Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 5th- 12th Oct. – “Shedding masks, Mercury direct”


twin flame shadows

As Venus moves into Virgo, beware “martyrdom syndrome” in Twin Flame Love – remember you’re a team, not opponents. Also this week, the Universe works to teach us the surprising secret to Authentic harmony with others.

The Dreaded Mercury Retrograde period is finally over this week as Mercury turns direct in Libra on October 9th – we’ve spent the last few weeks in reevaluation about how we’re communicating ourselves to the world and whether we’ve been authentic about our expression.

Mirrors and Masks in Love

It’s been a time for confronting the masks we and others may have been wearing in our interactions. As we all know, mask wearing is futile between Twin Flames – there is no hiding from your other mirror self. To complicate things Venus has been opposition Neptune lately (and this continues this week), again confronting us with illusions and fogginess in Love.

The upside is that this aspect also stimulates us to open up to the higher realms of “spiritual love” and interactions on the above physical planes. Don’t expect perfect clarity in emotions in this period, but try to tune into your heart and allow yourself to flow into what fits best with you. Decisions could be tricky to make right now (Mercury is still going over shadow terrain for a while longer too).

The Paradox of Reaching true Harmony

The Sun in Libra is still in opposition Uranus retrograde – continuing recent themes of others versus self. We’re being pushed to take a good hard look at how we interact with others around us. Of course we never exist in a vacuum, but paradoxically, the way we can best serve the collective and get along with others from an authentic perspective is to find out who we are deep down and what will lead us to our true happiness and fulfillment.

In the collective energy field there is a perfect energetic “place” that can only be filled by you, but in order for you to get to that place of bliss where you fit like “the missing piece of the puzzle” the way you planned as a soul before you were even born, you must find your way back to your true self.

So to reach an authentic harmony with people around you, you might first need to take the focus off them – and this includes the Twin Flame relationship – find out about yourself and then come back from your newfound inner peace and knowing. 

If we never take time to figure out who we are and what makes us tick, others can never understand us, and we’ll always end up feeling on edge or unappreciated. This is a lesson it took me years to fully learn but it’s so worth it once you get there.

Why your Soul might Push for Twin Flame Separation

It’s brought to my attention by spirit that sometimes our souls will actually force us to spend some “alone time” to go within, and for Twin Flames this can happen in the form of unexpected Separation.

If you’re not together with your Twin Flame right now physically, use the time apart to learn more about yourself and what this experience might be meant to teach you – this will help you move forward faster than any anger or frustration ever will.

The Blood Moon Aftermath

If you’re not feeling the bliss and transcendence of the “new earth reality” and 5D yet as promised in many spiritual circles after the September 28th eclipse and Blood Moon gateway, don’t worry. Often, these events are touted as miraculous breakthroughs for each and every person in Ascension, but the truth is that everyone is on an ever-unfolding journey of increased lightness and these things don’t often happen overnight.

Trust that there is more light and assistance available for you now, and allow yourself to open up a little bit more to the new and positive each day. You don’t have to have an epiphany to become enlightened – as long as you keep progressing and moving upward, you’ll get to that place of inner peace and joy. Energies are always fluctuating, so just do the best with what you’ve got from day to day and don’t lose hope.

Most of all, learn to trust that you have everything it takes. You didn’t come to earth to be stuck in frustration. Use the tools available to move forward in any way you can, and know that your Soul has a plan to get you to where you want to go.

Take inspired steps as they show up, and listen to your intuition. There is no such thing as “impossible” on the Twin Flame journey.

Exchanging Martyrdom for Self-care

Venus moves into Virgo this week – the focus in love shifts to themes of being of service to Loved ones (and this includes our Twin Flame). Selfless giving is great, but be careful to steer clear of “martyrdom syndrome”. There is a difference between helping and pampering someone else from a place of love, and doing it with the feeling of sacrifice (which will inevitably lead to resentment).

In love it’s always important to learn to receive and to take, not just give. Many empaths (many Twins and lightworkers are empaths, people who are extremely sensitive to energy) are so kind and giving and selfless they end up feeling ignored and unappreciated by those around them. 

If this applies to you, try to take some baby steps towards giving to yourself as well as others now while the energies support you to “learn this lesson”, as this will shift your energy to allow it in and encourage others to be as generous towards you as you are with them.

Spend a few hours a week doing something you love just because, or give yourself a small gift each week. It doesn’t have to be expensive, the main thing is to show yourself some care and love independently of how anyone else is behaving.

Key to Twin Flame Union

Ultimately, your Twin Flame journey starts and ends with you – your relationship with yourself is the blueprint for love that all other relationships relate to. So make sure you’re as good to yourself as you want others to be to you.

Our society teaches us that we are lacking, and have to spend our lives making up for these perceived flaws and shortcomings (just look at the world of advertising) – and this can become a huge stumbling block on the Twin Flame journey.

Once you begin to find your way back to self acceptance and self love (let it be said this is a most often gradual process of continual “upgrades” rather than an overnight thing) and reconnect with that perfect, timeless part of your inner self, you’ll be in alignment with that core frequency or “soul song” you and your Twin Flame share. And that means you’ll have moved past so many of the toughest lessons on this life-changing journey.

If you’re not there with self love quite yet, this month is a great time to start taking some steps in a positive direction.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x