Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 7th -13th December – “Feminine Darkness”


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Sexual Tension vs Power Blow-Ups – The Male is Taken to Task this week as the Twin Love’s darker Chapters are brought up for resolution. And How many Reflections of your Twin were you “set up with” before meeting the Real Thing?

Some significant energy currents stir up the Twin Flame dynamic this week, insisting on a final purge of any past Love Troubles between the pairs. This means, don’t be scared if it seems like the past is coming back with a vengeance – it’s a mirage and might be pushing you to realize that the situation that hurt you so much was an illusion all along.

Love’s Misdeeds

As Venus, the feminine, interacts with asteroid Lillith all week on her way into Scorpio, we are given the message that enough is enough. It’s time to deal with any past misdeeds on behalf of the masculine, and Lillith – the energies of the female’s deeper, darker power – is not going to let him get away easy. These energies denote the shadow side of the feminine emerging and taking the masculine to task. 

When we experience hurt and trauma this gets stored in our energy fields. Incidentally, these things are the basis of Twin Flame Running and Chasing. There is “darkness” in us all – but the lesson we’re being pushed to learn is that there is also light in us all. We are all pure as souls, and the purpose of releasing this shadow side of the female for resolution, is to clear another block to Twin Flame Union. To help you be able to see your Twin as the pure light they are, instead of seeing any acts of darkness.

To purge pockets of hurt which may have been preventing us from forgiving the past. If we don’t forgive, we keep negativity hanging on and it lowers our energy vibration, thereby contributing to more unhappiness and delaying Union.

False Twins – Real Help

How many “false Twins” did you encounter before you even met your Twin? And what lessons did they have to show you? If you look back, you’ll realise your whole life has been preparation for you to come together – giving opportunities to heal old wounds before you came together. On our journey through life, we meet endless “actors” – people who show us different aspects of our Twin’s personality and their “issues”.

We meet these actors who express to us some aspect of our Twin Flame in all their shadows and light. If you think back, you’ll remember where you’ve met aspects of your Twin in other people, maybe even with family members or past relationships. The key to these encounters is to rattle us enough to release the issues, get over them so that when we come together with the “real deal” we will be ready to love unconditionally, to see beyond these issues.

It can even help right now to do this – take a quick reconnaissance through the past and try to find a pattern in the people you were attracted to or drawn to in life. Most likely, it’s the essence of your Twin Flame in some form. What bothered you about those people? What problems came up? What can you see as lessons here?

Anything that came up in those connections, you can uproot with energy clearing tools in order to help you now with your Twin – looking at things from this perspective, you might discover underlying issues that have kept you blocked with your Twin.

Spiritualization of Sex

As Venus enters Scorpio – the depths are being stirred in romance. This transit can mean simmering sex or disturbing subconscious resentments – the Scorpio tension can go either way. Human sexuality is receiving an overhaul now, for Twin Flames this is especially true for the balance in your relationship. Venus in Scorpio’s tendency is to go so full on in one direction that you hit the wall (the energetic block and wound that’s been holding you up) and are forced to confront the imbalance and rectify it.

These next few weeks the energies in romance support clearing buried issues relating to the functioning of the Sacral chakra – issues of power, dominance, violence, sexual aggression – especially for the female.

Scorpio demands depth work, so don’t be surprised if subconscious issues relating to sexuality and power come up to be addressed in some form now – whether it’s you being forced to stand up for yourself at work, or whether it’s something like you needing to take the reins in bed in order to demonstrate how to make you feel more loved.

The “Death” Of Old Love, Return of “New Love”

Scorpio is the house and sign of death and rebirth, so before Venus is done with her time here, expect some old part of you or your Twin Flame connection to exit the stage so a new and “higher evolution”can take place (most likely this won’t be pleasant but make it easier by doing some inner work and actively releasing rather than it being pulled away from you).

We are constantly evolving and growing, usually at a slow, even pace – but for Twins on the Ascension path, epiphanies and sudden realizations can completely change the situation (and you) for good.

Dealing With The Shadows 

Simultaneously we have Mars – the masculine – square Pluto in Capricorn. With Venus and Mars both being strongly affected by Plutonian/Scorpio influences this week and next, we’re given a clear message that the feminine and the masculine are being challenged to deal with buried negativity and wounds around sex and power, and to integrate the shadow aspects of our sexuality.

A highly active and intensive period behind the scenes for Twin Flame pairs – this is where a lot of the preparation work for Union happens. Earth has been a place of repression and sexual violence for millennia, and in order to get back to that unconditional shared love the Twin Flames originated from in spirit – all the past negativity is being brought up to be cleared.

Try to keep this in mind with any issues that crop up now – could this be an expression of past negativity being released? Remember we are the genetic result of thousands of generations of human beings’ energy – we are carrying the collective energies of fear, survival, power abuse. This is an intensive time but the result will be increased freedom both emotionally and sexually for those who learn the lessons and clear the negativity.

This is all about spiritualization of sexuality, where the feminine and masculine energies are in harmony rather than in battle trying to outpower and outwield each other. This necessary restart is reinforced also by the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11th, signalling the start of a brand new cycle.

You’re the Master of Your Journey

Remember that we always have Free Will on our Journey – no one will release things for us, so my best advice is to learn how to clear negativity using energy clearing tools; this will really help you eradicate the blocks instead of trying to figure them out in recurring cycles of difficulty, running or separation.

The simple truth is – the main point is to clear the blocks and negativity so you can get back to harmony with your Twin that way you’re meant to. We’re here to assist humanity’s collective evolution, not to suffer.

If you need help with clearing negativity and unblocking your journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames,

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


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