will benefit us for the future – holding onto the past was actually holding us all back from moving forward; and in this cosmic project of Ascension, any extra weight must be dropped for us to rise up into the vibration of love and be ready for Twin Flame Union and personal freedom and empowerment.

The Karmic Teacher

In addition to these potent, unrelenting energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio, Saturn is still retrograde. An ancient astrological name for Saturn is “the karmic teacher”, a planet whose energies denote restriction and limitation; for the direct purpose of clearing what has not served us well. Learning lessons. And with the Twin Flame pairs, everything is double sided – we are both learning lessons and balancing our inner energies as individuals, but also learning and balancing our dynamic between us. Keep this in mind as any heavy energy comes up to confront you – How has this kept me from wholeness, both within and with my Twin Flame?

Since ancient times, spiritual teachers have been sharing the lesson of unity – separation is an illusion. Saturn joins the moon tomorrow as it starts to wane; if you’re feeling heavy right now, don’t focus so much on what’s right in front of you and inside you. Give yourself respite by looking up and ahead. What can you achieve once you learn to let go of the limitations of who you thought you were? What limiting beliefs about yourself do you still have that might be blocking or stopping you from truly opening up with your Twin Flame?

If there are karmic lessons left unlearned between you, they may rise up again over the next few months but it’s all for a greater purpose. As earth goes through these powerful energetic shifts, we are releasing the heaviness and stagnation we’ve been unwittingly holding onto. Childhood traumas, old disappointments, sadness we never truly got over.

Chakra Upgrades

I’m reminded that as we experience difficulty in life, we store these experiences as energy in our physical bodies, our minds and in our energetic body systems. What will be happening over the next few months (and has been going on since the eclipses earlier this year) is an upgrade of the chakra systems in order to prepare us for increased light absorption. The focus right now is on cleansing the lower chakras (the root, sacral and solar plexus especially – concerning our physical lives and survival paradigms; sexuality, expression and safety; and personal power, intuition and creation) of any blockages and heaviness from the soul lines and ancestral lines. This will enable us to lift our vibration higher once this period shifts into a more open and expansive theme.

Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

Thankfully, we also have some lighter energies emerging too this week as Venus and Mercury continue through Gemini. Mars and the Sun are still in Taurus, indicating some running and chasing tendencies – Venus (the female energy) is fast and flighty in Gemini whereas Mars (the masculine energy) is “stuck” in ultra-grounded, practical Taurus, comfortable with the status quo and hard to budge. Things might feel slow – once “he’s” made up his mind he’s hard to change.

Towards the end of the week Venus moves into Cancer, sign of nostalgia, emotions and family (ruled by the Moon) and so the themes of contradictions between male and female continue. Try to see the fascination in differences rather than being caught into the paradigm of it being a “problem”. Sometimes seeing someone else’s opposite view  helps us learn and expand and actually brings us closer together than if we were identical in every way.

Lastly, if you have important communication to do, it is recommended to get this done before Mercury goes retrograde on 19th May, a time notorious for communication challenges (but excellent for going over ideas and communication – again a chance to double check and make sure everything is as it should be…)

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey! <3

Cassady x