Twin Flame Energy Forecast 7th-13th January: “New Power”



Eclipse Aftershocks And All Major Planets Direct! Push To Break Up Old “Inherited” 3D Timelines. Are You Ready To Unlock A Higher Path?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Key themes are Eclipse/New Moon challenges continuing to push for you to make higher choices. Heaviness and past struggles culminate but rise for a final big eruption around Uranus direct…

Things might have felt tough this last week but long term it’s the Universe’s way of breaking open your path to your highest desires.

Are you ready?

Old Cycles Culminating – Breakthrough

The start of this week is set to be intense – not only because we have the aftereffects of the eclipse, but because the Sun is travelling between Pluto and Saturn, two of the major players in the zodiac.

This can tend to heaviness but opens to major transformation – as both planets deal with making conscious any old limiting beliefs, programming and unconscious emotional material in your system.

Combining with the Eclipse’s “breakthrough” energies and Uranus now stationing to move direct, spirit shows we’re dealing with powerful changes blasting through.

IF you can make new and higher choices. IF you can uplift your perspective in those moments of “reaction” and “automatic” thought/judgment/feeling (you’ll know your own triggers).

Above all it’s about breaking up old negative timelines. Including “inherited manifestations and paths” – what we absorbed and were programmed with from our human upbringings... (Read more about this here)

Facing Shadows To Open A New Path

In order to manifest a higher state of existence, unconditional love, unity consciousness, fulfillment – we need to break open the old “traintracks” we’ve been locked to.

This happens through energy work and making conscious new choices.

If your path has felt blocked and old issues have been rearing their heads the last few weeks, it’s been building up to this.

To shake you up, bring you face to face with your “issues” so you can see yourself clearly (or maybe someone else will provide awareness) so you can align with something new and higher.

To help with this releasing of negativity and help your system integrate the new changes coming in with more ease – I would highly recommend using energy clearing and management.

I’ve created the Vibrational Alignment Program especially for Twin Flames, and you can get a “sample” with a powerful energy cleanse tool in the Free Help Kit.

Spirit tells us, this breakthrough potential is above all about how we see ourselves and our “destiny”.

To change our awareness and become conscious of our “stories” and what has caused our experiences and manifestations…

Because our beliefs become “self fulfilling prophecies” – thoughts become things, as the saying goes. (Read more about why this is so important for Twin Flames here).

Uranus Goes Direct – Forward Motion

When Uranus moves direct we have new momentum again. Spirit says there is a reshuffling going on right now. You’ll feel better by the end of the week wind in your sails again, with new forward motion.

Especially as every planet in the zodiac will then be moving direct.

However, keep in mind that YOU are the crux of your journey – the outer energies are always interacting with each individual one of us. And no two journeys are the same.

YOU are the one who chooses what to align with, what thoughts and feelings to focus on, what you “nourish” into existence… The planets will never do that *for* you.

So when there’s forward momentum, there’s always an increased demand for us to have awareness! What are we moving forward with?

Remember that your Free Will is the most powerful agent of change in the universe.

“Bite Size” Online Spirituality

Something I’ve noticed in online culture in recent times is an increase in “bite size” memes on astrology, channeled messages and spiritual insights.

While this can seem inspiring and informative, unfortunately it can have the opposite effect. Yes, the planets are moving “direct” now. Yes, that indicates a smoother flow of energy…

However, your life doesn’t depend on it. Your Reunion isn’t stopped by a retrograde planet – and you won’t automatically manifest blessings just because the planets are all direct or it’s 11/11. You won’t automatically have “good luck” if Jupiter conjuncts your Venus…

If you pay close attention you’ll notice that online culture is a “hype machine” for spirituality and it can be very damaging.

Every week there’s supposedly something amazing and shock-worthy happening in the cosmic energies, if you believe the internet…

But look back. Did your life dramatically change? Or did things change most when YOU made different choices, got in a different alignment than before through energy work… Even, when you stopped paying attention so much?

That’s what I’ve heard from so many Twin Flames via this site.

What Is The “Movie” Of Your Life?

The problem with online “hype culture” in spiritual circles is it keeps people on a traintrack of being spoonfed info about the cosmic energies like you are watching a movie unfolding…

When you really are the MAKER of the movie – you are the writers, the actors, the director, the film itself…

You *are* the universe. You can live your life, your way, any time you want.

So what is the ticket to your happy journey?!

Uplift your energy and your alignment, so you are in harmonic vibration with your desires – including Twin Flame Union.

That’s when things begin to show up TANGIBLY. In the here and now.

(Click here for my channeled quiz which will tell you what you’re REALLY aligned with energetically)

energy vibrations

Love Takes Flight

Another notable transit for Twin Flames this week is Venus entering Sagittarius 7th January.

With this move, it’s like love gains her wings, spirit shows us. You’ll likely start to feel more lighthearted than in recent times.

Travelling through Scorpio, Venus had a hard time, there were challenges in love – and a LOT of purging, releasing old issues from past wounds… (If you’re still struggling with this, have a look here)

Now, we’re set to feel like we’re on a forward path yet again. Love will likely feel easier than in a LONG time, because Venus has been travelling back and forth in Scorpio since early fall 2018 due to her retrograde.

Karmic issues have been in focus (learn what that means here)


Are You Ready For A Major Change?

You’re likely in a different place now completely than you were summer 2018.

And that can seem scary, but Sagittarius’ adventurous energy as well as Mars’ fire returning to Aries helps you be brave and jump into something new or unexpected.

You’re ready for change. Likely, you’ve had it with how things were in some area of your life, whether love, creativity, family or appearance related. Even regarding friends.

Your patience is thin and right now instead of trying to change the past, you see that the best path is onward and upward.

However, spirit cautions us for this period that there’s a difference between moving on with a feeling of lightness and inspiration, versus running away from old wounds just hoping they’ll go away.

When toxic emotions and old wounds fester, they get worse with time, not better.

Use the Free Guided Meditations here to release old negativity once and for all. (And you’ll find my most complete method here if you want a deeper transformation)

Death/Rebirth In The Physical

January 11th we have a powerful once a year conjunction between the Sun and Pluto. We’re set to get a revisit however of Scorpio’s watery darkness at this time.

There’s a death/rebirth process going on in terms of physical world situations, long-term plans and self mastery right now…

And it’s not easy, but as the Sun journeys to this point this week (active all week but peaking on Friday) you’re set to gain a new clarity into the situation. Your deeper power is awakened.

You may have previously felt powerless as a part of your life came to an end… Likely some aspect of the Twin connection or early life situations, even someone passing away… But there is also a rebirth involved.

Maybe you don’t see it yet, but it’s in process. Whenever something ends, there’s a new beginning. 

Spirit shows us you may be the one to end something once and for all now, because you see that there’s something better if you do.

Read more about “Big Game Changers For the Twin Flame Journey” here.

Old Soul Contracts Ending/New Ones Taking Effect

Pluto’s activities can also pertain to walk-in experiences for Twins, and old soul contracts ending/new ones beginning…

Check what house 20 degrees Capricorn is in your birth chart for more on what area of your life is undergoing a death/resurrection.

With Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn this weekend, you may feel challenged to see the light at the end of the tunnel… But you’ll be really good at admin work, meticulous planning for the future and other sensible yet mentally challenging tasks.

Energy clearing and working on long term manifestation and intention setting are also highly aspected.

What Saturn most “wants” from you right now (and what will pay off) is to stop thinking so much! Spirit shows us, the majority of thoughts we human beings have on a daily basis are not helpful. in fact, they’re useless… even, damaging.

The self-berating commentary, the worries, the doubts, the stress, the fear scenarios… Because it can completely derail us.

Meditation is HIGHLY aspected right now. You’ll find it easier than usual to focus your thoughts…

Right now, Saturn is waiting for you to TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN MIND and words! Because it can be your worst enemy, or your best friend… depending on how you treat it.

Read more about that here in “Hack your 3D mind to get to Twin Flame Union”

twin flame timelines

And for some help with this, click here!

Spiritual Challenges – Illusions About The Future

Lastly this week we have a square between Jupiter and Neptune that spells out the same story – rein it back a bit!

The spiritual projections… the future imaginings… some of it is damaging. Neptune deals with illusions, and Jupiter with excess…

So even if it seems “positive”, spiritual dogma can hold your journey back – perhaps by making you avoid taking responsibility or action, or by clouding your vision with other people’s values when you are meant to attune to YOUR truth and YOUR unique experience.

You’ll do well to cut back right now and to re-evaluate what’s been going on in your deeper mind when you’re not paying attention.

You’re the boss of your journey and your life… but are there Twin Flame fear scenarios lurking deep down?

Stuff you’ve read about other Twins’ horrible experiences of waiting for 10 years for their counterpart to no avail? Twins getting outsiders pregnant and the like?

Well, it’s time to weed it out. I have to do this myself a LOT. Because I hear all the Twin Flame horror stories and there are hundreds of Twins every week emailing me with various needs…

The unconscious human mind absorbs this kind of information and over time it becomes our belief systems, which affect our manifestations, which affects our emotions, our experiences, our twin flame dynamics and over time our lives…

(In my Full First Session we take on and clear out negative energy and damaging beliefs from society – eradicating the basis of running, separation and heartbreak for good – so we can smash through anything holding you back from unity with your Twin Flame!)


How To Align Your Journey With Reunion, Light, Love…

I cannot push this point too much – keep your mind and your energy “clean” for a happy journey. You will thank yourself for it. Your quality of life depends on it – and that’s no exaggeration.

Because the more clutter you absorb from other people’s projections, experiences, horror stories and beliefs, the more complicated and messy things get for you. And it can severely delay Union (read why here)

Spirit says, in fact, the biggest problem for most Twin Flames is other Twin Flames. And no, they don’t mean the counterpart.

They mean *everyone else* with their opinions, personal stories, beliefs, advice and involvement…

Attuning To Your Own Light – A New Chapter Starts

This week, the cosmic message is clear. Go within, clear up in there… And allow your OWN light to begin emanating… lighting up your situation, your path…

You always have your own answers, if you can just learn to listen to your deeper wisdom.

And in fact, your soul may be holding up your journey waiting for you to realize it.
Make the effort now and you’ll be rewarded thousandfold.

If you find meditation tricky or tedious, try my free guided meditation to begin with as I take you through it step by step, bringing you into the alpha state where it’s easier to relax and calm your mind.

So this week, we’ve got momentum changing and all the planets will move direct for a few weeks – but how will you use that time?

I believe in you <3

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! x


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