Twin Flame Energy Forecast 8th-14th Feb: “Love Vs Need”


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Beware of Love Gurus: The Powerful Aquarius New Moon calls for a return to Self Acceptance, Soul Wisdom and Inner Strength – plus the Twin Flame “Game Changer”, Union with the Self.


Another eventful week for Twins, and not just because of Valentine’s Day…! This whole week we have a square between Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries – continuing the strong purging and upgrading theme of old fears and attachment from recent weeks. We are still being pushed to get out of old modes of depending on others for safety, direction and reassurance.

The message is to seek our own inner strength and wisdom. Union with the Self, in order to Unite with the Divine Complement – our Twin Flame.

Uranus is above all about expanding into new territory, the unorthodox, the untraditional – if there is fear on any level: of moving forward, of things going wrong, of pain coming… these energies will now be throwing it up so you can recognize it, clear it and move on.

The Illusion of Lack

Victim mentality and clinginess is likely to be triggered now. The point is to rattle us enough to help us realize how incredibly strong we are inside, and that we never really need someone else to take care of us. Negative worldviews and limiting beliefs are core to these identities of “small”, “weak”, “flawed” or “ordinary”, which we’re now being called on to move past.

The message is that we are perfectly whole as we are, even though we desire to unite with our Divine Complement. This is a big lesson, the Twin Flame journey to Union is not just about uniting with and loving your “other half” but to unify with and Love yourself – Darkness and Light alike. Union with the Self. 

Uranus and its home sign Aquarius (which are both strongly active right now) have a core energy of certainty – you might know people like this, the classic “indigo child” person, who knows exactly their strengths and are completely unembarrassed about it.

People who don’t buy into power games and don’t let anyone tell them who they are or what to do. Because they are so strongly rooted in their core identity and sense of purpose. The truth is we can all benefit from cultivating this side of ourselves – and now we’re being supported to.

The Power Of Self Love

With Uranus in Aries still (and for years to come, as Uranus is a slow moving planet), we have two energies combining into inspired action and growth from a place of self respect, self value and self love. A strong theme right now is valuing you and taking care of yourself, so you can function from a stable and secure foundation.

We start this week with a New Moon in Aquarius, echoing these themes. Independence and Self Love are huge themes now. To make the most of these New Moon new beginning energies, keep an eye out for where you might be fighting yourself, belittling yourself, making yourself dependent on others…

You are strong, but you might have been telling yourself “stories” about smallness and helplessness in the back of your mind. Beware, and write down some intentions now for the next month. How can you love yourself more? How can you prioritize your aims and goals more? How can you make sure your life becomes more filled with what you truly enjoy? 

Uniting With Yourself in Love

Twin Flame Union is underway for all, and these tough energies are a part of the preparation. To root out old “3D” programming of separation, survival and polarity, so that the Twins can move up into a new higher realm of unity and togetherness. Emotional and energetic equilibrium, where all blocks are removed. So that we can all approach Love from a place of Love, without attachment or negativity in the mix.

We’re being alerted to this strongly by spirit right now – if you’re still not feeling whole on your own or good enough on your own, there might be some work to be done on the inside before things can fall easily into place on the outside.


High Vibrations, Relief in Love

A positive space for Breakthroughs in Love opens up midweek – On February 10th we get a welcome boost of support through the Trine between Venus and Jupiter, which is conjunct the True Node in Virgo. A message that our souls’ development in this life relate closely to the learning of the profound lesson of Unconditional Love (and Self Love). To Love no matter what.

We are receiving assistance in the form of high vibrational energy right now, to boost us up out of recent purging and heaviness and up into the collective soul purpose, which for Twin Flames is to come together in unity and assist Earth’s own Ascension from a place of Love. This influx is set to feel like a welcome respite, with the energies feeling pleasant and light. Enjoy!

For Twins in Ascension who have been doing their inner work and clearing old negativity, this is also a behind the scenes “filling up time” of new light – when we clear out old congestion and heaviness, we make room for new high vibrational energies to come in. This is happening for many now.

Paradigms of Lack – Valentine’s Day

Spirit has another clear message for us now in the run-up to Valentine’s Day: Be mindful not to get tangled up in the collective energy fields – many people are hurting right now. Shame, loneliness, guilt, comparing ourselves to others… Society is full of people focusing (with the “help” of tv, news, advertising and other people) on what they lack rather than what they have to be grateful for.

If you’re feeling the pressure right now, spend a few minutes writing a gratitude list of all the positive things you’ve experienced in the last year, small and big. This can be a warp speed entry to a powerful positive shift. 

Remember that Valentine’s Day is one (3D) idea of Love, but it’s not the only. This is “conditional love” being displayed. If you feel uncomfortable with that stuff, you have the right to opt out. A lot of the information and energy around right now is distorted, based in a constructed idea of perfection. An ideal that’s very different to most people’s reality.

Be mindful you don’t buy into this created lack. Your happiness can look completely different from someone else’s.

The Problem with This Blog…

In the spirit of the Aquarius New Moon I’d like to raise an issue that was brought to my attention by spirit recently. Make sure you’re not on this blog reading every week because you’re deferring to someone else’s (my) experiences and authority and becoming sucked into a feeling that you need constant new information or advice to make things work for you as a Twin Flame.

The truth is, you have the map inside already. You have the wisdom. It’s just been covered by layers of energetic congestion, limiting beliefs and other baggage the world gave you as you were growing up. Ultimately, you are your own authority once you learn how to to tap into it. (To reach back to that, my advice is to start clearing your energy system.) 

If you told me two years ago that I’d be running this blog, receiving emails from Twins from all over the world and that people would be coming to me for advice, I would have considered you more than just a bit crazy…

However, as I went along, cleared away old congestion and negativity, learned more and more about myself, my Twin, the nature of energy and my true soul identity beneath it all, I began to tap into wisdom I never even knew I had access to. Things completely changed for me. And I genuinely wanted to help others.

The Twin Flame Drama

That’s why I’m telling you this: Information Addiction is a real form of addiction, so much so for Twin Flames. Many Twins become so absorbed in the stories, the rules, the developments (and honestly, the myths) of the Twin Flame journey that they end up focusing on the Twin Flame Drama of analysis, others’ experiences and “answers”, instead of going within and centering themselves in their own soul’s wisdom.

It becomes an energetic pattern for to look outside for answers instead of within. The brain learns to run the program of “I don’t have the answers/resources/solutions”.

I started this blog to help other Twins after having been through a challenging journey myself. I did not intend for you to become dependent on any advice from me. The Vibrational Alignment Program is meant to give you tools and methods to empower you and serve you on your journey.

Keep this in mind right now. The ups and downs of the Twin Flame journey aren’t meant to be all you ever experience in life. You are here to experience joy, to come together so you can move on from a place of unity. 

Your Dreams and Goals – Why You’re Really Here

Don’t lose sight of your big picture. You don’t want to be just “a Twin Flame” – no matter how special that connection is and how exciting the journey can be. You’re much more: an individual who’s here on this planet with your own aims and desires and hopes and dreams. In my experience, you’ll regret not following these hopes and dreams if you get swallowed up in the “self help maelstrom”.

Ultimately, I’m not here to make a career as a “guru” or to keep you dependent on me for any reason. The truth is there’s nothing in you that needs “fixing” – it’s just a matter of clearing away what’s covering up your deeper soul resonance so that you can tap into your own wisdom and unlimited resources once again.

It’s partly why I don’t do one on one sessions anymore. It just didn’t help enough Twins – I could only help a few a day that way. I wanted to reach out to help and empower thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Twins. The way I was guided to do this, was by providing a full program to help you step by step on your way back to Union with your Twin

Consider the difference: One person travelling from town to town telling stories to people, versus a modern library where anyone can come and get the books they need and want. In a world with over 7 billion people (and counting), I know what I’d go with.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can get started with one of my Free Energy Clearing Tools and other Free Downloads right now.

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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