Twin Flame Energy Forecast 6th-12th July: “The Warrior”


Eclipse Shifts Open To A New Path – Grounding In Light, Higher Self Rising. Focus On Healing The Masculine. Are You Ready To Step Into Your Divine Warrior State?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde continues, Pluto/Jupiter R push for us to leave the past behind to open to major positive changes. Mars and the Masculine are in focus – healing the past to open to love…

Discover more below!

Closing The Eclipse Gateway

We’re finally out of the intense terrain of the Eclipse portal which made the whole month of June up until 5th July a pressure-cooker energetically.

We’ve been grounding in new light and in essence shifted into a whole new chapter.

Don’t feel alarmed if you feel a bit worn out or unsure of where the future is headed right now. That’s “normal” under the circumstances.

When Mercury goes direct again at the end of this week, you’ll slowly but surely start to feel more direction again.

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Dismantling The “Old World” To Make Room For The New…

We enter into this week with powerful transits still coloring the mood. Jupiter and Pluto are still in their tight conjunction in Capricorn, both retrograde.

This means the dismantling of what has not served us in the past, is still being broken up to make way for a higher state and a more harmonious version of reality, love and relationships.

Pluto pushes strongly for reform in the un-conscious and Jupiter deals with vision and manifestations….

So it’s highly likely you’re still dealing with UN-conscious patterning and beliefs from the past that the planets are working to show up for you.

Things you took on in childhood that told you amazing love or happiness or success were “impossible”. You are a powerful soul of light so really, your dreams are never out of reach! It’s just a question of finding the steps to take and getting there.

For more on this, have a look at the article “Divine Breakthrough – Discover How To Re-Ignite Your Twin Flame Bond”


Dreaming A Lot Lately? Guidance Is Working To Reach You

Pay attention to your dreams this week, as strong energy in Cancer is also highlighting that you’re being shown in your night time experiences anything affecting your current situation that you may have been unaware of.

Latent fears and worries, and childhood experiences are highlighted.

These things are working to show you what needs to be addressed to open you to your dreams and ideals – including Twin Flame togetherness and harmony.

Read more here about how to interpret your dreams on the Twin Flame path.

And make sure you try the Twin Flame Affirmations Audios if you feel heavy lately, as this is a sign you are unconsciously aligned with limitations.

twin flame dreams
Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

The “Truth Serum” Of Emotions…

Our emotions always signal what we’re aligned with so when we feel low, sad, hopeless, powerless and stuck it’s unfortunately a warning from our system to begin raising our vibration – or attract more of that heaviness…

To assess where you’re at energetically, click here. And to help you uplift your state for the long run, on “autopilot”, click here.

Until Sunday we also still have Mercury retrograde, which means communication tends to be garbled and misunderstandings are common.

Mars, ruler of Aries, is now also back in his home sign and will be there until the end of the year. This is a highly rare event as Mars only usually spends 2-3 months in a sign, and this time he is spending long periods in Aries, gearing up to a retrograde there later in the year.

2020 – “Upgrading” The Masculine Principle/Collective

This is a sign that 2020 is a year for a major focus on and overhaul of the Masculine energy principle, the masculine collective and a time where action, willpower and the solar plexus are being challenged and upgraded.

When Chiron and Mars meet, it’s also a heightened time of healing the Masculine. There are deeper wounds that have been expressing themselves in the Twin Flame connection, causing problems. (Read more here)

In many ways this week will feel like a continuation from last week’s events but the intensity will settle down into the week. The dust will settle and we’ll begin to “see” properly more and more.

Major Changes We’re Not Quite “Ready” For…

The Sun has also moved into an opposition with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all retrograde in Capricorn. This signals we’re feeling really uncomfortable and pressured around all the change happening inside and around us.

Try to remember it’s happening for the highest good. It’s to make way for a better situation for us long term. It’s just that the old has to move out of the way to make room for that new situation.

We seem to be feeling resistance and a nostalgic desire to go back to how things were… Before things went so crazy and especially back to early life when things felt safe and predictable.

Try to be your own best friend. Know that as souls, we were ALL aware that this would come in our lifetime, something major that would challenge the world to change, and we wanted that change.

In fact many of us are here to help anchor in that higher state.

(Read more here “What if You Were Here to Help Save the Planet?”)


Tapping Into A Higher Vision Of Love And Living…

As the Moon joins Neptune retrograde in Pisces on Friday, trine the Sun, we see that you can create and express beautiful things when you use your current emotions to channel something into physical reality.

Allow yourself to dream of the world as it would ideally be. Feel and see yourself with your Twin Flame in the perfect life you desire.

When you do this, you really do bring it about. You match it energetically.

This is the power of creative visualization, an ancient art from the yogic schools of India. It’s all about “As within, so without”. Creating your ideal in the invisible to draw it to you in the physical.

It can take practice to get this method right, so I’ve created a visualization track especially for the Twin Flame journey here where all you need to do is listen along with my voice.

Skepticism, Disbelief Rising… “Who” Will You Listen To?

Try not to let skepticism and disbelief get in your way, because that’s the big block right now.

We see you enjoying the soul connection with your Twin and thoughts of a happy life one minute, only to question yourself the next.

Remember you are an infinite soul of light, and when you visualize something you are truly manifesting it!

(However, when we feel longing, sadness or fear around our desires it’s a sign of blocks in the way – for a session on manifestation where I help you circumvent this, have a look here)


“I use the Higher Heart program weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.”

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Digging Into Your True Desires… Re-Aligning The Path

On July 7th Ceres goes retrograde, echoing our points about manifestation. Ceres is the asteroid representing creation and the harvest – and so this indicates creation goes WITHIN these next few months.

Ask yourself:
What do you TRULY want to create and experience?
What would TRULY make you happy long term?
And why may you not be doing that?
What choices do you need to rethink?
How do you need to shift your focus and approach?
What inner habits of emotion/perception/thinking may be blocking your desires?

The cosmic energies are pushing for us to gain clarity.

Pay attention because you will being shown “ideas” and suggestions in this period.

Conversely, some of the things you THOUGHT you wanted, are likely to be shown to not be so ideal… And positive ideas of what WOULD serve you will be shown up.

Healing The Masculine – Rare Cosmic Event

Saturday/Sunday we have a powerful and rare conjunction between Mars, Chiron and the Moon in Aries, and Chiron goes retrograde WHILE in this conjunction – meaning it’s an incredibly significant and heightened time.

Because Chiron is the asteroid ruler of healing and Mars the ruler of the Masculine.

Called the “wounded healer”, Chiron’s effect mostly deals with triggering and unearthing hidden wounds so we can heal once and for all. This is particularly in focus for the Masculine Twin now.

Twin Flame Love Lessons…

When he goes retrograde, healing goes inward. Something to consider in this coming period is, where may we have hurt ourSELVES or be hurting ourselves?

Where may we be our OWN enemy? Especially as this as these planets trine Venus, what’s going on is key to love.

Our OWN inner situation has such a powerful effect on our relationships…

It’s something so many in ascension are becoming aware of in recent years, but for Twin Flames it’s CRUCIAL. In fact, it’s one of the key soul lessons we have all agreed to learn and experience until we “get it right”

Read more here in self love on the Twin Flame journey.


The Masculine’s Past Life Karma

With Mars/Moon/Chiron conjunct in Aries, we see that there are ego wounds affecting our actions, willpower and the solar plexus we are being asked to deal with.

Latent anger, spirit says. Times and places where we may have been hurt by others’ actions or perception of us in particular.

There may be past life wounds, even memories and “soul scars” around physical aggression, war and hurt/death coming up for resolution to help us be OPEN to love.

To be able to let our guard down. Because when we have defences, love can’t reach us. And we tend to attract more to defend ourselves from…

Click here to learn more about karma and get a free reading on where you stand with this. I take you through karma clearing in this session and also in the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

It’s Not About Now, It’s The Past…

As the Moon is in this conjunction, emotions are running extremely high this weekend. Know above all, it’s about the past, not the present.

If someone seems angry with you, it’s not really you. It’s someone in their past.
If you are angry with someone, it’s not about them right now and here, it’s really about someone in the past.

Spirit comments, anger is a deflector, so when Twin Flames have anger in their system it causes friction. It blocks love from reaching through and it tends to cause separation. So beware of anger this weekend, keep your eyes open.

And remember that when people are triggered, they find it hard to communicate. Do your best to stay tolerant (of yourself too!) and calm in the middle of this emotionally triggered time.

For the masculine or male Twin it’s highly likely that the anger also revolves around a feeling of not being respected or valued by the world. Again, this is from the past. Childhood healing is key right now.

I take you through clearing out opposition programming and “virus timelines” to open up to Union in the Oneness Code activation here.


“I have been doing (the Oneness Activation) every week since you made it and now the karmic relationship my twin was in is over and I know it is because of this …I can’t thank you enough Cassady…lots of love…x” – Diane

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Warped Perspectives… Past Coming Up For Healing

We also see with this powerful event in Aries, that our perspective on ourselves is warped. People appreciate you much more than you think.

Things are not as they seem right now, in essence. it’s the past working its way out of your system.

Things will be much smoother now AND especially for the long run if you work WITH the planets to cleanse out these past wounds so you can start again. Again, the Free Energy Cleanse will help a lot.

Finally this weekend, Mercury goes direct. When he goes direct in Cancer we’ll start to feel more clear on our emotions again. The path will feel more open, less confused.

We’ll be able to understand ourselves and communication will feel more clear and open again.

A Week Of Learning To Benefit The Future…

A trine to Uranus says, there have been lessons you’ve learned the last few weeks about communicating, ideas, creativity, interacting with others and emotions. Now, remember these lessons moving forward and keep that wisdom with you.

That’s the gift in what’s been going on. You know what it is, “he” says. You have already noticed it.

If you’re not quite sure, write down what you’ve noticed – regarding communication, ideas, planning, creativity, interacting with other people and emotions.

This is a week where you may be triggered, so you can begin to see your own potential. The universe is working to get you to realize there are no limits except those you accept as real.

Above all, you are so much more capable than you may think. Open up to your true power. You are here for a reason!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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