Twin Flame Energy Forecast April 18th-23rd: “Love As Medicine”


Grand Detox of Power, Sex, and Secrets. Twin Flame Sex as Transformation and Healing – Plus, The Hidden Reason Twin Running often Comes right after Amazing Love…


We are this week entering into one of this year’s most significant cosmic event – for Twin Flames, a pivotal period. As well as Pluto going retrograde on April 18th until September, Mars has just gone retrograde for the next few months until June 29th. This hasn’t happened since 2014.

These retrograde periods signal a purging and release process of the Masculine, a redefinition of the Masculine and a detox of the fields of sexuality and power.

Purging the Masculine Karmic Fields of Sex and Power

Mars retrograde will be happening through Scorpio and Sagittarius, indicating that this particular retrograde will be dealing with bringing to the surface and releasing the male “baggage”, the old wounds around old belief systems, ideological power, sexual power abuse, aggression and violence, especially from the collective male karmic fields.

“As Scorpio is the house of death and resurrection, by the time Mars is done with his time here going through the past, we’ll have a complete rebirth of a new, more high vibrational masculine energy template. This is something male Twins are here to help with.”

There is a lot of shame and regret in the picture here, and these old wounds around guilt for hurting others complicates relationships for the Male. It makes it hard to open up. Much distrust of the self and fear of intimacy (for Twins also “Running”) has its core in this collective negativity. Our fears aren’t just ours. They are humanity’s fears, passed down through the generations.

Fear Of The Opposite Sex

On the unconscious level, many males carry feelings of fear of hurting the female, guilt of hurting, the collective feelings of men hurting women.

I had a very eye-opening experience last week at one of the UK’s largest art galleries, as two toddlers were gamboling around an exhibition with their nanny. The toddlers came upon an expressionistic painting of the “rape of Spain” in the room I was in, a political painting from the civil war period with a naked woman on the ground and a solider standing above her. The little boy exclaimed: “That’s a naughty painting!”

It struck me deeply how early on in life most of us are faced with the ‘ugly’ or ‘unloving’ side of interactions between human beings, especially between the sexes, without fully understanding”

Most of us learn most of all about sex and love from popular culture and others’ experiences before we come to have a chance to experience it for ourselves. This means we carry subconscious material from before we were old enough to even understand.

Vague beliefs such as “men hurt women” and “women are afraid of men”, “boys are rough and girls are mild” – beliefs based on things we saw, heard, were told and interpreted around us before we could explain things rationally or have an opinion ourselves.

Subconscious Blocks on the Twin Flame Journey

As I’ve mentioned before, the way psychology and energy both work, is that these observations don’t disappear as we grow older. They just get covered up by more and more beliefs and energy, buried. And in the Twin Flame relationship especially, these old fears and perceptions are triggered because they are out of resonance with love. They become released to be purged from the system.

I’ve had male clients who had inner child related feelings of being afraid of hurting women, just because they were a man. On some level their inner child believed that as a man, they might hurt women, and they didn’t want to. So a sexual “issue” developed, inhibiting them from functioning healthily. Similarly, many women have patterns of unconsciously pulling their consciousness away from their female aspects, as a self defense mechanism – effectively numbing pleasure and true connection with the divine counterpart.

Ascension becomes so much smoother and lighter when we take responsibility for our part of this co-creation by clearing our energy of negativity and unconscious beliefs and fear patterns like this.

Think Back: Ever Notice How Amazing Love and Sex Triggers Running?

Twin Flame sex is one of the most profound sites of healing – a place of energetic alchemy and healing of wounds. When Twin Flames have sex and their climax connects them back to the source of consciousness, a flood of light rushes through their energy system – Kundalini rising. This can be an incredible, life-altering experience. Pleasure and love that’s beyond what any “normal” people get to experience.

However, the downside is that the intense influx of light triggers negativity to be released. Anything latent that’s congested, negative – blockages – are brought to the surface. This is the reason why Running/Separation often follows intense and loving sexual experiences between Twin Flames.

It is because the Runner Twin is reacting to negativity and fears that have been brought to the surface by the intense light and love flushed into their system.

Once you become aware of these hidden causes of Running, struggle and Separation and learn energy clearing tools you can end these negative cycles by cleansing out the negativity so it won’t trigger either one of you.

Upgrading the Solar Plexus – Old Programming Purge

For the individual, this Mars Retrograde period translates also to releasing negativity and old programming from the Solar Plexus. The Masculine energy is being “updated” now, and old programming and patterns around survival, dominance and conflict is being phased out in favor of new high vibrational templates.

This is a gradual process, and the Mars retrograde period is set to bring up tension and inner turmoil for the Masculine.

“Be patient with your Twin now, and send them Unconditional Love. Your Love is Medicine for your Twin. You really can heal each other with Unconditional Love.”


If you’re a male Twin Flame or an Aries native (ruled by Mars) you can use the tools in the Vibrational Alignment Program to clear these things from yourself consciously, and to cut cords to the collective karmic field of the masculine.

The Father Karma – Power Illusions

We’re reminded by spirit that a part of this great detox of the masculine is to cleanse from humanity the male “fixation” with power hierarchies and authority. They show us that in energy terms it is an illusion that there is such a thing as authority to clash against.

As we are all infinite beings, we are never more or less powerful than any other human being.

Like in an Ancient Greek Drama or a Freudian observation, most males really carry the energetic karma of always being less powerful than the father figure. This causes him to battle for power until he becomes the father of another and can perpetuate the same role on them – unconsciously.

Spirit shows us that this cycle of power struggle can end when the male recognizes his own divinity, that he is source embodied. He will then realize there is nothing to rebel against, nothing to control – no one is trying to take his power away. He was free all along.

This is also a lesson being learned right now by Aries natives and those with a strong 1st house or many personal planets in the sign of Aries. We are all divinely powerful – a benevolent, loving power. There is ultimately nothing to fight against or control. We meet ourselves everywhere.

Females Pushed to Release Emotional Attachments

April 18th we have a challenging aspect for Love and the Feminine – Venus in Aries trine Saturn and Square Pluto. The cosmic message is that in order for new solid bonds of love to be formed, the old ones must be released. On earth, human beings form attachments to lovers and dear ones without realizing what these bonds are based in.

“We are in a constant upgrade process this spring. Benefits will be fully realized later in the year. This is preparation for thousands of Twin Flame pairs to Reunite.”


In order to help yourself make this intense time as smooth as possible, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames, which helps you clear negativity with ease.

True Love in the Making

This particular Pluto/Saturn interaction with Venus reminds us that often, people are in relationships out of need or fear of abandonment, or for need of security or financial care, rather than Love. True Love is an active polarity and is untainted by any low vibration energy such as shame or guilt or fear.

This collaborative effort between Saturn and Pluto is set to stimulate the Feminine to let go of any old outdated attachments based in need, protection and responsibility, so that Love can be reshaped into Unconditional Joyous Happy Twin Flame Love. Love no matter what. Blissful love.


You can assist this process yourself and make this time less uncomfortable by using energy tools to cut old attachments and clear fears of abandonment.

Remember that besides cords between ourselves and our Twin, most have attachments to and from old lovers and friends, and these complicate the Union process. In order to make Twin Flame Union possible, cut these old cords so your energy is untainted by outside influence. You’ll find that less negativity comes up this way too.

Pluto Goes Retrograde – Detoxing Twin Flame Sexuality

As if the above weren’t enough, we also have Pluto going retrograde this very same day (April 18th – September 26th), setting out a period of detoxing issues around sexuality, power and the subconscious.

Pluto retrograde indicates that old struggles come back to be resolved, and anything secret or that’s just been swept under the carpet will be calling for final resolution. Especially in terms of sex, power, secrets…

Using Pluto retrograde wisely, you can make huge strides forward – be open to sudden flashes of insight regarding the basis of any recent conflicts. You may be alerted to a childhood situation which you now realize has been impacting your Twin Flame connection, or you may realize the true emotional motivation behind your actions or your Twin’s.

These realizations then help you move out of any self-defeating patterns.
To learn more about how to connect with your Intuition and Guidance to get reliable insights on your journey, have a look here.

Release and Tension – Full Moon in Scorpio

Continuing these Pluto/Mars themes of reforming and releasing issues around sexuality and power/dominance, we have a Full Moon in Scorpio on April 22nd. This is when the initial release and tension is brought to a head.

Take it easy at this time, Scorpio energies are heavy and deep. Baths, showers and creative expression are healing right now. As always, metaphysical energy clearing is the fastest and most effective way to rise up and rid yourself of the negativity that’s being brought up.

We’re Being Taken Down To The Underworld – Collective Journeying

We have an intense few months ahead of us with Mars journeying backwards through the “underworld” along with the god of the “underworld” himself (Scorpio and Pluto, respectively).

These are pivotal times both individually and collectively, and we can already make certain projections for this period, as the collective energy fields will be “boiling over” to get the stagnant old negativity out and this can blow up into physical events.

A high likelihood of public scandals, as this period impacts Pluto – something that’s been hidden will come to light, and it’s something will demonstrate the shadow aspect of the masculine polarity.

“Sex scandals, power abuse among politicians, someone who’s been misusing information in order to gain power, lies being exposed, secrets being revealed, something that seemed ‘dead’ coming back to ‘life’.”

These could be themes you notice around you in coming months as well. As always the ultimate aim of this “tough love” is to uplift us into love, help us reach deeper authenticity in our lives and relationships, cleanse us of false limitation and negativity and to push for greater balance.

For Twins – the journey back to unconditional love and union.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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