Weekly Twin Flame Energy Forecast 9th-15th November  “The 11:11 New Moon”


twin flames new moon

Another gateway opens with the New Moon in Scorpio on 11:11 – a restart in the realms of sex, power and the subconscious. Be mindful now: What you think and feel this week sets the scene for the next chapter of your journey.

This week as we enter into a highly significant New Moon event for Twin Flames, the 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio at 22:44 UTC this Wednesday. New Moons symbolize the beginning of a new phase energetically, we hit the “reset button” and this time our collective energies are entering into a new phase in terms of sexuality and power issues. 

Throughout many months now we’ve been challenged to revisit, reform and renew the Twin Flame connection – with a particular emphasis on reaching a balance both within the individual and within the pair.

New Beginnings in Love

This week’s 11:11 New Moon marks the beginning of a new phase. A lot of the old baggage around sexuality and power has been forced up and released by many Twins over recent months (willingly or unwillingly), and it’s not always been easy.

However, we are beginning to reap the rewards. This New Moon cycle indicates an opening in the energies, increased speed of manifestation – a “gateway” of light high vibrational energies filtering into our physical reality and enabling us to absorb more of the high frequencies and rise above the dregs of history’s dysfunction (especially sexual dysfunction).

Detox in the house of Sex and Power

There is an intense push for renewal right now in the realm of Scorpio and the 8th house – death/rebirth, sex, power. Scorpio’s ruler is the God of the Underworld – Pluto/Hades. Scorpio is magnetic and deep but prone to hang onto attachments – energetically it signifies delving into the subconscious, emotional and physical detox allowing us to reemerge stronger and wiser.

Old love is likely to come “back from the dead” now in some form, whether it be the return of an earlier phase of immaculate bliss experienced between Twins early on in the relationship, or an actual person who returns.

Boosting the Moon’s Benefits

As this new cycle begins, set your deliberate intentions for what you want to bring about over this next moon cycle but also for the next chapter of your Twin Flame Journey. Write down a list of desires and allow anything in the way of these desires to be released.

Use your imagination to serve you — try imagining yourself in a river of light letting the baggage float away — instead of letting your imagination run riot with potential dangers. Your mind is powerful and right now your manifestation abilities are heightened — keep an eye on what your mind is focusing on, because this is what you are aligning with and manifesting.

Create a vision board or write down your ideal situation as if you’re experiencing it right now, having the dream right now. This is powerful manifesting. Dwell in the feelings and thoughts of positivity, and you will be a magnet to more positivity.

The 11:11 gateway is a heightened door to creation at warp speed, and reminds us that with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Make sure you are creating what you desire, not focusing on what you don’t want.

Balancing the Feminine/Masculine

This New Moon is conjunct Mercury and the Sun also in Scorpio, sextile Jupiter in Virgo – the solar system conspires favourably to assist the “upgrade” of sexuality and togetherness.

Echoing this, Mars and Venus are currently conjunct the North Node on the Virgo/Libra cusp – there is still work being done in terms of balancing the Twin Flame pairs’ energies, the feminine/masculine balance, the yin/yang. The Twin Flame Union is an ideal balance, and the process of getting back to this balance is ongoing. 

The Twin Flame Mission

As Mars and Venus are on each side of the North Node (point of the soul’s development, of our collective evolution into the future) – the clear message here is, like an astrological note written in the chart in ancient glyphs “You are here to serve the collective. The Twin Flames are here to help the soul evolution of humanity”. A reminder that it’s not just about us.

The Twin Flame pairs are here to relearn in the physical world what we already knew as souls – unconditional love and perfect balance. By relearning this on the earth plane we become shining examples for humanity, creating energetic blueprints for others to follow – mapping out the road back to “Eden” so others may take the same road and enjoy “Heaven on Earth” with us. Anchoring in the new “5D” reality into the earth planes.

Support Incoming

If this sounds like a lot of pressure, remember we all agreed to this. We were excited by this, we wanted to do it. And – here’s the wonderful caveat – we knew how amazing it would be to find our way back to each other in the midst of the perceived limitations and difficulties of life on earth.

And we knew that just being together in love was all it took. Our happiness and shared love is the template. We don’t have to “work hard” – it is the love that’s the “work”. 

Also indicated by this aspect is that the collective is helping us, the Twin Flame pairs are receiving energetic support from both the universe and the human collective to come together and reach the necessary balance and harmony once again.

The message from the higher realms is that we are getting closer day by day – and as long as we’re progressing, we have every reason to rejoice.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 

Cassady x

PS: If you missed the energy call last week, you can now download the full 2 hour clearing here. This brand new clearing takes you through eradicating blocks to love and abundance, and we download new blueprints and templates to Twin Flame Union for 2016.